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17 Hyaluronic Acid Benefits: An Elixir for Skin and Other Body Parts

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What is it all about the hyaluronic acid that is making it very popular? 

Seriously, if you literally turn to the world of body or skincare, hyaluronic acid is a nonstop buzz.

To be honest, everyone all over the world simply loves hyaluronic acid. It is that magical elixir that allows glow and mega hydration naturally from within the skin.  

Now, let’s have a look at your skin. 

Does it feel itchy? Dry? Dehydrated? Does it have fine lines and wrinkles? Or does it feel a little bit tight? 

No need to worry, because hyaluronic acid can help you with all such issues. 

From serums to sheet masks and even lip fillers, it is becoming a major part of most skincare products. 

But, apart from all this buzz, what are the actual hyaluronic acid uses and hyaluronic acid benefits — the ones that are backed by science. 

Interestingly, there are a lot of hyaluronic uses and benefits. Not only is it exceptionally good for your skin, it can also help and do wonders for your eyes, bones, joints and beyond. Research shows that hyaluronic acid retains water in your skin, which keeps it hydrated

Hyaluronic acid (HA) skin benefits include:

  • Moisturizing the skin
  • Smooth skin
  • Reducing acne scars and fine lines
  • Reducing unwanted redness
  • Overall skin texture improvement
  • Act as a conditioner for the scalp

For overall health, hyaluronic acid can:

  • Help in relieving joint pain
  • Soothe acid reflux
  • Help in offering relief to dry eye
  • Help in speeding up the healing of wounds
  • Prevent pain in the bladder
  • Help in preserving bone strength

Keep on reading this blog to fully understand hyaluronic acid and its importance in your skincare routine and overall wellness. 

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

The last thing that you ever want to put on your bare face is acid. 

But, hyaluronic acid is not the kind of acid that would burn your face such as the ones used for exfoliating your skin. 

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally present in your body— in your eyes, joints and even skin.

Commonly known as HA, about 50% of the HA is present in the skin. For the elasticity and moisture of our skin hyaluronic acid is extremely important. 

Unfortunately, with aging, the level of HA in our skin decreases. Because of this reason, HA is one of the widely researched ingredients for moisturizers, serums, skincare and cosmetic products. 

How Many Types of Hyaluronic Acid are There?

There are three types of Hyaluronic Acids which are:

1. Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid

This HA is basically broken down into smaller pieces so that it penetrates easily in the skin. 

It is moisturizing but not the best moisturizing option. 

Hydrolyzed HA is good for people with oily skin so that the skin is over moisturized. 

2. Sodium Hyaluronate

The effect of this HA does not last long. But, as compared to the aforementioned, it goes deeper into the skin and the effect is long-lasting. 

Sodium Hyaluronate is good for people with normal skin as it will allow the moisture to seep in properly into the skin

3. Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate

This type of HA has an increased benefit of sodium hyaluronate. Although, it is long-lasting. 

For people who have dry skin or living in dry climatic conditions, this product is best for them. 

It is even a good product for the winter season. 

Hyaluronic acid is available in the form of:

  • Oral hyaluronic acid
  • Tropical hyaluronic acid
  • Injectable hyaluronic acid

HA is also available in the form of ingestible HA capsules. The idea behind these capsules is that HA would remain steady and the effect would last longer. 

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits You Need to Know

Just as I discussed before, HA is an elixir (well, I am being too dramatic here…), but let’s keep it simple and understandable for you. 

First, let’s discuss the hyaluronic acid benefits for the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits for Skin

Following are the top hyaluronic acid uses and benefits for the skin:

1. Hydration

The top hyaluronic acid benefit for the skin is hydration. 

HA is like a water drink for your skin. 

It seeps into your skin and binds with the skin cells. That’s how it provides nourishing and rejuvenating moisture to the skin. 

You can use pure hyaluronic acid with other products as well. Hyaluronic uses are diverse. You don’t need loads of skincare products to make HA effective. 

Interestingly, HA is a perfect example of how limited skincare products are effective in providing the best glowing skin.

2. Humectant for Skin

This is another hyaluronic acid benefit for the skin. 

A humectant is just like a sponge for the skin. A sponge basically draws in and holds the moisture. Hyaluronic acid is one such example of humectant in skin care products. Butylene glycol, sorbitol and glycerin are other such examples of humectants. 

After you use HA on your skin, it will even draw the moisture from the surrounding area. Thus, it provides long-lasting hydration for the skin. 

3. Improved Lipid Barrier and Resilience of the Skin

With age, the lipid barrier on the skin that protects our skin becomes weak. 

Once the barrier is weakened, from environmental pollutants to the UV rays, everything enters the skin and damages it. This damage of skin triggers and causes fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin and even dark spots. 

Hyaluronic acid actually strengthens the natural barrier of the skin. 

It even slows down the process of degeneration of the lipid barrier of the skin. 

When the lipid barrier and overall skin is improved due to HA, skin is able to defend itself from the pollutants and other environmental age-related factors. 

4. Hyaluronic Acid for Tighter Skin Tone

Our skin is bound to be saggy with age. This is due to the weakening of the elasticity of the skin. 

When the elastin in the skin is weakened, our skin can easily snap, saggy and lose its bounce-back ability. 

One of the easiest tricks to check the elastin of your skin is to prick your skin. 

If the skin bounces back readily after being pinched, it means you have enough elastin. While, if it doesn’t then it means that your skin is aging. 

You can check this on the skin of your mothers, grandmothers etc. You’ll see the difference. 

HA will not help in replacing the weakened elastin. But, it can surely help in improving the overall appearance and tightness of the skin. 

When HA is filled in the skin, it automatically tightens the skin. 

So, it gives a youthful appearance to your skin and firm facial contours. And, I am sure this is what you definitely want to share with your mother and even grandmother. 

5. Smooth Texture

Now, let’s talk about smooth texture. 

Everyone definitely wants to have smooth and shiny textured skin. People especially with acne and scarring can benefit from this. 

HA provides you with silky smooth skin. 

It won’t fill the acne scars. However, when HA is combined with the dermaroller then with time skin becomes smooth in texture. 

Hyaluronic acid benefit for acne is why you need a HA skin care product in your life.

6. Reduced Wrinkles and Visible Fine Lines

You look older than your age due to the wrinkles and visible fine lines. This is the signal that your skin is starting to age. 

It’s honestly never too late to nourish and protect your skin. 

Hyaluronic acid benefit for skin can be understood from this perspective as it is good for both 20 years old skin and 80 years old skin. 

Hyaluronic acid benefits the skin by hydrating and moisturizing it. 

Therefore, HA would retain moisture and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. 

So, when your skin is hydrated properly, it doesn’t have to fight for hydration. Hence, you can enjoy smooth, plump and glowing skin. 

7. Skin Cell Regeneration

Skin regeneration is a slow process. With time, this process slows down. 

Hyaluronic acid does not speed up the process of cell regeneration or renewal. But, it helps in promoting skin cell regeneration by protecting the barrier of the skin and providing extra hydration. 

By this, your skin will have healthier skin cells and even a vibrant skin complexion.

8. Hyaluronic Acid for Pigmentation

Pigmentation is the ultimate nightmare for anyone. It makes our face look dull. Discolouration of the skin, therefore, needs to be treated. 

HA alongside other hyperpigmentation treatments such as hydrafacial would help in preventing and reducing pigmentation and age spots. 

But HA won’t work alone in this, you would be needing vitamin C serums in this case. 

9. Clarity for Overall Skin

While you are using various skin care home remedies and expensive products for your skin. Hyaluronic acid would help you in this case. 

Because the common misconception about oily skin is that acne-prone skin or oily skin do not need hydration. But in reality, it does. 

HA even has an antioxidant property that protects your skin from free radicals. 

Therefore, HA would help in providing overall clarity, smooth texture, firmness and glow to your skin. 

Other Hyaluronic Acid Benefits You Need to Know

1. Hyaluronic Acid Helps in Wound Healing 

As we have already discussed, Hyaluronic acid helps in maintaining the moisture of the skin. 

HA helps in tissue regeneration that even includes the healing of wounds. 

2. Relieve Joint Pain

Joint pain can be extremely worse. Not only will it affect your daily life, but it’ll also make waking and sitting painful. 

Relieving joint pain is one of the hyaluronic acid benefits. 

A person can get relief from joint pain by receiving hyaluronic acid injections. 

These injections would be injected into the joints and it’ll help to lubricate them. 

3. Help in Gum Disease

Oral health is much needed yet neglected health issues. Unhealthy oral hygiene can even lead to heart, gut and other health issues. 

Using topical hyaluronic acid can be an essential role in post-operative dental care procedures. 

As HA can help heal wounds, it can also help in mouth ulcers and gum disease.

4. Reduces Dermatitis

Hyaluronic acid benefits can be understood from the fact that it can even help in relieving skin issues. Eczema is one such example. 

HA in eczema helps to improve the symptoms ranging from mild to moderate. 

5. Relieve Dry Eye

Our eyes naturally have a high concentration of Hyaluronic acid that keeps the eyes lubricated. 

Aging, environmental factors  or certain lifestyle habits  can affect our eyesight. For this very reason, eye drops contain HA to treat eye dryness.

Using a combination of the topical and oral eye can help in treating dry eye symptoms.

6. Relieve From Acid Reflux

Heartburn and acid reflux can be painful. It is one of the common conditions of the digestive system. 

Supplements of hyaluronic acid improve the symptoms of GERD. 

7. Prevent Bladder Pain

Bladder pain is one of the most painful conditions that can severely affect a person. To alleviate bladder pain there are many options available. One such is HA. 

Hyaluronic acid introduced into the bladder can help to relieve the pain.

8. Hyaluronic Acid for Vaginal Dryness

After menopause, a female body undergoes various changes. Vaginal dryness is one of them. It can affect the quality of a person’s life. In this case, people only know of hormonal treatment. 

However, hyaluronic acid alone or with a combination of estrogen cream is good for treating vaginal dryness

The Bottom Line!

Hyaluronic acid serum benefits are numerous. People may know about the benefits of it. But, they might not have an idea about the versatility of hyaluronic acid. 

Hyaluronic acid serums, creams or supplements can help people to achieve wrinkle-free and glowing skin. 

Where Hyaluronic acid is beneficial, it is also equally important that you should consult your doctor first. So that you should know thoroughly about hyaluronic acid use, dose, risk and precautions. 

Make sure to properly discuss your skin issue and other health issues that need treatment. For any concerns and tailored treatments and queries about hyaluronic acid, you can easily reach out to the best doctors via Healthwire.pk.

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