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How to Gain Weight If You Are Skinny


Being underweight is not a good condition as it puts you at high risk of many health complications. A survey says that two-thirds of people are not living with an ideal weight. Many people want to maintain a healthy weight, but they often fail to achieve this goal.

Being too skinny can be the reason for poor nutrition. Experts say that people should go for a medical checkup before finding out how to gain weight fast and visit the dietitian to meet the nutrient deficiencies of the body. A weight gain diet can fulfil the deficiency of nutrients in your body.

Having a body mass index below 18.5 means that you need to gain weight. But Experts also believe that many people are underweight by birth but are still healthy. 

I remember how my sister used to be too skinny, but she was stronger than me. It made me realize that being naturally skinny does not mean that you are not healthy until you have other reasons for being underweight. To reduce the risk of potential health conditions, you should learn about weight gain tips. In the last section, you will also find out healthy ways how to exercise to gain weight.

Let’s explore the other causes of being underweight.

Causes of Being Too Skinny 

Studies reveal that different medical conditions can cause weight loss, such as:

Celiac Disease: Gluten intolerance may result in weight loss because it does not show any symptoms.

Thyroid Problem: Overactive thyroid increases the rate of metabolism, which leads to weight loss.

Eating Disorder: It is a serious disorder that leads to nutrient deficiencies.

Infections: There are few infections that can result in weight loss, including parasites, etc.

Cancer: Experts say that cancerous tumors result in calorie burn and it can make you skinny.

Diabetes: People who fail to manage diabetes become underweight.

Experts also suggest females gain more weight as it reduces the health complications that they may experience in the future, such as:

  • A weakened immune system
  • Infertility
  • Developmental delays

People who want to gain weight should go healthy ways. Here, the next section will reveal the best ways to increase weight.

Weight Gain Tips 

Here, I will share dietitian-proved foods that boost the overall health and fulfill the essential nutrients in your body that help to increase your weight.

Weight Gain Diet 

Good nutrition can help you make your dream come true. You should eat a healthy diet to gain weight and consume more calories than you burn.

People often ask…

How many calories should I eat to gain weight?

You need 300 to 500 calories per day and make sure that you consume more calories than your body burns.

What foods will make you fat?

Peanut butter, ice cream, sugar, fried foods, and pizzas can increase weight but these are unhealthy diets that can lead to other health problems. 

Following weight gain foods can help you to increase the weight.

Drink Milk 

Studies say that milk contains proteins and carbohydrates that are essential for your overall body. People with vitamin and mineral deficiency are at risk of developing many health complications, such as bone fracture, etc.

Experts suggest people drink milk as it helps to increase weight and build muscles. Skim milk is more beneficial to building muscles, according to a recent study. Drinking milk is one of the best tips for how to gain weight for females. 

Following the workout is a good practice, but making a combination with milk can result in increased weight in females.

Eat Rice

Studies reveal that one cup of rice contains two hundred calories. Dietitians consider it a good source of carbohydrates that help in increasing weight. Consuming rice is one of the best weight gain tips that you can follow at home.

You can consume rice in different ways and fulfill the nutrient deficiency. A study found out that rice intake increases weight gain quickly.

Do Not Forget Protein Shakes

When you go for a workout to gain weight, your instructor may suggest you drink protein shakes. Drink it shortly after a workout as it will help to build the muscles efficiently.

Before consuming the shake, make sure that it does not contain extra sugar as it can affect your health. A freshly made protein shake is a good option to maintain a healthy weight

Eat Nuts 

When you want to gain weight, make sure that you do it safely. People often consume unhealthy diets like fried foods along with soda which can develop diabetes.

You can have nuts as a snack. Use nuts in different dishes and increase the intake.

Its butter is also available in the market but does not buy a sugary one.

Starches Boost Muscle Growth 

Experts believe that intake of starches increases the chance of weight gain in both females and males. They increase muscle growth. When you consume starches, it means you are increasing your calories intake. Experts consider it as one of the best solutions of how to gain weight if you are too skinny.

Eat a diet that is rich in starches, such as beans, legumes, oats, buckwheat, legumes, squash, sweet potatoes, pasta, whole-grain bread, quinoa, corn, etc.

Add Salmon into Your Meal 

People who are looking for weight gain tips should add salmon to the meal. Healthy fats are crucial for your overall health. You can get these healthy fats through salmon. It is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Dark Chocolates

High in fat and also rich in calories? Yes, dark chocolate contains high fat and is also a good source of antioxidants. Read the label and make sure that the chocolate contains seventy percent of cacao content. A survey says that eating dark chocolate boosts the energy level and is also one of the effective weight gain tips.

Whole Grain Cereals

Cereals that I used to eat contain many essential minerals and vitamins. You should avoid cereals that contain extra sugar or carbohydrates. Whole grains and nuts cereals are good options to start your day as they are rich in fiber and antioxidants.

Timings When You Drink 

Drinking fluids at the wrong time can also fail the weight gain plan. If you want to follow all the tips on how to gain weight fast, you should learn the best timings to eat and drink. Dietitians say that you should drink high-calorie beverages during your meals. Avoid drinking the fluids after having a meal as it will not increase the weight.

Eat More Frequently but Only Healthy 

People who are underweight may feel full faster. They should go with the more frequent short meals. One of the best weight gain tips is that you go with a healthy diet and eat after every few hours.

Exercise and Lift Heavy Weights

Weight lifting exercise is a good practice to make sure that your consuming calories do not go in the wrong direction. Experts suggest performing heavyweight lifts to make calories go to your muscles. Being a beginner, you should get help from a qualified trainer. You cannot learn by yourself anything about how to exercise to gain weight.

People with medical issues should ask doctors first, or it can cause many health complications.

What Are the Consequences of Being Underweight?

Only obesity is not dangerous but being underweight is also a cause of early death. Skinny people may be at risk of having impaired immune function. Age-related muscle wasting which is also known as sarcopenia is a condition that skinny people can experience. If you are underweight, you are at risk of Infertility issues and other health complications.

Wrapping Up

Add more calories into your diet than your body burns. Choose healthy lifestyle choices, follow weight gain tips and quit smoking as it leads to weight loss. Stay consistent with your healthy food plan and exercise schedule to achieve your goal. If you still need more detail on how to gain weight, you should visit the best dietitians.

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