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Smog in Lahore in 2023 – Is Human Health at Risk?

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Every year winter comes, and so does the smog season!

When it comes to the worst air quality in the world, Lahore stays in the top three cities. The recent air quality index (AQI) rating in Lahore is 353 US which is dangerous for human health. The air quality may get worse in the coming days. But we can control air pollution by following some guidelines and protecting ourselves from its danger. 

Smog in Lahore may get worse in the future. In 2017, the smog problem was highlighted for the first time which raised health concerns. It is affecting people living in Lahore as this city has become of the top three worst air quality cities in the world.

Let’s get into its details.

What is Smog?

It is a hazy brown soup of pollution in the skyline, which is also known as ground-level ozone. It forms due to the factories, power plants emissions, and many other sources also contribute. In winter, smog appears as a result of temperature inversion which prevents the rising of air pollutants.

How Smog is Affecting Human Health in Lahore?

Stepping out is crucial as everyone needs to leave home for some reason. Many people in Lahore got affected by the smog and experienced many health conditions. When a person inhales the smog it irritates the airways. It puts you at high risk of developing lung diseases, heart diseases, etc.

On dangerous level ozone alert days, people experience burning in the throat and eyes along with other health issues. They also experience pink eyes as smog causes irritation in the eyes.

People who are at risk of asthma or living with asthma may suffer from more attacks. Because smog in Lahore increases the risk of wheezing and coughing. It may also cause difficulty in breathing. For asthma and other lungs related problems, you can consult Dr. Noor Ul Arfeen, a qualified Pulmonologist in Lahore with 21 years of experience.

Some people are also prescribed to use the inhaler. The most common conditions caused by smog are:

Who is More Prone to Smog Danger?

Pregnant women and children are more likely to get affected by smog.

Is Lahore the Most Polluted City in the World?

Well, Lahore stays in the top three worst air quality cities in Pakistan. It has a large industrial state and also has lost millions of trees for buildings. 

What does Survey say about Smog in Lahore?

On 8th November 2022, Healthwire shared the news about smog levels crossing the red line in Lahore. It shows that people are facing the worst air quality which raises health concerns. The smog concerns related to health have been in the spotlight since 2017. But with time, it is getting worse. It became a media talking point at that level. Court ordered the Punjab Environment Protection Council to approve a Smog Action Plan. 

How to Protect Yourself from Smog in Lahore in 2023?

You need to follow these tips to prevent the danger of smog in Lahore in 2023:

  • Always wear a mask to prevent inhaling smog
  • Avoid smoking
  • Stay hydrated or drink other healthy fluids
  • Wash your hands, face, and other exposed parts of the body
  • Keep your nasal passage clean
  • Wear regular reading glasses and avoid contact lenses

How You Can Reduce Air Pollution to Prevent Smog in Lahore in 2023?

Transparency is the key!

Government should display details about the air quality and also the guidelines to control air pollution. Every Lahori should know how the smoke from vehicles causes more danger to human health. Some guidelines should be given to reduce industrial and vehicular emissions, which can help in improving air quality. 

Experts from KRL Hospital say that every person who is living in Lahore can contribute by checking vehicle emissions and by keeping them in good condition. They can also use public transport to reduce vehicle emissions. Forest fires also contribute to poor air quality.

The Bottom Line!

If you experience side effects of smog in Lahore, you can consult Dr. Sana Iqbal. She can help in diagnosing if you have been affected by smog as she is one of the best medical specialists in Lahore.

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