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Answering some Sexual Health Questions that You are Too Embarrassed to Ask!

Sexual Health Questions
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Red face, sweaty hands and meaningful glances, what should be the description of a healthy date are often the end results of a gynecologist tour. 

Questions about sexual health are often frowned about but trust us it is not a healthy approach. After a certain age, it is your prime duty to get curious and ask sexual health questions from the right source. 

Asking questions about sexual health is a proactive gesture that should be appreciated and encouraged. We do understand the hesitation and that’s why we have compiled some of the sexual health questions that are making you shiver with shyness. 

Why is my Vagina Swollen?

One of the leading sexual questions of women is regarding vaginal health. The vagina is a tube-like structure responsible for childbirth and plays a pivotal role during menstruation. 

  • Vaginal swelling can be due to the following causes:
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Yeast infection
  • Edema
  • STI and Cervicitis
  • Irritation that is caused by personal care products such as body washes. Detergents and perfumes
  • Allergies to hygiene products such as menstrual cups, hair removal creams and body creams

Note: You should consult with your doctor regarding using menstrual cups or sanitary pads, to reduce the onset of vaginal swelling which might lead to serious health complications. 

What to do if I Smell Down there?

Most of the time, women are concerned about vaginal odour. Let us tell you for once and for all, vaginal odour is natural and normal. The smell of a healthy vagina is mostly fleshy or normal. But it can change during the events of heavy bleeding, sexual intercourse and sweating. 

In case you are bothered by a smelly vagina for persistent days then it can be an indication of an underlying health issue. 

Given below are some of the causes of a smelly vagina that might help you: 

  • Bacterial infections
  • STIs that might make the vagina smell horrible
  • High levels of estrogen production either during pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Poor hygiene practices
  • Using hygienic products without consultation in the vagina 
  • Vaginal cancer
  • Forgetting tampon in the vagina for a longer period of time
  • Yeast infection that might lead to white or thick discharge

But it is possible for you to treat smelly vagina. You can consult with your doctor or you can enjoy these home remedies for the treatment of a smelly vagina

Does Breaking the Hymen Always Cause Bleeding? 

Another sexual health question that you need to ask your gynecologist without being shy is this. And the answer to this is that no, hymen breakage is not always associated with bleeding. Some women might experience bleeding if their hymen break and others might not. 

If it concerns you then you should talk to your gynecologist right away regarding this matter. 

Where is My G-Spot?

That is what a sex question should be like. 

Although there is still a debate going on whether a g-spot exists or not. Some believe it does and plays a significant role in female pleasure while others strongly decline its existence. 

The g-spot is a glandular tissue that is believed to exist around the urethra about 2 inches inside of the vagina. Another group of scientists trust that it is actually a triangular area also known as T-zone. 

In order to find your G-spot, you need to talk about it with your partner and discuss your sexual orientation properly. 

If I am not having an Orgasm during Intercourse is there something wrong with me sexually?

No, let us assure you that nothing is wrong with you in sexual terms. Research has also indicated that women need to have clitoral stimulation or g-spot wonders to have orgasms during sexual intercourse. 

Clitoris is a spot that plays an important role in sexual activities for women to have orgasms. It is not common for people to know about the importance of the clitoris for women’s pleasure. Thus, proper counselling in these matters is highly advised. 

Doctors of Akram Medical Complex recommend that women can make the best use of lubricants to increase their sexual satisfaction scale during intercourse. 

Does the Vagina Size Changes After Giving Birth and Does it Affect the Sexual Prowess?

Yes, this is an important sexual question that also encapsulates the prospects of women’s health. After delivery, the women’s vagina gets roomier. That is why doctors recommend kegel exercise for better strength maintenance in the vaginal muscles.

Sometimes it can assist in increasing the sexual prowess of an individual, and in some cases, it might jeopardize it. 

You can also ask your medical health provider about vaginal reconstruction surgery which can help to lift and then tighten the muscles of the vagina. 

Can Wet Dreams Affect Male Fertility? 

A common teen sexual health question!

Wet dreams are a way for your body to release the old sperm that have been occupied in the glands for quite some time. Teenagers tend to suffer from this phenomenon more than old-age males or females because of the anticipation and buildup. 

Despite popular belief, wet dreams do not affect male fertility in any shape or form. On the contrary, it is an expression of good sexual health and hormonal balance. 

Does Masturbation Cause Swollen Genitals?

Yes, it does. 

According to the top reviewed endocrinologist in Karachi, Dr. Ayaz Hussain ShaikhMasturbation is a compromised health activity that can lead to an increased chance of swollen genitals.” The pressure that one exerts during masturbation can put pressure on the genitals. The chances of self-injury are also multiplied during masturbation. This is also one of the common side effects of masturbation

Sexual Health Question – Get Over Your Hesitation

When you are experiencing sexual changes in your body rather than keeping them to yourself, talking about them is a healthier approach. If you need further assistance, you can talk about your sexual struggles or problems with the best-certified sexologists via healthwire. 

Till then we wish you the best of health!

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