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Find Out Why Is Cancer Increasing In Young Adults? 

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Cancer no doubt is a ruthless condition that is caused due to the mutation in the cells of the body. There are different causes of cancer as to why it happens?  

But in recent times there are many cases reported that show that

The frequency of cancer is surprisingly increasing in young adults.

There are many cases of cancer in young adults reported in different countries around the world. According to a report published by the

American Cancer Society the number of cancer patients will rise to 90000 and the number of deaths will be 9000 alone. 

This is a very surprising number and the long held belief that cancer can only occur to older people is just an idea of past times and now it is increasing in young adults as well.

We will help you find out the reasons for this terrifying  scenario and will also try to find out ways by which one can prevent the chances of cancer. But first question that may come in your mind is 

Why do young people get cancer?

The answer to the question of why young people get cancer can be a difficult and a tricky one as there is no 1 specific cause of cancer in young adults. There are lots of  different reasons that can add to it.

From the deteriorated environment to increased use of junk foods in diet there are many reasons as to why this disease is removing all the age discrimination.

The possible reasons that can cause the cancer in young adults may include the followings:

Exposure to radiations

This is a broad term covering many aspects of radiation. Skin cancer is on rise among young adults due to the bad environment that exposes a person to these dreadful and toxic radiations. 

But this environment is not the only factor that adds to it. The exposure to arsenic and asbestos can also lead to cancer of various types and they are emerging factors in causing lung cancer, according to a report published by the National Library of medicine. 



Smoking and other latest trends that may include vaping can pose a significant threat to your body. 

The carcinogenic agents that are present in the smoke and the cigarette itself are very dangerous and they can cause fatal side effects and is the leading cause of cancer increasing in young adults.

Smoking not only causes the growth and division of cancer cells, it also affects your body’s immune system. The immune system once compromised will lead to irreparable loss. Smoking will only add to it in making it more susceptible to other fatal conditions.

Smoking can cause cancer in many different body parts and this may include the followings:

  • Blood cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Mouth and throat cancer
  • Lungs and liver cancer

Treating and diagnosing cancer primarily include biopsy. There are many other treatment options that can be done after initial diagnosis.

Unhealthy Diet

The diet which is having majority of fat contents is not deemed fit for the body and can increase the chances of being obese. Obesity can then lead to other dreadful conditions, one of which is cancer.

Not only the fat content of your diet is putting you at the verge of cancer but also the consumption of alcohol and beverages is linked with increasing cases of cancer in young adults.

The junk food and fried items should be therefore avoided or if you want to use them then make sure that you don’t go beyond their normal usage.

The diet which is high in processed fats and low in fruits and vegetables is also linked with the increasing cases of cancer among the population.

Side note: Get yourself updated about the best food choices that can prevent cancer.


Being overweight and obese where on one side welcomes other many diseaeses they on other side make you susceptible to cancer as well.

Thus being obese puts you at  a higher risk rate of catching 13 types of cancer, one of which is colorectal cancer. There are studies that show the relationship between obesity and colorectal cancer.

Obesity and being overweight is now a global concern which needs to be addressed properly and on time efforts are needed to curtail its prevalence in the society. Addressing the issue should be done in a polite manner rather than doing it in a condescending way.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary and torpor lifestyle can also increase the risk of getting cancer among young adults. In the case of the younger population, when every other person is busy on smartphones it is getting difficult to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. 

However it is the need of hour that proper and immediate actions should be taken in this regard to stop the progeny of the deadly ailment. 


The role of genetics in bringing cancer was not well understood for a long time. In recent times the modification and advancements in this field has hinted at the significant relationship of genetics with cancer.

With the degradation of the environment be it  one reason and the exposure to harmful aflatoxins of plastics the other has made everyone susceptible to the harmful chemicals and radiations that increase the risk of cancer particularly among young adults. These cancerous mutations can therefore be passed on to the next generations.

Major Types of Cancer Affecting Young Adults

There are many types of cancer that can affect anyone in any period of life. But the trends have shown that these types of cancer are increasing in younger adults.

Side Effects of Cancer At Young Age

Cancer in such a younger age not only leaves a person unstabilized financially and monetarily. There are many other things that should be considered as there are greater chances of getting cancer later in life.

 Other possible things that can happen to a person may include the higher risks of cardiovascular disorders, kidney problems and a more aggressive cancer later in life, the term more often cited as secondary cancer.

Preventions to Avoid Cancer

There are many things that should be done in order to prevent the chances of cancer in a person.

The things include the daily lifestyle changes and some controlled modifications that should be done to prevent the chances of cancer.

Lifestyle Changes

Introduce a daily walk or any other physical activity that may help to keep you fit and healthy. Avoiding processed foods and junk items will not only leave an impact on the overall health but it will also reduce the chances of cancer.

Exercise can include doing yoga or cycling as well. Exercise also helps in maintaining your immune system. Stronger immune system means that your body will be able to defeat the cancerous cells.

The other possible benefits imposed by walking daily may include lowered blood pressure which will help in maintaining the overall stability.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking or tobacco use should be reduced to zero. Passive and active smoking should both be avoided. In every case,the carcinogenic agents present in the tobacco smoke should be avoided.

This will help in reducing the cancer cases in young adults.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Weight should be maintained within an appropriate range. This will help your body in keeping up with the daily routine and also there will be less stress on the body cells. This means that the chances of cancer are drastically reduced.

This will also help in the developing a stable immune system that can cope up with the oxidative stress imposed by the environment.

Get Yourself Diagnosed!

If you have observed any significant yet unusual changes in the body, be it in the form of lumps or sudden weight loss, get the things diagnosed immediately with the oncologist.

The early medical intervention and proper medical care can limit the progression of the deadly disease in the young adults.

Young people should not stigmatise themselves or put themselves under any pressure to get these disorders checked.

Get the treatment from the best hospitals in your region. Book an appointment today and visit our website healthwire.pk to get more information about cancer care and overall health.

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