Smog Level Crosses Red Line in Lahore Raising Health Concern


by Iqra Zafar

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Lahore: Smog levels are reportedly higher in the city crossing the red line. The air quality index in Lahore has reached 577 points which are dangerous to an extent that it can harm our health to a greater extent.

The air quality index is a measure of air quality revealing the extent of air pollution in the environment. According to previous reports, the air quality index of Lahore has been setting new records every day. Lahore is ranked first in the list of most polluted cities in the world as per the reports.


With the arrival of winter, smog has emerged as a problem in the country and adversely hit major cities. Recent reports revealed that the air quality index of Lahore has crossed 577 points which is considered a red line for smog. This data was collected by Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, a renowned research scientist from Punjab University. The data was collected using advanced equipment.

Based on these numbers, health officials have warned about the health impacts of smog asking for enforcement of medical emergencies in the city. He further advised citizens to take necessary measures to prevent the side effects of smog on their health otherwise it will be causing a catastrophic situation.