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Whys and Hows of Laboratory Management Information System (LIMS)

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Technology change is no longer desirable but indispensable.!

Technology advancement has played a key role in transforming our industries and healthcare remains no exception to this. The intervention of technology in healthcare is not only changing consumers’ perception towards health care but improving the ways masses are served. 

In a nutshell, healthcare is now more convenient and efficient than ever. A part of this change comes from different healthcare software. From Hospital Management Information System to medical diagnosis, software programs are ruling the world of healthcare.

Management softwares such as LIMS have their recognized role towards better healthcare. 

Let’s see the healthcare industry through the eyes of software with a special focus on LIMS!

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), as the name indicates, is a software program that is primarily used for the effective management of laboratory facilities.

Forget about the software, think about why laboratories are important. Is it possible to make a disease diagnosis without laboratory testing? Without laboratory testing, was it possible for us to come up with a vaccine and survive the recent COVID pandemic? Of course, not!

For all these reasons and many others, laboratory management software is important. 

Benefits of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Keeping the importance of laboratory facilities in mind, we already know why laboratory management systems are important. Here are some of the key benefits of LIMS you need to know about;

1- Sample Registration

Sample collection and proper sample management is the first step at which LIMS plays an important role.No matter if it’s a blood or urine sample, whenever a sample is collected at a laboratory facility, complete patient information is recorded. The laboratory management system enables us to record this detailed information and proceed with samples. 

2- Sample Allocation

Laboratories can operate either individually or in association with a healthcare facility. Laboratory testing can be of two types; 

  • In-house testing where test samples are being processed inside the same laboratory facility. 
  • Out-sourced laboratory testing where test samples may be sent to some other testing facility due to unavailability of a particular lab test. 

Depending upon the current resources, a test sample can be allocated for further testing via LIMS

3- Sample Tracking

As soon as a test sample arrives at a lab rotary facility, it further goes for analysis. Keeping patient flow in mind at a laboratory, there may be hundreds or thousands of samples arriving, processing, and interpreting in a laboratory daily. It can be really difficult to track countless samples but all thanks to laboratory management systems that provide you with a detailed insight on the samples processing stage. 

3- Laboratory Test Management

Which tests have to be performed on a single sample and which one will be performed earlier? This and many other aspects of test management are now made easier with LIMS. You can now get better control over testing procedures to be performed.

4- Generating Test Reports

Lab tests either performed in-house or out-sources are analyzed as a test report is prepared. Lab test reports are prepared on LIMS where the laboratory personnel enters data into the system and automated lab reports are generated. These lab test reports can be prepared in different formats and LIMS gives you the option to customize these lab test reports accordingly. These test reports are not only created here but validated before handing over them to patients.

5- Tracking Supplies and Stocks

Management of laboratory inventory can be challenging especially for the facilities with more consumer flow. For this reason, keeping a track of laboratory supplies and stocks is important and thankfully we have LIMS here. You don’t have to worry about checking inventory supplies again and again and all this information is just a click away. 

6- Monitoring of Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory instruments can cost millions of rupees and require proper monitoring for accurate laboratory testing. LIMS enables you to integrate all the equipment details and keep an eye on the instrumentation status. You can get reminders for the technician visits and this will ensure smooth laboratory operations. 

7- Data Management 

Data is important especially when it comes to healthcare data. Individual and population data are both important in this regard and can provide accurate healthy insights. It can be really difficult to manage different forms of patient data so here the laboratory management system comes to rescue and maintain the database. 

How to Choose LIMS?

You can find many options while searching for the best laboratory management information system. This is quite possible because the decision can be tricky however these few things can help you to make an informed decision;

  • User-friendliness is a must-have feature for any software application.
  • It should be capable of catering to your facility’s requirements well. 
  • There must be proper security checks to prevent data breaches.
  • Any software you choose should fit your budget well.
  • It should offer a lot of customization options. 

How does LIMS Add Value to Your Business?

You are managing a laboratory facility and questioning yourself whether to choose a laboratory management software or not, you may find yourself questioning the value it can bring to your business. Here is a convincing list of reasons you should know about;

  • Automated processes make it a win-win situation for you.
  • Transparency because all your processes will be handled by machines.
  • Efficient laboratory operations due to a smooth workflow. 
  • Real-time management because of proper tracking at every step of sample processing. 
  • Authenticity assurance as a computer-generated report is validated before handing it to patients. 
  • Improved customer flow because of the added convenience and smooth processes. 

Key Features of Healthwire Laboratory Management Information System

Healthwire is committed to revolutionizing the healthcare sector in Pakistan and is keeping its promise of health for all. Our laboratory management system is one of the best LIMS you will come across. Here are some of the key highlights of our laboratory management system.

 1- Healthwire LMIS provides two-way access that can be used by laboratories directly or through healthcare facilities such as hospitals or clinics. 

2- It enables you to manage laboratory referrals effectively and deal with patients accordingly as well as calculate referral shares. 

3- You can prepare lab test reports in 5 available formats given as follows;

  • Range format
  • Text field format
  • Positive/ negative result format
  • Result only format
  • Normal range with calculated input

4- You can control data access points and can provide limited access to people without worrying about the patient’s data security. 

5- You can get a lot of customization options and get the version that best caters to your requirements.

6- LIMS provides complete data insight from your test frequency numbers to outsourced test details. 

7- Healthwire LIMS is tested for mobile-friendliness and is quite simple to work with. 

Just like laboratory information software, we are serving our customers right with similar services such as Pharmacy management software.

Bottom Line!

LIMS or laboratory management information system is providing dynamic solutions to all your laboratory needs. It not only improves your patient flow but makes your laboratory options smoother than ever. So, it’s high time to invest in laboratory management software and add to your convenience, efficiency and authenticity. 

Just like LIMS, you can find detailed information about Practice Management Software and expand your business.

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