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6 Impressive Benefits of Dates That Make It A Superfood


Dates or commonly known as khajoor are a powerhouse of nutrition. Originated in Iraq, this miraculous fruit is one to keep an eye on. From boasting incredible levels of iron to being a big help in digestion, the benefits of dates are several and diverse. In recent years, it has also been documented that dates can be used for their anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. 

These fruits are decades old and their nutritional capacity is also not hidden to anyone. But it is only in recent years that these advantages of dates have become a household story.

Nutrition Chart of Dates

Given below is the nutritional breakdown of dates that you should know about!

Total calories: 277

Copper: 40%

Carbohydrates: 27%

Fiber: 24%

Vitamin B6: 19%

Potassium: 15%

Magnesium: 14%

Manganese: 13%

Vitamin A: 3%

Total Fat: 0%

Benefits of Dates For Women 

One of the many advantages of dates is that they can be used to ease up the labor pain. Pregnancy is a crucial and sensitive time in a woman’s life. And for centuries dates have been eaten by pregnant women to promote natural labor. 

These dark fruits do not only promote cervical dilation but are also effective for reducing the overall labor time. This is mainly due to the presence of tannins. The multiple khajoor benefits are because of this compound. Tannins help to facilitate contractions. 

Furthermore, dates are rich in energy and thus provide the right dose of sugar and calories during the pregnancy period

Another advantage of dates is that they can be consumed during menstruation. These fruits are inevitable as they purify the blood supply. Moreover, their iron content makes them one of the best diet choices during anemia. 

Benefits of Dates with Milk At Night

For all those who are wondering about the ways to consume dates, this is by far the most convenient one. It is a timeless method of date consumption that has stood the test of time. Both milk and dates are highly nutritious and thus they make one killer combo. 

The recipe is as follows:

  1. Take some dates in a glass
  2. Wash them properly 
  3. Add warm milk to the glass
  4. Mix it 
  5. Gulp it down!

You should try to consume this warm drink at night as it will help with muscle build-up. Try this bedtime drink and wait for the miracle to happen. 

Benefits of Dates For Sperms

Dates are wonderful fruits for sexual maintenance. Khajoor is important as it boosts libido naturally and also enhances the sexual stamina in men.  

Eating dates can have a healthy impact on men’s sperm. These tropical fruits are rich in estradiol and flavonoids. Both these compounds are equally essential to not only enhance the quality but for a healthy sperm count

Dates for Weight Loss

Dates can easily become an active part of your weight loss diet. These tropical fruits are rich in energy and thus can satiate your hunger. Furthermore, they are also a natural sweetener. Thus they are a great way to keep your glucose levels in check.

You do not have to add artificial sweeteners to your diet. Chop off these dates and top your salads with them. You can also enjoy these delicious foods as milkshakes. It will keep your tummy full and you won’t feel hungry. 

Date Benefits for Hair

The health benefits of dates are not limited to your skin or bone strengthening. They also extend to your hair. Dates are a good source of iron. Iron is an important compound that is necessary for hair health. So do not fear fuzzy or damaged hair. Eat dates regularly and enjoy the benefits of healthy hair. 

The iron that is the part of dates is not only important for hair strengthening but also promotes good blood circulation in the scalp. This leads to healthy hair growth as well as prevents hair loss. Men and women can equally enjoy such diverse khajoor benefits. 

Date Benefits For Skin

Often women seem to wonder about the benefits of dates for healthy and happy skin. If you are part of the same troop, then you are in for a treat. Khajoor benefits for skin are various and diverse. These delicious fruits are a booster of vitamin C and D. Both of these vitamins are essential for skin hydration and elasticity. 

In addition to being an excellent source of vitamin C and D, dates are also important because of their anti-aging properties. This is inevitable to give your skin the youthful charm that has been subjected to harsh weather conditions. Prevention of melanin accumulation in the skin is also a noteworthy fruit benefit. 

Restock on your Dates!

Dates are natural sweeteners that are rich in fiber content. From boosting your immune capacity in your body to the prevention of blood loss during labor, the benefits of dates are applause-worthy. 

Add them to your meals. You can also consume them in a milkshake. They are excellent binders and thus you can also add them to your baked goods. Whatever your mode of consumption is, a date is a fan favorite food that is equally loved by all. 

Thus make sure to eat this delicious snack as it is a powerhouse of nutrition and energy. Do not shy away from eating dates as the health benefits of dates know no leap and bounds!

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