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5 Common Signs of Cancer You Need to Look Out For

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In these turbulent times, where you find a cancer patient in every house, it is very obvious to feel scared and concerned about your own health. Now, it doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s always considered a humble approach to search and know the common signs of cancer. 

If I be very honest with you, cancer never comes with exact symptoms or signs and this is the reason why it is never diagnosed at an early stage. But, there are always clues for you that can help track the disease and treat the problem as soon as possible.

It should also be noted that the treatment shows the best results when the tumor is small and has not spread. Also, keep in mind that every small inconvenience or deterioration in health is not always cancer. For clarity, it is important to see your doctor timely to know what actually is wrong with you. 

Early Cancer Symptoms in the Body

If observed closely, there is a huge number of people that are living longer after the diagnosis of cancer these days. People are more into routine screenings. There are some common signs of cancer that if tracked earlier, steps can be taken to treat the disease properly. 

1. Fatigue

Now, by fatigue, you must be thinking about the fatigue that you feel after a long day spent in the park playing. But, the fatigue felt by a cancer patient is the one that doesn’t get better no matter how much rest you are taking. 

Now, this happens because of the consumption of the body by cancer. By this, what I mean is that the cancer cells in the body need nutrients from the body to grow. The nutrients that you take are no longer beneficial to the body. And the nutrients are utilized by the cancer cells to get advanced. Now, this theft of the nutrients can cause extreme fatigue and feeling of tiredness all the time. 

With all that being said, it is important to keep a look at the other diseases also that can have fatigue or weakness as a symptom. If this cancer symptom gets severe make sure that you visit your doctor. 

2. Changes in Skin

It is well-known to everyone that the skin is the largest organ of the body. Sometimes jaundice is one of the major diseases that can indicate or suggest the presence of an infection or cancer. It is one of the most common signs of cancer. 

Another noticeable change in the skin is the changes in the moles which is quite concerning. The major signs can be: 

  • Moles with an irregular border
  • Changes in the color of moles
  • Growth of moles
  • The asymmetrical appearance of the moles

These are not some of the only ways that can indicate cancer in the early stage. However, these small signs should never be neglected as these can be alarming at the same time. You can save your skin from the risk of cancer by using some effective tips.  

3. Changes in the Bowel Habits

A lot of times when people have bowel issues, the first thought that comes into mind is the disturbance in the digestive system. But, it is not always the case. It can be one of the huge signs of cancer, especially colon cancer

Now, the major cancer symptoms in the body and changes that you need to keep in mind include: 

  • Pencil-thin stools 
  • Continuous diarrhea
  • Stool in the blood
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Rectal bleeding
  • The urge to pass more stool after the bowel movement

Now, all of these changes in the body do not always indicate cancer, but the most important thing is to keep a check on the diet along with other factors, as your diet plays the most important role when it comes to the health of the digestive system. 

4. Pain

Now, when it comes to pain it is very personal to everyone. Pain however is a symptom that can be due to any reason. How does one differentiate? 

The main thing to focus on here is that all of the pain felt in the body is not always because it is one of the signs of cancer. This is why it is not one of the valid cancer symptoms in the body. However, pain is felt in different ways when it is due to cancer. This pain can be felt due to: 

  • Metastasis, where cancer spreads from where it started
  • Due to the chemicals released by the cancer
  • Because of a tumor that is pushing outside from the inner areas of the body

If you experience pain that is not going anywhere and is there to stay and it is not making sense as to where it came from, then I would suggest getting yourself tested. If it is cancer, then there are high chances that you might get your treatment started as soon as possible.

5. Unexpected Weight Loss

Unexpected weight loss is one of the early signs that is noticed right before the diagnosis of cancer. Now, here the amount of weight loss matters. If you have lost just a few pounds, it is completely fine. 

But, if the weight loss is more than 10 pounds or is almost 10 then it is something to be worried about. What I would suggest is not to just cling to the red flag, but rather focus on the solution and visit the doctor right after you start noticing this change. 

A lot of times weight loss in cancer doesn’t come as a symptom, rather it is noticed as a result of the treatment that one takes to remove cancer. 

Wrapping it Up!

Signs of cancer are not easy to track or notice, but sometimes it is the basic changes in the body that can indicate the presence of this disease. One of the best practices to do here is to keep getting yourself tested yearly. This not only helps in recognizing the early signs but also helps you in catching other diseases that might be underlying. 
If you have further queries or questions regarding cancer signs, it is important to visit the best oncologist near you by visiting Heakhwire.pk.

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