Three Lahore Hospitals Suspend OTs for Infection Control Audit


by Omama Anwar

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Caretaker Health Minister, Dr. Javed Akram, has taken decisive action in response to serious complaints regarding infection risks in operating theatres at Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) and other state-run hospitals in Lahore, including Jinnah Hospital and Pakistan Kidney & Liver Institute (PKLI).


Following reports of drain water seepage in the theatres, Dr. Javed Akram ordered an immediate "infection audit" to assess and address the issues. He stressed the sensitivity of heart surgeries, emphasizing the need for extraordinary care to prevent infections.

During a visit to the PIC, Dr. Javed Akram personally observed water coming from a drainpipe in the washroom located above the operating theatres, prompting their immediate closure and the initiation of the infection audit.

As part of the audit process, two operating theatres at Jinnah Hospital have already been cleared for use. However, the PIC theatres will remain closed until the audit clearance report is obtained.

Dr. Farqad Alamgir, Chairman of the PIC Board of Management, highlighted the challenges faced due to recent rains affecting surgical processes at the institute.

The closure of PKLI's operating theatres was also mentioned in the context of the efforts to improve infection control across all hospitals.

The audit's findings and subsequent actions will enhance patient safety and maintain the highest healthcare standards in these critical medical facilities.