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What Is Epigastric Pain – You Might be Interested To Know About Relief

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Times come when we all feel abdominal pain and we hesitate to share it with other people. We sometimes choose to keep quiet because some of the abdominal pain gets resolved on their own but some of them required medical attention so never hesitate to consult with a doctor. 

There are different abdominal pain, the one we are going to discuss is epigastric pain. To diagnose abdominal pain you can have a urine complete examination test it will help you to see if you are suffering from any other kidney disease. Some of you might not be known what is epigastric pain that’s why we are here to explain you. 

What is Epigastric Pain? 

The part of your upper abdomen that is located below the rib cage is called an epigastrium. Epigatrium contains your small intestine, stomach, and liver. If you feel pain below the ribs and upper part of your belly, we can tell you that this is epigastric pain. You will feel other symptoms like heartburn, a full and tight stomach, and trapped gas in your stomach. Now we believe, you are clear about epigastric pain and you must be relating with us. 

Now we can understand you are curious about what have you done or happened to you that is causing epigastric pain in your abdomen. Let’s move forward without further delay. 

What Causes Epigastric Pain? 

We usually have an upset stomach and it is a common cause of epigastric pain. Some other causes of epigastric pain are like


We all like to eat food and end up with acidity. After eating food your stomach produces acid to digest a portion of food. Sometimes the acid disturbs the digestive system and irritates the lining of the stomach. 

Acidity includes symptoms such as 

  • Ful and tight stomach
  • Sore and sharp burping
  • Nausea 
  • Feeling full stomach even if you didn’t eat much 

These symptoms occur along with epigastric pain. When indigestion happened to us, we all feel epigastric pain. It is a sign of when you eat the intolerable thing. 

Acid  Reflux  

After indigestion of food, sometimes acidity gets backs to the food pipe and causes acid reflux. This reflux causes pain in the throat and chest and this condition is known as heartburn. All these feelings lead to epigastric pain.  

There are some other symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux such as 

  • Poor digestion 
  • Chest burning 
  • Chest pain 
  • A feeling of a lump in the throat 
  • Vomit like taste 
  • A sore throat voice 
  • Continuation of cough 

If acid reflux stays for a longer period it damages the food pipe and causes gastroesophageal reflux. People who have gastroesophageal reflux usually experience epigastric pain and symptom of poor digestion. 


Overeating is common among all of us, we as Pakistani love to eat food without caring about the capability of our stomachs. No doubt we are born with flexible stomachs but sometimes overeating upset the capability of our stomach. 

If you put a lot of stress on your stomach with overeating it will push pressure on your other organs and will cause epigastric pain. 

Intolerance To Lactose 

Everything in this world is not mean to every one of you. Some food items cause an allergic and an upset stomach. Lactose intolerance is another cause of epigastric pain. A sugar found in dairy products is known as lactose and some of us found it hard to break down lactose. 

People who have lactose intolerance are unable to drink milk as it causes epigastric pain in their abdomen. 

Consumption Of Alcohol 

Limited alcohol consumption is not problematic for you. It doesn’t cause any kind of effect on your stomach or intestine. But when you drink too much at a time alcohol causes inflammation in your digestive system. Excessive consumption of alcohol is responsible for epigastric pain. 

Esophagitis And Gastritis 

Inflammation in the lining food pipe is known as esophagitis and gastritis is an inflammation of your stomach lining. The disturbed immune system, unsuitable medicines, and acid reflux can cause both esophagitis and gastritis that lead to epigastric pain in the abdomen and you feel like vomit taste in your mouth. 


When you are pregnant it is very common to feel epigastric pain. During pregnancy epigastric pain is caused by acid reflux or the pressure that is exerted by the womb.

Hormonal changes occur when you are pregnant and it causes a lot of activities in your body including acid reflux and epigastric pain. 

If you feel a continuous and long-term epigastric pain in your abdomen try to contact your competent doctor because it can be a symptom of a more serious condition. 

What Is Epigastric Pain Treatment? 

Epigastric pain can be treated with natural home remedies. But before discussing home remedies we would like to tell you that every home remedy doesn’t work for all of us. So try all of these home remedies until you find the best suitable remedy for your epigastric pain. These home remedies include:


Keep Your Food Diary 

Sometimes we develop intolerance to a few food items and whenever we eat them it cause epigastric pain so we suggest you keep your food diary. In which you will write what you eat before and what happened after eating it. This technique will help you to recognize which food item causes epigastric pain in your abdomen.

Eat Yogurt  

Yogurt contains probiotics that are good for stomach and gut health. The Health benefits of yogurt involve soothing your stomach lining and reducing the acid reflex in your food pipe. 

Eat Lighter meals 

When you eat heavy meals it causes a burden on your stomach and digestive system. Try to eat things in portions so you can digest the food easily.  

Drink Green Tea With Honey 

One study reveals that drinking green tea with honey decrease the inflammation in the digestive tract. Honey contains s antibacterial properties that fight bacteria in your stomach and help to decrease epigastric pain. 

Things You Should Know 

Epigastric pain is abdominal pain that occurs below the rib cage. We feel the hurt burn, full and tight stomach, and trapped gas in our stomach with epigastric pain. There are many causes including excessive consumption of alcohol, acid reflex, overeating ad lactose intolerance. 

Few home remedies help you to get rid of epigastric pain but if you feel severe abdominal pain along with other symptoms, please find a good doctor without any hesitation.  

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