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Here Is How Future Technology Trends Will Revamp Healthcare – For Good!

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Future Technology Trends in Healthcare
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Technology has no doubt paved the way for the betterment of mankind. Today the world has revolutionised the old methods of healthcare.

Not only has a better healthcare system been introduced due to technology but also there have been a lot of advancements in the overall health of people around the globe.

With the advanced technologies viral diseases are now properly and timely catered. One such good example in this regard is the recent Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic which has changed the outlook on the role of technology in the fields of health.

Humanity has been through these types of viral pandemic before but  the time taken to recover from the dreadful effects were much longer.

All thanks to the technology that we were able to study the virus properly and then came up with the vaccines earlier which might have taken many years to form without this technology.

Present-Day Role of Technology

According to an HIMSS Future of Healthcare Report, 80% of the healthcare providers are considering increasing their investments in technology to get digital solutions over the next five years. 

But let us just talk about other revolutionizations in the field of  healthcare by technology and we will also see what the graph is going to be like in the next upcoming years.

1- Reduced Workload for Doctors 

The primary goal in this regard is to reduce the workload on the doctors and the paramedic staff and also to avoid the chances of human error.

Also, the main goals to reduce the pressure from the doctors are for the purpose that they can properly engage with the patients and can work for the patient care.

2- Streamlined Records

 Technology has no doubt alleviated the unnecessary burden of sorting things. The data of hospitals and patients are now under the supervision of artificial intelligence. This has also provided a way for doctors to keep a better record of their patients.

Hospital management software is the best example to put in this case as there are many hospitals that are based on this model.

3- Wearable Devices

The recent advancements brought in the field of healthcare by technology are not hidden from anyone. The expansion of the healthcare department by virtual reality, wearable devices and blockchain technology is admired by many people around the world.

SIDE: make yourself updated on the latest trends in digital healthcare. This will help to develop enough knowledge about the role of technology in the healthcare sector.

But one may question if that is the end of all progress? If there is going to be any further improvement in this regard?

And the answer to the above- mentioned concerns is YES.

There are continuous efforts being made by IT experts and scientists to change the perception of the world about healthcare. 

 Future Technology Trends

Here are some other projects that are expected to happen in the next few years to come. There are many other projects that are going to change the world for good.

1- Using Artificial Reality for Clinical Training

Artificial intelligence is no doubt a potent force that has changed the world’s attitude when it comes to the health department.

Even virtual reality that was the most newfangled concept for many entertainment businesses, has  now stepped into the field of healthcare. 

There are multiple ailments where virtual reality is used. This may include autism, dementia and many other diseases.

Everything is so well interlinked that when you go out on google and search for some symptoms of ailments. You not only get the results for that but you also get to know about the possible treatment options all sorted at one place.

So this technology is now given a further push and it will be inculcated in the clinical training and procedures.

The term that can be better used in this regard is the extended reality which is an amalgam of all the main types i.e 

  • augmented reality
  • Virtual reality 
  • Mixed reality

This will help the surgeons and doctors to perform the procedures in virtual reality but with the real life effects.

There are then more success rates associated with the procedures.

2- Integrating Machines with Artificial Intelligence

The data that is being collected by the doctors and surgeons is taken by the devices. So what if the machines are capable enough to make the proper sense of that information. This will ensure a faster process that will ultimately help the patient in better health and early diagnosis of certain critical ailments where even a delay of a day would leave fatal results.

Also, telemedicine can be made automated with the use of artificial intelligence. A patient coming up on the website of a hospital might have to go through an extensive procedure just to get the appointment with a general physician.

The physician will then refer the patient to a specialist doctor. If the procedure is changed and the person gets to know right away that he/she needs to contact this specialist, then it will not only improve the living standards but can also reduce the extra burden faced by hospital administration.

The other field where artificial intelligence and technology can play their role is the medicine administration part.

Doctors often follow hit and trial methods to select the best medicine possible for the ailment. If the medicines can be checked prior to giving them to patients then the risks associated with certain drugs can be lowered.

The major tech firms are coming up with the idea of inculcating tech in diagnosis and treatment plans for patients worldwide.

3- Customized Healthcare

The traditional and in use methods of healthcare are based on a generalized level. To put it into simple words the healthcare system is inclusive of all the individuals present on the planet. 

Through different experiments and methods the medicinal care is based on the principle of one size fits all.

 But if the methods are changed from a general population to more of an individual level, there are chances that we might expect some better results.

In this case, genes have a crucial role to play. Your body has its unique combination of genes. There are certain diseases that are due to problems in genes so if we are able to create the medicines that are specifically created in nature to cure those defective genes then the results will be far better and long lasting.

That is just one side of this project. With the passage of time it is also expected that one will be able to get the nutrition that is solely made for that person. It is possible only in this case if we know the genetic makeup of our body and we are aware of the possible genes that are having their roles in our body metabolism .

4- Extended Telehealth


The pandemic has no doubt served as a blessing in disguise for individuals that are living in population dense regions of the world. There is a shortage of doctors all around the world but the case becomes far worse in extremely densely populated countries. 

Telehealth which comes into our lives during the pandemic is here to stay.

It has once again removed the extra burden and pressure from the hospitals and the related staff.

But not only the hospitals are the ones getting benefits from the system, patients are also getting the equal benefits.

The improvements are underway in many countries like China and India where they have shifted their focus on telehealth.

They are trying to get benefits from artificial intelligence in this regard. Patients can be made aware of their problems even sitting in the far flung areas. They can even get personalized care which is just a click away.  

The Bottomline

There are no doubt considerable changes that are made in our lives by technology. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are paving the way for future advancements as well but the need of the hour is to ensure equal availability to every person on the face of earth.

 Getting basic health facilities is a basic human right and no individual should be left behind. The disparity among the classes should be reduced to almost zero level. That is how we can actually turn all these advancements into valuable outcomes and results. 
We are here with this effort to ensure healthcare services for everyone out there. To get yourself updated on health related issues, visit our website healthwire.pk and if you want to get the best possible treatments, make an appointment today with the best general physician today.

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