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Leading Causes of Stress and Anxiety in Pakistan

Leading Causes of Stress and Anxiety in Pakistan

Pakistani Youth is increasingly becoming more vulnerable to stress and anxiety. According to Tribune Pakistan, ‘Over 34% of Pakistanis suffer from anxiety’. Despite the alarming situation, experiencing common mental disorders still remains one of the biggest stigmas in Pakistan.

Being stressed at certain points of life for a brief time is completely normal. Problems arise when excessive stress or anxiety takes a toll on one’s productivity and health. The behaviors and thinking patterns start getting greatly affected.In extreme cases a lot of stress can lead to health problems like stress disorder, panic disorder, depression or mania.  

Unfortunately, such cases are accelerating through Pakistani masses, especially in youth which is worrisome.To understand why we experience stress and anxiety, let’s take a brief look at the main causes.

Causes of Stress

Looking at the external sources, some of the major silent causes of stress and anxiety in today’s generation is because of;

– Excessive Use of Electronic Gadgets

Social media is the worst addiction and unfortunately our youth happens to be the biggest victim. Most of us spend our mornings and nights on big screens, completely unaware of the side effects it’s causing on our health. Spending hours scrolling through your newsfeed is actually making you unproductive and lazy.

– Disruptive Sleeping Cycle

Another stressor for stress is not completing your body’s need for a complete sleep cycle. On average an adult needs anywhere from 6 to 9 hours of sleep. Not taking a goodnight’s sleep, results in fatigue, mood swings and eventually a restless, stressed mind. Furthermore, even if you are sleeping sufficient hours but failing to go to bed early can be another major cause of stress in our youth.

– Unhealthy Eating Patterns

‘You Are What You Eat’.

This phrase cannot be more true, and you realize this as soon as you reach your twenties. Consuming unhealthy and junk food forces your body to go into an action reflux. Why? Our bodies are welcoming towards nourishing and healthy foods. Anything else is simply trans (bad) fat to your body. As a result, you feel tired, and moody for the rest of your day. Eventually your body starts getting stressed about your unhealthy patterns and you are unable to figure out why you are feeling tense all the time. If you find yourself in a similar situation, please consult one of our top nutritionists ASAP.

– Zero Movement

Not being able to move, stretch or exercise throughout your day can be a big problem for you in the long run.

– Work Load

At times our workplaces and expectations can overwhelm us. While feeling a little bit under the bus is completely normal, you should not always be tense around your workplace.

– Poor Management

A cluttered desk or home is a reflection of a cluttered mind. Not being able to keep a track of organizing things properly results in unconscious panic and stress. As a result, you feel more lethargic and easily irritable.

Some other extreme causes of stress can be;

  • A past trauma
  • Abusive childhood/ marriage/ household
  • Death of a loved one
  • Loss of job
  • Financial instability
  • Hormonal changes
  • Shifting to a new place
  • Emotional instability

In such cases, please do not shy from seeking help. We have an experienced team of psychologists on our panel. Make sure you are reaching out to one.

Causes of Anxiety

Another face of excessive stress in anxiety. However, there are other extreme plausible causes of anxiety as well;

  • Panic disorder. Anxiety is the biggest symptom of panic disorder. People with panic disorder experience serious anxiety attacks. Anxiety attacks feel shallowness of breath, acute chest pain, uncontrollable sweating and abnormal heartbeat.
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Phobic Disorder
  • Stress Disorder
  • Narcissism

The milder causes of anxiety are;

– Fear and Uncertainty

Anxiety can also be triggered through fears. For some failing can become a horrible stress, for others it’s their health or work or family or spouse. But here is what’s common within all of them. Fear. Fear is the root cause of stress. Have you ever felt yourself excessively beating yourself over something that is YET to happen? Something that is NOT in your control? Something that ASSUMEDLY will happen wrong? That is the actual culprit in everything. Fear and uncertainty. Often when we are constantly exposed to disturbing news or incidents we end up creating possible sceneries in our minds which make us fearful of it.

– Unrealistic Expectations

Having a perfectionist mindset is another root cause of anxiety. People who have unrealistic expectations from themselves face problems like moodiness, procrastination, and fatigue.

– Drugs

Use of drugs also triggers anxiety after the relaxation period has subsided. People who are on drugs get easily irritable. Addiction and drug abuse are also one of the reasons for stress and anxiety as well.

– Lack of Oxygen

Lack of oxygen availability if you are travelling to higher altitudes. People, especially with heart conditions are often advised to not travel at higher altitudes, because of the likeliness of mild anxiety.

To help you in your situation, you can now book an appointment with one of our top general physicians, cardiologists or mental therapists at Healthwire.pk.

Remember a healthy mind is the driver of a healthy life.

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