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Lose up to 20 kg with Best Diet Plans for Weight Loss (+Foods & Exercises)

Key to Lose 100 Pounds and Beyond- Best Diet Plans for Weight Loss, Popular Foods and Exercises

Weight-loss struggles are pretty common yet these vary from person to person. No matter if you are planning to shed 10 pounds or 100 pounds, the science behind weight loss remains the same.

Weight Loss – What the Hype is About?  

Not only this, but often these weight loss struggles come with their fair share of advice from all and sundry.

You will hear one person sharing the weight loss success story of one of the acquaintances telling about some magic weight loss supplements. At the same time, you will hear a social media influencer advocating the use of a magic supplement or a fat loss drink. Hearing all this advice can leave anyone confused.

Although your genetics play a key role in determining your body weight and its composition there are many other factors that can influence your body weight. These include physical activity patterns, dietary choices, lifestyle choices and the quality of sleep etc.

Calorie Deficit- The only way to lose weight

Let’s just make it clear!

Putting your body in a calorie deficit by providing less than the required energy is the only proven way to lose weight. Our body weight is determined by the number of calories we intake in the form of food against the calories we require to perform daily life activities. If your calorie intake will exceed your daily calorie requirement, you will surely gain weight and vice versa.

So, weight loss is all about balancing your calorie intake and calorie burning to keep your body in a calorie deficit. This calorie management basically, sets your ground for weight loss.

Metabolism and Weight Loss- Undying Association

Your metabolism plays a key role in determining how you are losing weight. The concept isn’t new for us as we kept on hearing about the superfoods for weight loss that help to kick-start your metabolism. Let’s see how metabolism is important for weight loss.

Metabolism takes in all life-sustaining processes occurring in our body. Having a fast metabolism means that you will be burning more calories while doing any physical activity or being at rest. How fast your body burns the calories affects your overall weight loss progress. Anything that will be able to boost your metabolism will aid you to lose weight.

Putting it simply, weight loss is all about what you, how much you eat and how fast your body is burning it!

Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss

When we talk about weight loss, it takes in three kinds of weight namely, water weight muscle weight and fat weight. Many weight loss strategies are focused on weight loss, but only the right weight loss strategy will be focused on fat loss.

Well. I have got my reasons to say this. The water weight your body loses could be regained at any time. Similarly, losing muscle mass will take away strength and endurance from you affecting the functional performance of your body. So, rather than idealizing weight loss, it’s better to intend towards fat loss.

What is the best diet plan for weight loss?

Whenever it comes to weight loss, hundreds of weight loss options always exist. This takes in from minor lifestyle changes to the massive practices to lose weight. Despite the availability of hundreds of options, there is always the question of the safety of different weight loss methods.

Among all these methods, weight loss diets hold their own value and occupy a major place in the world of nutrition and fitness. There are numerous diet plans that are available and many of them are trending too. People can opt for them according to their own convenience and flexibility.

Popular diet plan for weight loss

It isn’t always about eating salads for weight loss. Comparing these diet plans, their effectiveness and the quick weight loss diet plans get most of the consumer’s attention. Little known the consumers question the safety and sustainability of a diet plan they are choosing. Let us know more about some of the ruling weight loss diets in the market.

1- Keto diet

The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular trends of modern times. In the keto diet, carbs intake is kept low while the food sources are high in their fat content. In this de fat that accounts for its efficacy.

The concept behind this diet is that carbs intake reduction can put your body in the state of ketosis that is the burning of body fat in the absence of sufficient carb sources to fuel the body resulting in fat reduction and weight loss.

2- Intermittent fasting

Another popular dietary strategy to lose weight is intermittent fasting in which the day is divided into two windows known as fasting and eating. There are many ways to do intermittent fasting based upon the duration of eating and the fasting window. The most popular form of intermittent fasting is 16:8 in which a 16 hours fasting window is followed by an 8 hours eating window. Intermittent fasting for weight loss is a strategy that is intended to restrict your calorie intake by limiting the eating period of your day that leads to weight loss.

3- Paleo diet

The Paleo diet is also one of the popular dietary options for weight loss. In this diet, eating whole fruits, veggies and nuts is advocated just like our ancestors, considering that the human body is still not able to consume complex foods.

4- Low-fat diet

Just like low carb diets, low-fat diets are also one popular dietary option. This popular diet option basically limits the dietary fats from your daily calorie intake and puts it largely on carbs. The idea behind this popular diet is that fats are high-calorie nutrients and cutting them can result in the reduction of daily calorie intake to a greater extent.

5- Plant diets

Among all the diet options for weight, plant-based diets are another popular option. This diet limits the intake of animal products owing to ethical and environmental causes. Along with this, plants based food sources are excessively added to the diets leading to potential weight loss.

How to select the best diet plan for weight loss?

When a person looks for the best weight loss options, having hundreds of options can leave anyone confused. The answer to the question that which diet is best for weight loss can’t be justified because people advocate these different diet types have their own reasons. The fact is that some diets cut the carbs from your diet while several others eliminate the animal protein sources making you nutritionally deficient, it is not possible to call a diet better than others.

While many people look for a quick weight loss diet plan but the approach doesn’t always work. A better dietary approach is the one that provides your body with all the nutrients it requires while cutting down your calories. Thus, putting your body in a calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight without harming your metabolism and other body processes.

What are some popular weight loss foods to eat?

Whenever we talk about weight loss, people often question what are some popular weight loss foods they could eat. Kalonji for weight loss, apple cider vinegar for weight loss, fenugreek seeds for weight loss, green tea for weight loss and what not? Remember, every single food we eat possesses the nutritional value that makes it stand different from other foods in terms of calories. The type of nutrients a food contains can make it healthy or unhealthy but can a particular food should really be called a weight-loss food?

To answer this, no particular food contains fat cutting properties or can make you slim overnight. However, the foods we eat have a strong impact on our appetite. Some foods are more fulfilling than others and they can keep you full for longer times. Further eating certain foods can also kick-start your metabolism that can pace up your weight loss process.

Eating such foods can reduce your overall food intake which let you consume fewer calories putting your body in a calorie deficit which can cause the change you see on the weight scale. Here are some popular weight loss foods that can help you shed those extra kilos.

1- Black coffee for weight loss

Black coffee for weight loss is often one of the most popular opinions we hear about weight loss foods. But can it actually help with weight loss? Well, studies reveal that the secret of black coffee for weight loss lies in its ability to affect the overall metabolism of the body. Black coffee contains an element known as chlorogenic acid that is known to suppress the release of glucose from the liver as well as hinders the formation of fat cells in the body.

Moreover, black coffee is a good source of caffeine that is known to increase metabolism and improve energy levels which can result in the suppression of hunger. Further, lack coffee is also known as a diuretic food that can certainly help your body to lose water weight. So, drinking black coffee 30 minutes before working out and a calorie deficit could aid your weight loss progress but drinking black coffee alone can’t make you lose weight.

2- Eggs- your perfect weight-loss weapon

Eggs are next on the list of common weight loss foods. Nutritionally speaking, eggs are rich in proteins along with healthy fats and several other vitamins and minerals. With fewer calories, eggs are one of the most fulfilling foods people with weight loss can surely rely upon. The nutrients present in eggs can improve a person’s metabolism and people struggling with weight loss can surely incorporate eggs in their breakfast considering they don’t pair it up with other high-calorie foods to maintain the overall calorie deficit.

3- Chia seeds for weight loss

Chia seeds, most commonly known as Tukh Malanga or basil seeds are nutrient-dense foods. These highly nutritious seeds are known for their many benefits and have high fibre content. Other than fibre, chia seeds are a good source of several important minerals, high-quality proteins and omega-3 fatty acids.

After being absorbed in water chia seeds tend to absorb water, expand and turn into a gel-like consistency. Due to this property, these seeds can suppress the appetite resulting in restricted food intake that is one important cause for weight loss foods. You can consume chia seeds for weight loss by sprinkling on your salad, adding to your smoothie or even use chia seeds flour to cook.

4- Yoghurt – magic bullet for weight loss

Yoghurt, an important member of the dairy family is known for its high calcium content and improvement in bone health. Talking about calcium, this important mineral is known to aid weight loss if consumed as low-fat products as it can reduce the formation of fat in the body. Other than that, yoghurt is a good source of probiotics or we can call them good bacteria that can improve one’s digestive health. Good health is associated with a better metabolism that determines the extent of weight loss. Experts also believe that Yogurt and ispaghol is the best combination if you want to lose extra pounds faster.

5- Pulses for weight loss

Pulse is a general term that refers to beans, lentils and peas. Pulses are also one of the popular foods for weight loss. Due to their high fibre and protein content, pulses can keep you full for longer times. Eating these foods can create the feeling of fullness as it can slow down the process of digestion and signals the hormones that are responsible for making you feel full.

6- Water for weight loss

Yes, you read it right. Water for weight loss is not a myth but a well-accepted fact. This zero-calorie drink can be a perfect replacement for sugary drinks. Moreover, drinking water before having your meal can suppress your appetite. Further, drinking water can also boost the calorie-burning process as well as aiding the removal of toxins.

Other than these, there are several other foods that are categorized as the best weight loss foods. The fact is that no single food should be labelled as bad or good. There is no such thing as fat burning foods, if they fit your calorie intake and keep your body in a calorie deficit, this will surely make you lose weight.

Are weight loss exercises necessary to lose weight?

Well, when you are trying to achieve your fitness goals, it is necessary for you to plan a proper fitness routine. Exercise is an integral part of one’s weight loss journey as is as important as eating right. Incorporating weight loss exercises is not as easy as it sounds to be. Not everyone is a fitness freak and can start working out immediately and this is the reason that many people look for weight loss approaches without exercises.

Let’s admit the fact! Weight loss depends upon both eating in a calorie deficit and burning the calories through physical activity. Exercise helps to boost your metabolism as well as offering other health benefits. There are many forms of physical activity that can help one to lose weight and positively impact overall health.

Common weight loss exercises

Here are some types of physical activity that can help one to lose weight.

1- Brisk walking

Walking is the simplest and easiest form of physical activity that one can incorporate into a daily routine. This simplest form of exercise doesn’t need any special equipment, all you need is a pair of shoes and you are ready to go. You can make brisk walking a part of your routine if you are beginning to lose weight.

2- Running/jogging

Running or jogging is the other type of physical activity that can also help you to lose weight. Running and jogging are effective against the visceral fat that surrounds your internal body organs and serves as a risk factor against various diseases.

3- Weight training

Whenever we hear of work out, the very first thing we imagine is the dumbbells and heavy weights often seen in the gyms and that’s exactly what we mean by weight training. As the name indicates, the use of weight for resistance is known as weight training. It is one of the most preferable choices for people who intend to lose weight and build muscles.

4- Interval training

Another popular type of physical activity is also known as high-intensity interval training and is the best exercise to lose weight. Interval training means high-intensity workouts with rest and recovery periods in between. A resting period could be of no activity or mild physical activity. These workouts offer a great variety and are easiest to incorporate into your daily routines.

All you need is to choose a certain type of physical activity such as running, cycling or jumping and modify it. First, do the activity as fast as you can and follow this high-intensity period with the low-intensity variant of the same exercise.

5- Yoga

Yoga is a thousand years old mind and body practice that is the combination of various physical postures, relaxation and breathing techniques. Yoga offers several benefits including improved energy, better respiration, and enhanced metabolism rate along with body flexibility. Many yoga poses, also known as Asanas are found to be effective when and have their recognized role as the best exercise to lose weight.

Here are the asanas you can rely on while using yoga.

  • Surya Namaskara – Sun Salutation
  • Chaturanga Dandasana – Plank pose
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Dog pose
  • Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana – Bridge pose
  • Dhanurasana – Bow pose
  • Virabhadrasana – Warrior pose
  • Sarvangasana – Shoulder stand
  • Parivrtta Utkatasana – Twisted Chair pose
  • Ustrasana- Camel Pose
  • Trikonasana – Triangle pose
Which is the best exercise to lose weight?

Well, there are many available workout options to choose from but just like the diet, we can’t call a workout best. The contribution of exercise to weight loss can’t be denied but which exercise makes you lose more weight can be a tricky question to answer. The efficacy of a workout directly depends upon how many calories you are burning while doing it. The calories burned during an exercise depends upon the following factors.

  • Bodyweight of the person
  • Duration of the workout.
  • The intensity of the workout.
  • Your current body composition (ratio of muscle mass and fat).
Are weight loss exercises at home effective? 

Well, due to the COVID-19 pandemic it has become impossible to continue the fitness routines because of the closure of gyms. Other than COVID, many people find it hard to go to the gym so their ultimate preference is working out from home. But is the weight loss exercise at home effective? Of course, it is. Fitness coaches have extended their services to offer online fitness coaching. You can opt for home-based fitness plans and get online fitness counselling and lose weight while working out at home. 

Bottom Line!

To sum it up, weight loss is all about your overall calorie management and the balance between the calories you are eating and burning. Eating nutritionally sufficient food, drinking a lot of water, physical activity and proper sleep forms the only right weight loss strategy.

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