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How to Increase Your Sex Time – Hear from Experts

Increase Your Sex Time

Humans are simplest yet complex creatures!

Human behaviors can be difficult to understand. Just as there is no possible explanation of men eating chicken feet similarly, one can’t find an explanation behind complex sexual and reproductive behavior.

Just like all other organisms on the planet human reproduce. Though the ability to perform sexual activity comes naturally but comes with its fair share of problems. You will see people looking for the answers to questions like ‘how to increase sex time’ or ‘how to get rid of erectile dysfuntion’.

Minutes or Hours – Why Timings Matter?

Talking about sex, there is a lot more into it, far more than sexual arousal and ejaculation. Sexual activity is a complex behavior pattern consisting of four main stages, including arousal, excitement, orgasm and resolution.

No matter what’s your favorite part of it, the fact is TIMINGS matter. Talking about timings, you will often find men wondering, what is normal and adequate? 

However, unlike this popular misconception, any sexual activity can take minutes for satisfaction. Hours of sexual activity is merely what you fantasize.

Do I Really Need to Worry About Timings?

For men, staying longer in bed is an indicator of their sexual potency and of course, a female desire. But do you really need to be judgmental about your timings? 

Of course, not! Unless you face urinary challenges, change in libido, fertility problems or having difficulty with erection.

How to Increase Your Sex Time?

If you still want to spice up you sex life and have tired searching for how to increase your sex time, there is still hope. 

Male sexual performance depends upon many factors, from your diet to your sleeping patterns, be mindful that EVERYTHING MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

Here are the tips that might be the right answer on how to increase your sex time.

1- Let your Food do the Job

Eat your way to healthy bones, healthy skin, healthy brain and what not? Well, food is considered to be important for our physical and mental functions. There are foods that can help male sexual performance. The secret lies in the presence of certain ingredients in foods that can make them support your sexual health. Some of the key nutrients include;

  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamins (A, B and C)
  • Protein

All multivitamins or other mineral ingredients can be your answer to how to increase your sex time without medicine. 

2- Manage your Stress

Next in the list of answers for ‘how to increase your sex time’ comes the role of stress. Stress management is important not only when it’s about your mental health but it also affects your sexual activity. Stress can negatively affect your libido for all good reasons. Stress works on your HORMONES.

Stress increases the production of cortisol or stress hormones in your body. In the presence of stress hormones your sex hormones are either insufficiently produced or couldn’t perform well. This results in overall reduction in your libido that is harmful for you and can be your reason for searching things like how to increase your sex time wothout medicine. 

3- Get Enough Sunlight

Sunlight is important. Not only it affects your stress levels but because it affects the production of sex h0rmones that are essentially important for your timings in bed. If you are able to spend some time in sunlight you will feel more satisfied, energetic and observe a boost in your sexual activity. So, one answer to ‘how to increase your sex time; can be getting enough sunlight. 

4- Start-Stop Technique is There for You!

People who have trouble with their sex life are more likely to try many different techniques. One of these techniques is start stop technique. The way this technique works is basically not doing sexual activity on go. As soon as you are about to reach climax, you immediately stop and begin after a few moments. In this way, you basically split your sexual activity into phases and that automatically increase your timing in bed resulting in a more satisfactory sex life.

5- Gradually Build the Process

On reason that you are not getting enough from your sex life is because you are not paying enough attention to details. It may seem to you that penetration is probably the most important part of any sexual activity but clearly it isn’t. The reason is clear, sexual needs and stimuli are important and can vary from person to person.

If you just focus on the genitals, there are chances that you achieve the climax in a few moments and definitely it will reduce your sexual stamina. Be mindful that doing it gradually will make the process more pleasurable and increase your satisfaction.

6- Work on Foreplay

Foreplay is important for all the good reasons. Simply, it makes your sexual activity more fun and pleasurable. Foreplay has its physiological and psychological importance. Not only foreplay enhances the secretion, making intercourse smoother but it also connects you better. 

Scientifically speaking, it causes blood vessels to expand and increases blood flow to your genitals. All this makes sexual activity less painful and results in more pleasure.

7- Skip Sleep Cheat or Keep Asking How to Increase your Sex Time

How to increase your sex time! You may ask it a hundred times and the answers  from the expert end will remain the same. Looking for a sleep cheat is more of a routine for us. But you will be surprised knowing that sleep has a significant impact on your sexual performance. 

When you sleep for sufficient timings, it automatically increases male sexual performance by affecting the production of sex hormones and limiting the impact of stress on your sexual performance. 

8- Move More

Fitness is underrated, especially when it comes to your sexual life. Physical activity is not only known to improve your physical and mental health but it also acts as a spark to your sex life. Here is how physical activity can work for you.

  • It results in intense orgasm and improves your sexual function.
  • Physical activity can help to prevent erectile dysfunction and improves your sexual stamina.
  • Furthermore, physical activity also improves the blood flow in your organs especially the genitals that is essentially required for better sexual performance.
  • Physical activity is also important when it comes to stress control that affects your sexual performance in bed.

9- Pay Attention to Mindfulness

Being mindful of what you are doing is important to sexual stamina. When you work on staying present in the present moment makes sexual activity more fun and enjoyable. Mindfulness is important for stress relief and it can surely help you to overcome your sexual life problems and increase your performance in bed.

10- Talk to your Partner

Most of your sexual life problems don’t come from your sexual health but it’s mental. Your sex life is unsatisfactory, it is not necessary that your performance is the culprit behind. 

Maybe you are not understanding the needs of your partner and that’s what troubling your sex life. When it comes to this, your communication gap may be the problem. Thus, it’s important that you talk to your partner on this and understand their needs.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Sexual desire is natural and nature’s way to bring life into existence. For many people, it’s surrounded by different challenges. These challenges can make it difficult for you to have a satisfactory sex life. Just like other men’s health problems, it is important to address sexual health challenges in men.

Some people struggle with problems like erectile dysfunction while many others work to look for answers to questions like how to increase your sex time.  All these ways can help to improve your timings and enhance your performance in bed. Using all these ways can be pretty helpful in treating your sexual life problems.

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