Why is Ketogenic Diet Bad for You

Why is Ketogenic Diet bad for you

You must have heard about another fad diet trend these days, which surprisingly has many followers, the all fat rounded ketogenic diet. Like any other fad diet ketogenic diet comes with an obvious promise of weight loss through a fat rich diet. You are asking me to eat fats to lose fat? Absolutely, that is what long lengths of ketogenic diet plans help you with. However, what about the keto diet side effects? Unfortunately very few people are aware of why keto diet was introduced in the first place. People have now started following the diet without much awareness of what can be the harmful effects of your keto diet.

Let’s acquaint ourselves with what a ketogenic diet and why it may not be the best option out there for you.

Understanding Ketosis

The ‘keto’ diet is a strict low or no-carbohydrate diet that plunges the body into a state of ketosis. Now what does that mean?

Ketosis is the process of ‘ketones’ accumulating in your bloodstream. Due to this the sugar level drops in your blood making your body break down fat for the usage of energy. The main reason why people have found a ketogenic diet working for them is mainly because of the fat melting away from their body. But surely it comes with kept diet side effects, I will surely get down to that point in a minute.

Why was the Ketogenic Diet introduced?

The keto diet was first introduced by Dr. Gianfranco Cappello who introduced this to help overly obese people loose fat faster and more effectively. However, the keto diet was mostly focused for helping ease the symptoms of epilepsy in children. The keto diet profoundly helped children who did not show any improvements to the drug trial treatments for epilepsy.

Bette Klien, a practicing nutritionist in Cleveland said that children who were tested with these diets showed a reduction in the number of the epileptic seizures. Despite the success, researchers do not know why these diets work well for the children.

Bright Side of Ketogenic Diet

The main reason why people feel keto diets working for them is due to the complete elimination of a food group making you lose your pounds faster. The main benefit of a ketogenic diet is quick results. As people lose weight rapidly, this in return encourages them to lose more weight.

Another reason why keto diet sounds ideal is because it does not push you in bland recipes and keeps you feeling full. You can eat cheese, ghee and all kinds of meats when following a good ketogenic diet.

While it may sound like an ideal shot. It certainly cannot be a life choice in the long run. The keto-diet only works for you if you want to shed some pounds real soon without having to starve yourself. However many critics are of the view that keto-diet is unhealthy in the long run. Here is how;

You Lose Water Weight

The weight you lose at the start of the diet is usually the water weight. According to Lisa Cimperman, R.D.N., a clinical dietitian at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio

Once your body enters ketosis, you also begin to lose muscle, become extremely fatigued, and eventually enter starvation mode. Then it actually becomes even harder to lose weight. Keto diets should only be used under clinical supervision and only for brief periods. ”.

You Do Not Gain any Muscle

It does not help you with any muscle gain, if it is not affecting your muscle loss either. This is important if you want to transition towards a healthier lifestyle. It is certainly not an optimal choice for someone who is trying to gain muscle.

It can seriously damage your heart

Since your heart is nothing but a profusely working muscle. Such diet can damage your heart muscles. The main reason being that keto is all about consuming fats and we all know heart health has a lot to do with fat management.

You Stink

What you eat does not have much to do with your looks. Consuming a lot of fats will actually make you sweat more. Due to the obvious reasons of consuming something pure fat, your glands will be working twice harder while your metabolism is burning your calories. The end result? You stink!

Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet

While consuming a pure fat diet, you may not always be fully educated on what’s the right unsaturated fat to consume. This also depends on your body type and your body’s reaction towards a certain food item. A lot of saturated fat can actually backfire if you are trying to lose weight. If someone is new to the keto diet it’s easy for them to experience the ‘keto-flu’ that is

  • Stomach upset issues
  • Low energy
  • Dizziness
  • Mood swings

It affects your liver

Yes it may affect your liver, gallbladder and pancreas. If you have any condition related to any of these you may not want to switch to a keto diet.

It’s Simply not Realistic

Let’s be honest here, there has been no fad diet which was sustainable in the long run. Mainly because it’s not ideal for survival. Nature has created carbohydrates as our primary need, however with sensible moderation. Therefore it’s best to stick to healthy foods and consume a little something from each food pyramid in the right moderation.

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