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How to Reduce Blood Sugar Levels Immediately? 7 Answers from Experts

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Are you struggling with sugar level fluctuations and searching the answers on how to reduce your blood sugar level immediately?

Well, don’t worry you are not alone in this, as high blood sugar can be a cause of concern for anyone suffering from diabetes. This high blood sugar level or hyperglycemia is a common characteristic of diabetes

This sudden increase in blood sugar level can be really harmful to you. This blood sugar rise can cause damage to the blood vessels to present in your body resulting in various complications. No matter how long you are suffering from hyperglycemia, you can develop these complications at any time.

To prevent these, you need to know about the ways that help you to control your blood sugar level. But the question is how can you do this? Well, it’s pretty simple and can be done by using some easy remedies. Let’s find more of these in the section below!

How to Control Sugar Level? 

If you are wondering what you can do here, here is all you need to know about the ways to overcome your sugar level immediately.

1- Choose Carbs Wisely

Our body derives all the energy from the carbs we consume. Carbs can range from simple to complex ones. Your carb selection is one of the biggest things that impact your blood sugar level.

Processed carbs possess a relatively simple structure that makes them easily digestible, resulting in a sudden increase in blood sugar levels. In contrast, complex carbs are slowly digested thus resulting in a steady glucose supply to your body. So, as a diabetic, you should be more focused on your processed carbs that mainly come from whole grains.

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2- Load Up on Fiber

Fiber, just like carbs and protein, is an important ingredient in our diet. If you are looking for ways to reduce your blood sugar level, then try to consume a good amount of fiber in your diet.

According to several scientific pieces of research, fiber is proven good for your heart health. Just like this, fiber can also help to regulate blood sugar levels in our bodies. So, the consumption of fiber is eventually good for diabetics. 

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3- Smaller Yet Frequent Meals

For people who suffer from high blood sugar levels, meal frequency plays an important role.

Consuming one large huge meal at once can result in a sudden increase in blood glucose levels. However, in contrast, several smaller meals can result in a more regulated blood glucose level and can be an answer to how to reduce blood sugar levels immediately.

You can plan 5 or 6 meals in a day rather than 2 huge meals to ensure a continuous supply of energy to your body. All you need is to monitor your portion size and here are a few tips that can help you here:

  • Use of smaller plates
  • Distribute your meal into portions according to the nutrients
  • Keeping an eye on the serving size.

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4- Stay Physically Activity

Physical activity is a must especially when you are suffering from a chronic condition such as diabetes. 

Being a diabetic suffer especially someone with type 2 diabetes, you already know how your physical activity patterns are linked to your body weight and insulin sensitivity in the body. So if you are searching for ways to overcome your blood sugar level then you can try increasing your physical activity level. This is because it will work on increasing your insulin sensitivity thus regulating normal glucose level.

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5- Hydration is the Key!

No matter what type of diabetes you are suffering from, you should drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Hydration can help your body to rehydrate blood as well as to maintain lower levels of blood sugar, as said by the renowned diabetologist from Central Hospital Karachi.

So, drink as much water as you can as it brings along other benefits as well including the removal of toxins from the body, improved metabolism, etc.

6- Overcome Stress

Stress is bad for you, for all the reasons.

Not only it harms your mental health but also affect several parameters of your physical health as well, including your blood sugar level. So, if you are looking for more tips to control your blood sugar level then you should surely consider your stress level. Stress hormones can alter the secretion of other hormones such as glucagon which directly controls your blood sugar level. So, you should work on your stress management if you want your body to have a more regulated and balanced blood glucose level, said Dr. Awais Zaka, a renowned Internal Medicine Specialist at Healthwire.

7- Focus on Your Sleep

Just like stress, sleep can also impact your blood sugar level management.

When you are not getting enough sleep, then this can result in reduced insulin sensitivity which is one of the biggest problems among diabetics. This is because sleep deprivation directly impacts the stress hormones in your body that plays an important role in blood glucose management. So, if you are looking for an answer to how to reduce your blood glucose level immediately, then sleep will be your answer here. 

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A Word from Healthwire!

I am sure now you must have an idea about how to control your blood sugar immediately.

But despite all of these tips, here is another additional tip saying that you should monitor your blood glucose level regularly. This blood glucose level monitoring is important in the case of people who are experiencing constant fluctuations of blood sugar level. You can keep a glucometer at your home or even get a blood sugar level test.

If your blood glucose level fluctuations are still there after following your treatment plan and following the tips to control your blood sugar level, then make sure to consult your physician. You can consult the best diabetologist via Healthwire to make informed decisions regarding your health.

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