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Sabudana Benefits for Weight Loss? Myth or Fact

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Sabudana is a powerhouse superfood that is an excellent source of nutrition for your overall health. It is also known as Tapioca Pearl or Sago. Sabudana contains essential nutrients and is also high in calories. But ironically, many people have sabudana for weight loss. 

Confused? Well, dont be!

In this article, you will learn whether Sabudana benefits weight loss or not. 

What is Sabudana?

You can also call Sabudana a fast energy booster that can promote your overall health because it is a type of carbohydrate. Adding Sabudana to any dish does not change the taste, as it has a neutral flavor. 

It boosts satiety and makes you feel full for longer. Eating this dish can help to limit the intake of other foods with high carbs or high calories. 

Let’s find out about its nutrients. 

Nutrition in One Cup of Sabudana

Having 1 cup of Sabudana means you are going to have the following nutrients:

Calcium 30.4 mg

Magnesium 1.52 mg

Calories 544

Fiber 1.37 g

Iron 2.4 mg 

Potassium 16.7 mg 

Protein 0.29 g 

Carbohydrates 135 g 

Fat 0.03 g 

People also consider it as a weight loss diet. Let’s find out more about it. 

Sabudana for Weight loss – Fact or Myth

When you want to lose weight, you need a proper diet plan. But if you want to add Sabudana in a weight loss diet plan,that may not be a wise choice. 

People who want to lose weight should follow a low-calorie diet. A low calorie-diet is ideal for fast weight loss.  But if you want to limit other food intake for a long time, then you may consider Sabudana. 

But many people use Sabudana as an ingredient in dishes that do not define its quantity. It contains a high amount of carbohydrates and calories, which may affect your weight loss plan but instead, you gain weight. 

Eating Sabudana may also lead to increased insulin which makes you feel hungrier. 

But it contains many other health benefits that you should learn about. 

Benefits of Eating Sabudana

Sabudana is very beneficial for your overall health in the following ways:

Boost Digestion 

Sabudana contains many essential nutrients, such as dietary fiber, calcium, and potassium. Do you know that dietary fiber is beneficial for improving digestive health?

Well, you need this ingredient as it contributes to improving overall health. People with health problems like constipation, indigestion, and bloating should get the benefit of Sabudana. 

Helps in Weight Gain 

You should not get disappointed if Sabudana is not good for your weight loss plan. Fortunately, it is very effective for people who want to gain weight. 

It helps in increasing some weight  but is not associated with excessive fat gain. Yes, obesity is also associated with a high risk of heart-related issues. 

Boost Bones Health 

Sabudana is high in calcium which is crucial for your bone health. Eating a diet rich in calcium can help with building your bones strong. Its intake also reduces the risk of bone-related diseases, such as osteoporosis. 

Lowers Blood Pressure 

The high amount of potassium in the diet can help in maintaining blood pressure. Many studies support the positive effects of potassium on lowering blood pressure. It is very effective for people with high blood pressure. When you intake potassium, it helps the body flush out excess sodium through urination. In this way, it eases the stress level in your blood vessels. 

Works as Energy Booster

If you are looking for the best energy booster, Sabudana is a good choice for you. It is high in carbs and calories, which contribute to increasing your overall energy level. Its intake reduces the level of tiredness during workouts. So, try Sabudana as your new energy booster. 

Gluten-Free Diet 

Not everyone can digest gluten, but some are intolerant to it. You should avoid eating such foods that contain gluten if you are intolerant to this ingredient. But you can enjoy Sabudana as it is free of gluten. People with certain health diseases may experience diarrhoea, fatigue, stomach pain, or unexplained weight loss due to the intake of gluten.

Can You Eat Sabudana Daily?

You can eat Sabudana every day as it does not cause any side effects. But you should stay physically active with some simple exercises, such as swimming, playing sports, walking, jogging, etc. People who want to lose weight should avoid its intake daily because it is high in calories. 

What Amount of Sabudana You Should Eat?

If you want to lose weight, a portion of 100 g is enough. But avoid eating it regularly. People who want to gain weight can have half a cup of it. If you have any underlying condition, like diabetes, make sure that you consult with a diabetologist before eating it. 

Is there any Alternative to Sabudana?

Sabudana is high in carbs which makes you feel full for a long time. But you can also enjoy its alternatives, such as apples, broccoli, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, legumes, quinoa, wheat bran, legumes, etc. 

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What Experts Say About Sabudana…
Sabudana is used in many dishes for thickening purposes, such as in sauces, bread, etc. There are many Sabudana benefits, but it isn’t for weight loss. Many experts from Maroof International Hospital consider Sabudana a good choice for a weight gain plan. Eating this ingredient in moderation and staying physically active can give you the best health results. If you have any underlying condition, ask the doctor before eating it.

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