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7 Proven Ways How to Lose Weight in Ramadan

7 Proven Ways How to Lose Weight in Ramadan

Ramadan is a blessed month for Muslims and also a chance to boost the immune system. Muslims refrain from drinks and food from sunrise to sunset. People with obesity and overweight issues need a plan to work out, but 13 to 15 hours long fast does not allow you to exercise or workout due to low energy if you don’t follow a healthy diet plan.

Ramadan is a time to sacrifice your desires for the sake of ALLAH but let us help you learn that fasting brings incredible benefits to your life. What are the benefits of fasting?

  • Prevent obesity issues
  • Lower inflammation
  • Improve your system and support weight loss
  • Improve physical fitness
  • Boosts cognitive performance
  • Lower the risks of metabolic diseases

There are some other potential health benefits regarding fasting, such as maintain blood pressure, improve heart health, boost brain functionality, prevent you from cancer, etc.

Your mind may also not concentrate on daily tasks because it needs a proper diet plan that you can follow in Ramadan to stay healthy. In this article, you will learn about the techniques that will help you to reduce your weight during Ramadan. People often ask:

How Long Do You Have To Fast Before You Start Burning Fat?

Here, I would like to share my own experience of how 12 to 16 hours long fasting helped me to burn the fats.

Research has also proved the fact that both Ramadan fasting and intermittent fasting have many similar benefits but here you can find the difference between them in the following section.

Ramadan Fasting Vs. Intermittent Fasting 

If you are looking for a detailed difference between intermittent and Ramadan fasting, you are wrong because there is only one difference, Spirituality.

Most of the benefits are similar in both practices, but in intermittent fasting, a person may drink water from time to time.

In both fasts, you need to practice only reliable ways to work out to avoid any side effects on your body.

It’s time to throw some light on the technique for weight loss during Ramadan but before we start, learn about the best time to work out without being affected.

Best Time to Work Out During Ramadan 

During or after your fast, you should make sure before choosing the time and workout for your upper-level body. Studies say that lower body exercise can drop your blood pressure.

Here Find Out When You Can Exercise in Ramadan:

  1. 90 minutes before sunset
  2. Between 3 am and 4 am
  3. After evening meal
  4. Between 11 pm and 2 am

Let’s explore about 7 proven ways how to lose weight in Ramadan:

Weight Loss Tips in Ramadan

1. Never use Vehicle but Walk to Masjid in Morning and Evening 

I prefer to walk for Fajr prayer because we all eat healthy food that needs to be digested. Many people just lay down after Suhoor and do not walk at all which results in gastrointestinal diseases. We must go for a walk or choose a Masjid that is at least 20 minutes away from home. You should follow this practice after the evening meal too. After breaking fast, you may eat different foods, and now, it takes a break for digestion. The walk can help you to stay fit in Ramadan, or it might be possible that you may develop obesity issues.

2. Iftar with Light Foods and Go for Running

Fried food for iftar isn’t a healthy choice at all. You need to focus on your fitness and always prefer light food for iftar. Eating a lot in the evening meal will not give you the energy to go running. Make sure that you prefer a banana or other light food items.

3. Prefer Easy To Digest Food and Exercise 

If you think that only exercise can help you, you are wrong. You should try your best to maintain your physical fitness in Ramadan by having a healthy diet plan in iftar. During Ramadan, you need to ask your trainer for exercise that can keep you fit and will not affect your lower body parts.

4. Never skip on Pre Suhoor work out 

Ramadan weight loss plan does not start from the very first day of this month. You need to practice working out before Ramadan. Work out for 30 to 40 minutes, and it makes you drink water more and more. In this way, your body will get dehydrated, and you will not feel thirst the rest of the day. It is the best way and time to work out in Suhoor and allow you to lose weight in Ramadan.

5. Golf – A Play with Bunch of Walking

In Ramadan, it is crucial to walk for at least 15-20 minutes, or it can affect your physical fitness. You should play Golf as it is an interesting game plus you will not need an extra workout to get the ideal weight. Fasting brings many health benefits, but if you combine fasting with some sports then it can make your dream come true about desired weight.

6. Join Your Friends for Work out Before Iftar 

Meeting with friends is my favorite time, and I always suggest people spend some quality time with their close friends. You can ask them to come and work out together before iftar. In this way, you and your friends get motivation from each other, and you can share food when the iftar comes and also can create some great memories.

7. Go with a Balanced Diet at Iftar to lose weight in Ramadan

Only veggies and fruits are not enough for your iftar plate, but you should consider oatmeal, proteins, and more water, such as salmon and asparagus, brown rice, etc.

Without a balanced diet and workout, your body will not tolerate fasting, and it may result in weakness and low energy. You need to focus on different facts while fasting to lose weight in Ramadan, such as proper workout, plenty of water in Suhoor and Iftar, exercise at best times, use of herbs, quality of sleep, etc.

Do you know how many times you need to work out to lose weight in Ramadan?

According to studies, you should not exercise consistently in Ramadan but go with 3 to 4 times a week.

Final Words!

You may find hundreds of Ramadan weight loss tips online but follow only the proven techniques to get the health benefits of fasting.

We have come with the 7 proven ways how to lose weight in Ramadan because it is the best opportunity that boosts your immune system and gets desired weight.

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