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What is A Digital Thermometer? Uses, Price, Types, and How To Use It

What is A Digital Thermometer
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When someone is ill, guesswork is the last thing you want to rely on. So, keeping a trustworthy digital thermometer at home can be really beneficial. Knowing for sure if someone is feverish gives you crucial information regarding the next actions for their care.

There are numerous varieties of both contact and contact-free digital thermometers. You can choose which sorts to purchase based on your personal preferences and the ages of the people in your household.

It’s crucial to comprehend how your thermometer functions, just like any other appliance in your house.

Here we are going to provide an explanation of digital thermometer uses, their types, and how to use them. 

What is a digital thermometer?

A tool for measuring temperature is a digital thermometer. This kind of thermometer measures body temperature using heat sensors. You can use it to measure the temperature in your mouth, rectus, or armpit.

How does digital thermometer work?

Due to the simplicity of getting readings, digital thermometers are gradually replacing the traditional mercury thermometer. People frequently believe that it includes mercury. But digital thermometers don’t contain any mercury.

The thermistor inside the tip of these thermometers is used to gauge the temperature. An electrical current flows through the thermoresistor, and the resistance, or how easily the current may pass, varies with temperature. A little computer or other circuit calculates the temperature by measuring the resistance. 

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Digital thermometer uses 

The digital thermometer is used to measure temperature from the mouth, armpit, and rectum in clinical settings and even at home. 

Features to look for in a digital thermometer

Be sure to pay attention to the following features while buying a digital thermometer. 

  • A larger readout display 
  • A display that illuminates – can be useful for checking the temperature in the dark at night
  • How quickly a thermometer can measure a temperature is another deciding element

Types of digital thermometers

Oral digital thermometer

A digital thermometer can be used to take your oral temperature. The oral temperature is typically measured at 98.6°F (37°C). Oral temperatures between 97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C) are thought to be usual.

Some folks have a tendency to run cooler than others. Knowing your normal temperature will help you determine whether you are experiencing a fever when you are ill. 

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Digital ear (tympanic) thermometer

Tympanic thermometers use infrared technology to gauge the ear canal’s temperature. Oral temperature readings are typically within 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) of tympanic readings. 

Digital Forehead (temporal) thermometer

A forehead thermometer measures the temperature of the superficial temporal artery, a branch of the carotid artery, using infrared sensors. Some are referred to as infrared thermometers without contact.

The use of forehead thermometers in places like stadiums, shops, and airports has grown in popularity during COVID-19. These thermometers don’t require any physical contact.

Oral temperature readings are typically about 1°F (0.6°C) warmer than forehead values. 

How to measure fever using a digital thermometer?

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines on how to measure fever using a digital thermometer: 

  • Clean your hands completely.
  • Check the batteries’ functionality and clean the thermometer.
  • Turn on the thermometer and cover the bottom tip with the plastic sheath.
  • When the thermometer is ready for usage, a sound and light will signal that.
  • Keep your mouth shut while inserting the thermometer’s tip under your tongue until you hear a beeping sound.
  • Grab the thermometer, and check the reading.
  • After using the thermometer, wash your hands once more and clean the thermometer in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How to take a rectal temperature? 

How to take a rectal temperature using a digital thermometer? See the following guidelines:

  • Sanitize your hands. Verify the batteries are functional and that the thermometer is clean.
  • Apply lubricant, such as petroleum jelly to the thermometer’s tip and wrap it in plastic.
  • Position infants on their backs with their legs raised.
  • Wait for the thermometer to indicate readiness before turning it on.
  • Keep the thermometer straight and gently press the tip of the thermometer no further than an inch into the rectum.
  • Hold it firmly in place to prevent slipping.
  • Watch for a beep or other audible signal. Read the thermometer after removing it.
  • Before storing or using the thermometer again, clean it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Wash your hands again.

How to take the temporal temperature? 

How to use a temporal digital thermometer? You should:

  • Remove the cap before using it.
  • Use the power button to turn the gadget on. If it lights up and a startup sequence loads, it is on.
  • When the thermometer is ready, place it 2 inches or less from the forehead’s center. With some versions, you may also touch the forehead. 
  • Keep the thermometer stable at all times.
  • To acquire a precise reading, the forehead and thermometer need to be completely still.
  • A temperature button should be pressed.
  • When the temperature is ready to be read, your gadget will beep or flash to let you know. This will only require a few seconds.

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Advantages and disadvantages of digital thermometer

Now, we are going to discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of digital thermometers. 

Oral digital thermometers benefits & drawbacks


  • They deliver findings over the entire body temperature range quickly and with great accuracy.
  • The LCD displays on these thermometers make them simple to read.
  • They can record a wide range of temperatures and have a beep alarm and memory feature.


  • The device’s tip should be kept under the tongue with the mouth completely closed in order to obtain an accurate reading when used orally.
  • If oral readings are examined too soon after a person consumes hot food or drink, the findings may be influenced by the temperature of the meal or drink.
  • Rectal reading may be challenging for infants and young children to handle.

Digital ear thermometer benefits & drawbacks


In comparison to oral or rectal thermometers, tympanic thermometers offer quick and precise readings and may be preferred, particularly in children. 


  • Tympanic thermometers are not advised for newborns under 6 months old due to the size of the ear canal.
  • To obtain accurate results, they must be positioned correctly.
  • Earwax obstructions might cause results to be off.
  • They might not fit comfortably in an ear canal that is bent or tiny. 

Digital forehead thermometer benefits & drawbacks


  • Temporal thermometers deliver results quickly—within a few seconds.
  • They can be used on infants, children, and adults and are simple to give.
  • Temporal thermometers can give readings that are more accurate than ear or armpit thermometers and may even be as accurate as rectal thermometers in children.


  • In order to give the correct reading, temporal thermometers must be placed precisely and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • External influences, such as draughts, wind, indoor heating, and direct sunlight, might impact readings.
  • The results can be skewed by wearing specific apparel, such as caps or bulky coats. 

Digital thermometer prices in Pakistan

Digital thermometers price in Pakistan ranges from as little as Rs. 999 with an estimated average price of Rs. 5,656. 


Digital thermometers are now a common choice over ancient mercury thermometers. They give accurate and fast results. However, depending on the sort of thermometer you’re using, the temperature readings change. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to appropriately interpret the thermometer reading. If you want to get aware of other health issues, you can visit our website Healthwire. Our health content can help you get healthcare awareness.

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