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Which Method of Removing Peach Fuzz from Face Works the Best?

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From HD cameras to magnifying mirrors peach fuzz or vellus hair has only become a source of anxiety for women. There is always a thought crossing a women’s mind over removing peach fuzz from face. Peach fuzz sounds cute and friendly but can be a pain if you have a lot on your face. 

With better cameras coming into the market, we are becoming more obsessed with taking fine pictures. The presence of downy hair on the face has become more noticeable and troublesome and we zoom in a lot more after you take a selfie.

Now, I am not here to give you the pep talk to accept what is on your face is natural and doesn’t look bad. No matter how much you deny it, it does look bad and is for sure often highlighted by people around you. So, it’s time to get to know the dermatologists-approved ways used in removing peach fuzz from face.

What is Peach Fuzz? 

Peach fuzz is short, soft textured facial hair, primarily present on the chin, cheeks, and upper lips. The thickness and the amount of the vellus hair present always vary from person to person due to genetics or hormones. 

Although there are two factors that can determine its visibility. 

  • Person’s skin tone/color
  • Color of the peach fuzz (vellus hair)

Best Ways to Remove Peach Fuzz from Face

There are a number of ways that can be used to remove peach fuzz from the face. Some of these work for some people and some don’t. It must be kept in mind that not every method is helpful for everyone. 


Face shaving has been in trend nowadays and is one of the best methods of removing peach fuzz from face. It has been everywhere in the beauty industry. Shaving peach fuzz from the face gives the skin a smooth canvas for better application of makeup.

Dr. Mahvish Aftab Khan, one of the top dermatologists and cosmetologists in Islamabad talks about the importance of using shaving tools and following the proper procedure to get the best results. The razors used by women to shave faces are made differently for better control and precision for peach fuzz removal. These help in the reduction of skin irritation and razor bumps.

Pros of Shaving

  • Removes excess oil, diet, and dead skin cells 
  • Gives skin a glass-like glow
  • Improves the absorption of skin care products
  • Is a completely painless, affordable, and accessible way of removing peach fuzz from face  

Cons of Shaving

  • Not suitable for removing peach fuzz from sensitive skin
  • Bad shaving practice can cause razor burns and skin irritation

Waxing and Sugaring

Sugaring and waxing are aggressive ways that are used to remove peach fuzz from face. Both of these methods involve the use of melting and heating wax or sugar. 

The paste that is melted is then applied to the skin and allowed to cool down for removing peach fuzz from face. After its hardening, it is pulled opposite to hair growth with a cloth that takes off the hair along. 

This method of hair removal is not good for some people that have sensitive skin as this can leave pores open more than usual. It is, therefore, suggested to be avoided in people with acne-prone skin and sensitive skin for peach fuzz hair removal. 

Pros of Sugaring and Waxing

  • It takes around 15 minutes to complete the process 
  • The skin becomes smooth and radiant
  • Pulls out hair from the roots and has long-lasting effects

Cons of Sugaring and Waxing

  • It can sting for hours
  • It can cause visible spider veins and redness when removing peach fuzz from face
  • It can make the skin become loose
  • Bad for sensitive skin and skin that is prone to acne


Bleaching the peach fuzz is something that is practiced a lot in the South Asian community. It doesn’t remove the hair from the face but does make it lighter in shade matching the skin.

It helps in making the appearance of the peach fuzz a little lighter and can be effective in giving the face a brighter look.

Pros of bleaching

  • Great for people with dark peach fuzz

Cons of bleaching

  • It can damage the skin
  • Long-term use of bleach can cause discoloration when used for removing peach fuzz from face 
  • Not a good idea when it comes to applying on people with darker skin tone


Laser treatment is also one of the popular procedures used to remove peach fuzz from face. It uses pulsed light to target hair pigments usually that are darker in color. Laser devices are used in order to target pigments (melanin) but they are not smart enough to recognize the melanin or the pigment in the skin or hair. 

It works for a lot of people and doesn’t make the skin sensitive, However, for some people, the pores get usually bigger than usual while removing peach fuzz from face. 

Pros of Laser

  • The hair regrows thin when used for removing peach fuzz from face
  • Results stay much longer

Cons of Laser

  • Works best for people of lighter skin tone
  • Not a permanent solution
  • Might not work for the face as it fails to differentiate between melanin and pigment sometime
  • Expensive and requires several sittings before it shows results


If you want to get rid of the peach fuzz permanently, electrolysis is that one solution. It is a much better option than all of the above-mentioned methods. It works great for the thicker and darker hair on the face and helps in removing peach fuzz from face. The method involves the insertion of needles in the skin where it world by touching the hair follicles in the face. 

The blood supply is then sealed by a heat application and hair is pulled off by the use of tweezers.  

Pros of Electrolysis

  • Permanent hair removal solution
  • Best works for people with thick hair

Cons of Electrolysis

  • Time consuming and expensive
  • Can cause skin decoloration
  • Requires multiple treatments
  • Only performed by experienced professionals

When to See a Doctor

If you have tried the above-mentioned ways and still want an answer to removing peach fuzz from face then it’s time to visit a doctor. Experts at the Doctors Hospital say that for a lot of people, these methods don’t work and some affect their skin by trying different remedies at home. There are some other ways of hair removal that can be used at home.

Try and avoid the causes that can increase the chances of getting peach fuzz on your face and avoid using cheap creams on your face as these can cause skin cancer

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