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What To Eat During Pregnancy: 5 Best Food Choices

What To Eat During Pregnancy

No one can deny the importance of eating healthy. Eating a balanced and nutritious meal is the first and foremost thing to do. But all this becomes more important during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a crucial time in a woman’s life. Thus, most of the time women seem to wonder about what to eat during pregnancy or healthy pregnancy snacks. 

That is why today we will be discussing the best foods for pregnant women. Rather than popular belief, you do not have to eat for two. Making sure that you eat a balanced diet is also part of the plan. 

Healthy Foods For Pregnancy

Women often tend to suffer from morning sickness during the start of pregnancy. Thus it is important to keep track of the healthy foods that you should eat during this exceptional time of your life. Take a notepad and gear up as we are going to discuss the best food choices during pregnancy. 

Egg-The Best Source of Protein 

It is not hidden knowledge that eggs are the best source of protein for any age group. During pregnancy, the mother needs amino acids as they act as the building blocks for the baby’s development. Eggs are that food that will provide the mother with the right dose of vitamins and nutrients.

They also provide a very basic nutrient that is needed but is not found everywhere i.e, Choline. Egg yolk boasts a rich amount of choline. Choline is highly important for the development of the brain and spinal cord. It also protects your baby from birth defects. So skipping eggs is not an option as eggs are good for pregnancy. 

Are Beans Good For Pregnancy?

Women are often wondering whether it is okay for them to eat beans during pregnancy. Well, let us clear the air for once and for all. Beans are good for pregnancy because they are an excellent source of both protein and fiber. In addition to this, they are also rich in iron, folate, potassium as well as magnesium. 

Talk about nutrient-packed foods!!!

Try to toss these beans in your soups or stir fry them with your steaks. You can enjoy them with your pasta as well. Whatever your mode of consumption is, these legumes are an outstanding way to elevate the level of nutrients that are needed during pregnancy. 

Fruits-Nutrient Rich Foods

For all those who are wondering about what to eat during pregnancy, try eating fruits. Here is a list of all the fruits that you should know about during the pregnancy period. 

Apricots-Dry or Natural?

Set your eyes on apricots. As they are packed with vitamins, A, C, and E. Try to juice them or eat them as it is. They are sure to lift up your spirits during pregnancy. You can also make a chutney out of them. Turn your boring meals flavourful with them. 

Are Bananas Good For Pregnancy?

Most of the time people seem to be curious whether a banana is good for pregnancy or not. Well, let us just put it out there, bananas are rich in fiber. Thus they are a great way to relieve pregnant women from the pressure of constipation

Kiwi-A Colorful Recommendation

Kiwi fruit is also good for pregnancy. You should rest assured as kiwi are highly safe to eat during pregnancy. The only time that you are not allowed to eat kiwi is if you have any allergies. Otherwise, feel free to leave!

Avocados-A Royal Suggestion

Well, when journalists asked Kate Middleton what was the reason behind her fresh pregnant face. She said try eating avocados for morning sickness. So here’s to this royal suggestion. 

Avocados are rich in fiber as well as vitamin B and are a great way to tackle the issues of morning sickness. 

Suffering from leg cramps, eat these green fruits. They have potassium in them which is a great way to deal with pregnancy fatigue. 

Dried Fruits-The Gift Of Winters 

When we talk about dried fruits, two properties come straight to mind. Portable and nutrient-dense. No one is denying the importance of fruit consumption during the pregnancy period. But dried fruits are equally good for pregnancy. 

Depending upon the fruit of your choice, you are welcoming a nutrient boost to your life. These fruits are not only rich in iron but also boost a healthy amount of antioxidants as well as fiber. Constipation is a major issue that plagues pregnant women but eating prunes can work wonders. 

Add them to your warm winter nights and feel the magic!

Greek Yogurt-A Must Eat Food 

There has been a recent stretch on the consumption of greek yogurt. This is because greek yogurt offers twice the protein content than your average bowl of yogurt. Greek yogurt benefits during pregnancy also extend because of its calcium content. Calcium is not only important for your baby’s bones but is also essential for your own bone density and health. 

Greek yogurt is not only a winner on the breakfast table but is also a must-have for savory dishes. You can try to consume it in the form of a dip or you can add some chopped berries. A plain old bowl of yogurt can also save the day!

What Is The Ideal Breakfast For Pregnant Women?

Breakfast is easily the most important meal of any day. This mealtime becomes of utmost importance during crucial times such as pregnancy. Thus it is okay to wonder about the ideal breakfast for pregnant women that is high on the nutrition bar. 

FiberFor fiber make sure to set your eyes on beans as well as fruits as they provide low cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. 
Protein You can satisfy your craving and protein count with the help of tasty baked salmon. You can also add steamed eggs as well peanut butter to your start of the day meal plan. 
Whole grains Whole grains are necessary because they are packed with vitamin B which is highly important for your baby’s growth. They are fulfilling and loved by many. You can get your daily supply of whole grains from bread as well cereals. All cereals are healthy for pregnancy. Thus do not shy away from adding them to your breakfast. 
Iron Try eating beans as well as milk for the higher than usual iron content during pregnancy.
Calcium Pregnant women are required to have at least 1,000 mg of calcium for their baby’s bones. Remember to add milk to your breakfast as milk is the best option for calcium supply. You can also rely on other fluids such as orange juice for calcium. 

Pregnancy- Yours and Your Baby’s Health Matters 

Pregnancy is an important time period in the life of women. The process of giving birth is equal parts astonishing as well as tiresome. Eating healthy is an everyday recommendation. But this suggestion soars to new heights during these times. 

A woman is preparing herself to give birth and thus it is essential for her to eat healthy foods during pregnancy. It is okay to stay curious about what to eat during pregnancy. Consider all the above-mentioned foods and do not shy away from a professional consultation. 

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