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5 Incredible Health Benefits of Yogurt That You Need to Know!

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Benefits of Yogurt
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Are you part of the same population that has been told several times to eat yogurt by their mothers? Because same!!!

All my childhood and even during adulthood my mother stresses the importance of eating yogurt for breakfast. Why do you think there is this stretch on eating yogurt? 

This goes with the saying that yogurt is a food for every mood. It is a fan favorite food for not only the young ones but also for the adults and the elderly. Yogurt is beneficial for a number of reasons. From strengthening your bones to increasing blood oxygen levels, the benefits of yogurts are multiple and diverse. 

The Simple the Better

The mode of consumption for yogurts should be natural without any added preservatives. Even the use of processed sugars can deem yogurt unfit for its nutritional value. So, make sure you are not underestimating the power of a good old bowl of plain yogurt.

Look for the Protein Count

Do not misunderstand the fact that because it is made from milk it is only rich in calcium. This white potion is so much more than just your average calcium food. It is also a powerhouse of protein. 

Facts about Yogurt that You Should Know

  • Although yogurt appears to be a Greek word, it is not. In contrast to popular belief, the word yogurt actually originated in the Turkish language. 
  • The most commonly used yogurt is fermented from cow’s milk.
  • Yogurt can give the meat a run for its money because of its high protein contents.
  • Turkish shepherds have been turning milk into yogurt since 3000 BCE.
  • Yogurt was the only saving grace for Francoise I when the French king suffered from recurring gastrointestinal distress. 

How Yogurt is Made?

We all are aware of the fact that yogurt is made from the fermentation of milk. Can you guess what are the reasons behind this tasty treat? Bacteria

All the goodness and associated health benefits of yogurts, we owe it to these bacteria and their metabolic properties. 

5 Top Health Benefits of Yogurt

Wondering why the dairy section of any supermarket is laced with the supply of yogurts? That is because yogurt is that “IT” food. With as many health benefits as yogurts, any food can be the real superstar of supermarkets. 

Let us break down the many and various yogurt nutrition benefits. 

1- A Part of Your Skincare

Yogurt is known to have natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This is one of the basic reasons why yogurt eating is essential for your health. People who are often tired of those sudden and unannounced breakouts of acne on their skin should start using yogurt. 

You can either directly consume yogurt, or you can apply it to your skin. 

History is proof of the various yogurt benefits for the skin. For several years, various health remedies have been a part of people’s skincare routine. 

Let me share a recipe of my mother 

  • One tablespoon of yogurt
  • One teaspoon of honey
  • One teaspoon of lemon juice

Add these to a bowl and apply them to your skin. After application, leave it there for some time, gently rub it so that the yogurt can seep into your skin. Leave it for 15 min. After 15 minutes, rub your skin gently again. Then wash with tap water. It is one of the best skin care tips that you need to follow. 

Repeat this once a day and get access to clear and fresh skin.

2- Hey Men! You Need to Know This!

Yogurt, and especially if we are to talk about Greek yogurt is a very good source of protein which is important for muscle buildup. If this is to be advertised properly, people will stop asking questions about the yogurt benefits for men. 

Apart from that, yogurt is also beneficial for your sexual prowess. It is important to increase testosterone levels and also to elevate the sperm count. This is mainly due to the probiotics that are found in the bacteria.

Exploring the topic further, a study in Spain researched that there is a link between dairy intake and high blood pressure. Dairy products and their regulated consumption be it milk or yogurt helps to regulate the blood pressure of your body. 

Because men are more prone to the fatal effects of blood pressure that is why they should make sure that yogurt is an active part of their meal. 

3- For Your Hair

Most of the time people regard yogurt as just a food that is high in nutritional value, but yogurt is so much more than just a portion of food. There have been cultural and anecdotal evidence regarding the use of yogurt for good scalp and hair. 

The hair mask is one of the most popular applications in this manner.

One of the main contributing factors why yogurts are such good for your hair is lactic acid. Lactic acid is an important factor that helps in the deep cleansing of your scalp. The same agent is also helpful in your hair follicle growth.

So, hopefully, this has given you enough answers regarding your queries about the yogurt benefits for hair. 

How can you apply a yogurt hair mask?

  • Take 3 tablespoons of yogurt
  • Add two teaspoons of mustard oil
  • Add one egg yolk

Mix them in a bowl, and then comb your hair nicely. Make portions of your hair. Then apply the mask in regulated amounts on your hair. Leave it in your hair for half an hour. Remember to cover your hair in that time period. Wash your hair with warm water. You can also shampoo your hair after rinsing out the mask.

4- Important for the Females 

Women tend to be more attentive towards their meal plans. The use and simple addition of yogurt can work wonders for their reproductive system. 

Furthermore, this white potion is also important to fight off yeast infections. 

Yogurts boost some healthy and good bacteria which are highly important for the normal functioning of your body. 

There are several benefits of yogurt for females. Females who eat yogurt often, are able to be less vulnerable towards the onset of chronic diseases. If you eat yogurt on a daily basis, it lowers your chances of developing high blood pressure

Furthermore, this wondrous food is also important for vaginal health and can actually add more years to your life!

Yogurt is a nutrient-dense food that boosts ample amounts of protein, calcium, potassium, and several other vitamins and nutrients which are important for your body. 

It also helps to control and regulate blood glucose levels. Thus, females who consume yogurts can enjoy the benefits of a stable and healthy life.

5- The Digestive Importance

For centuries yogurt has been used to treat upset and disturbed digestive systems. One of the main reasons why yogurt is considered to be a healthy food is because it is a great probiotic. 

Some of the main yogurt benefits for the stomach are 

  • Improves the gastrointestinal tract
  • Soothes the inflamed and highly disturbed digestive system
  • Treat an upset stomach
  • Helps your body to absorb nutrients 
  • Boosts your immune health 
  • Builds up an appetite

Several researchers have also concluded that the use of milk helps with bloating and stool frequency. 

6- The Part of Your Morning Routine 

There is a reason for this continuous global advertisement on making yogurt a part of your morning regime. Yogurt is highly nutritious, and if you consume it daily it can be very helpful for the basic metabolism of your body. 

There are many benefits of yogurt in the morning. The most important and integral meal of the day is breakfast. In these current times with the outbreak of corona and other several types of viruses that are highly immune resistant, the need for an effective immune system is more apparent than ever. 

Do you know what is the best way to boost your immune system? 

Eating yogurt. Bingo!!!

Make sure to add yogurts to your morning meals and enjoy the works of an efficient immune system.

Wrapping It Up!

Yogurt is a miraculous and wondrous food that has numerous benefits. From making sure that your gut is working properly to ensuring that your hair and skin look good, yogurt is the one food that will come to the rescue. 

So, do not shy away from adding it to your daily meal plan. Add this to your cereals or top it with berries or if you rather prefer a scoop of plain old yogurt, consume it on a daily basis and enjoy the benefits of a stable and healthy life.

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