Ayub Teaching Hospital Launches Rain Management Project


by Omama Anwar

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Ayub Teaching Hospital (ATH) has recently initiated a comprehensive topographic survey and rain management project aimed at bolstering its infrastructure and enhancing hospital security.

The official launch took place on Wednesday, with Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed, the Medical Director of ATH, being briefed in detail by Ameen Allah Gandapur, the Head of the Maintenance Department, about the topographic survey.

The main focus of this project is to assess the water levels in and around the hospital premises and establish a robust rainwater drainage system. A team of expert engineers and surveyors will lead the topographic survey, identifying areas susceptible to water accumulation during rainfall. 

With this valuable information, the team will then devise strategic solutions for efficient rainwater management.

Speaking about the significance of this initiative, Gandapur, the Head of the Maintenance Department, emphasized its alignment with the hospital's ongoing efforts to enhance its foundational framework. 

He stressed the urgency of water management and expressed confidence that the topographic survey would provide invaluable insights to further optimize the hospital's already well-devised mechanism for handling rainwater.

ATH's topographic survey and rain management project mark a crucial step towards securing the hospital's infrastructure and ensuring effective water management during rainy periods.