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Eat Right for Hair Care: Top 7 Healthy Foods for Hair Growth

Eat Right for Hair Care: Top 7 Healthy Foods for Hair Growth

Who doesn’t love thick, luscious, and shiny locks of hair? Obviously Everyone. Right! But, on the contrary, the most common rant you would be hearing from people is of thin lifeless hair or the excessive hair fall, and to make it worse, people stress over it and this ultimately leads to more hair fall. 

Well, I for one am sure that you would be looking for home remedies for healthy hair. Everyone around you might be giving tips and hacks in this regard. Furthermore, you must have spent a lot of fortune on various hair products and professional treatments. 

By this time, if you are thinking that you have tried everything and it’s time to give up. We suggest otherwise. 

Before You Lose Hope. You need to know some facts about your Hair.

Most of us suffer from hair loss as we age. Every year your hair grows about 6 inches or 15 cm. Definitely, there are factors that influence the growth of your hair that include your 

  1. Age
  2. Genetics
  3. nutrient deficiencies
  4. Hormones

And the list goes on. Now, for sure, you cannot control your genetics and age but one thing that is in control is your diet.  

Several questions might come knocking at the doorstep that what foods are the best foods for hair growth? 

Well if you are wondering that why am I stressing over this connection between food and diet. You will get the answer if you keep on reading. So stay tuned!

Best Foods for Hair Growth

It is scientifically proven that eating nutrient-rich foods promote hair growth.  On the contrary, the deficiency of nutrients leads to several hair issues indicating various hidden health problems.

So today we will be listing down the best possible foods for healthy hair. I am sure all these foods are already a part of your pantry. 

Thus,  make sure to add these foods for healthy hair to your meal plan so that you can enjoy the luxury of luscious hair. 

Let’s get started!

1. Spinach

Spinach tops our list of best foods for healthy hair. 

The sebum on your scalp is essential and vitamin A that helps its production is present in spinach. Some people have dry scalp due to lack of sebum while some have oily scalp due to the over-production of sebum. 

That is why spinach intake is very important for you in order to keep your sebum intake in check. 

Other nutrients that are present in spinach are iron, biotin, Vitamin C, and E. Out of these nutrients, iron is one top nutrient that helps to supply oxygen to the follicles and prevents balding. 

Thus, be a popeye and make sure to add spinach to your diet because it is good food for healthy hair.

2. Eggs 

Keratin is a specialized protein that makes your hair shiny and healthy. One main reason for hair loss is the lack of protein in your diet. Eggs are a rich source of biotin and protein and can prove to be one of the best hair care food. 

The reason why adding an egg to your diet is necessary is because of the proteins and biotin that are a part of it. The building blocks of the hair are amino acids which are obtained when the biotin helps in breaking down the protein. 

Other essential elements such as vitamin A and zinc are also present in the eggs. So whether it is an egg sandwich, boiled egg, scrambled egg, or plain old egg whites just make sure to bring on the eggs on your plate.

3. Yogurt 

Yogurt is not only good for your digestive system as it contains probiotics which are helpful for your gut microflora but is rich in protein as well. Probiotics are basically healthy and good bacteria that help your body in absorbing nutrients. Thus, yogurt is one of the healthiest foods for hair.

Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 is also part of the yogurt. These nutrients keep the hair-thinning issues at bay. 

Knowing all this, I am sure, now you know that why you need to stock up yogurt in your refrigerator. 

4. Walnuts

If you want the richness of biotin, protein, vitamin E, copper, and omega fatty acids then you should add walnut to your diet. Walnuts are rich in all these above-mentioned nutrients.

Furthermore, these omega fatty acids (omega 3s, omega 6s, and omega 9s) helps in strengthening the hair follicles.

Walnuts are also a rich source of selenium. This nutrient helps in preventing your hair loss by protecting them from sun damage. 

Undoubtedly, walnuts are one of the best foods for hair growth. So, don’t you think it’s time for you to add walnuts as your snacks anytime? 

5. Meat

This one is for all those meat lovers out there. Meat is one of the highest sources of protein and is that one food that promotes hair growth. If you think you should be skipping meat for whatever reason, you are directly harming your hair by making your hair strands shed prematurely.

Red meat is especially rich in iron. This meat has ferritin in it which stores the iron thus strengthening the hair strands.

6. Sweet Potatoes

Well, Who doesn’t like sweet potatoes? no one right! 

It’s such a healthy and fulfilling snack and is also a potential hair care food. 

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of “beta-carotene”. These compounds are converted into vitamin A by the body which thus promotes hair growth.

Research has further shown that the vitamin A needed by our body is fulfilled four times by consuming a medium-sized sweet potato. 

Vitamin A is responsible for the production of sebum as well thus promoting healthy hair.

7. Flax Seeds

These are apparently new in the healthy diet plan. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, these flax seeds keep the dryness of the scalp away. So whether you want to add the flax seeds in your smoothie or in yogurt, it’s totally up to your palate. But, make sure not to skip flax seeds and make them part of your diet for healthy hair. 

In the End

Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you need to make sure that you eat good food for your hair and fulfill your body’s requirement of essential nutrients as well. If you lack any nutrient in your body, not only, it would affect your overall health but also your hair growth. 

So, it’s the right time to add the aforementioned foods to your diet as these are some of the best choices for all those who are wondering what foods are good for your hair. 

These foods will help you in restoring hair loss that you suffer from childbirth, stress, thyroid, pollution, and dandruff. 

If you still see no result or anything concerning then make sure to consult your dermatologist without any delay. 

Have a Healthy and Happy Eating!

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