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Best Sunblock in Pakistan – What You Need to Know

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Your skin protects your overall body from potential environmental threats, but your skin also needs protection, right?

Here comes sunblock, which protects your skin from ultraviolet rays. In Pakistan, the temperature goes really high, which affects overall health. Staying hydrated is the first step you should take. When it comes to skin health, you need to keep an agent to protect your skin from the potential damage of sunlight. All you need is to know about the best sunblock in Pakistan.

Why Should You Use Sunblock?

Dr. Mahvish Aftab Khan, a qualified dermatologist, says UV rays are very harmful that penetrate deep into your skin and cause severe damage. Potential damage includes hyperpigmentation, dark spots, symptoms of premature aging, uneven skin tone, etc. 

Some people with more sun exposure may also experience sunburn, which can leave dark spots for a long time. Sunblock benefits include the prevention of potential UV rays damage to your skin.

Sun block benefits include:

  • Daily use of sunblock prevents the premature aging
  • Minimize the risk of the skin cancer
  • Adding sunblock to your makeup prevents skin tone
  • Prevent the sunburn

Note: Always apply sunblock before going out, even on a cloudy day!

In this article, you will learn about the details of sunblock.

Best Sunblock in Pakistan

Sunblock is important, but all we need is to choose the right products for our skin. The following section can help you learn about the list of best sunblocks.

1. Neutrogena Sunscreen (SPF 45)

One of the best face product brands in Pakistan is Neutrogena. Reviews also reflect its positive effects on the skin. People with oily skin should consider the Neutrogena ultra-sheer dry-touch sunscreen. It does not give a greasy look to your skin as it has properties of fast absorption. 

This sunblock reduces the risk of premature aging signs and also protects your skin against UV rays. It is not suitable for severe skin types but is a good option for combination skin.

Note: Discuss with the doctor what sunblock you should use!

2. Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Face Cream (SPF 50)

Nivea sun protect & moisture-free cream contains a UVA/UVB filter that protects your skin against UV rays. When you apply it to the face, it does not feel heavy as it is lightweight.

People who have more sun exposure should use this sunblock. It is a waterproof product that prevents sunburn and skin damage. More of its properties include 50+ SPF and are also suitable for almost all skin types.

3. Neutrogena City Hydrating Lotion SPF 25 Sunblock

Looking for sunblock for dry skin? Well, Neutrogena Sunblock is a good one that you should try. It is a smooth gel that keeps your skin hydrated. This sunblock is also good to protect your skin against UV rays. 

People with a limited budget should buy Neutrogena city shield hydrating lotion. Some sunblock can clog your pores. Sunblock for dry skin is available from one of the best brands in Pakistan.

4. CeraVe Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 30)

When it comes to skincare products, CeraVe is on the top list in Pakistan. CeraVe skincare products contain skin-healthy ingredients and all the essential minerals and nutrients. Solar rays can damage your skin and cause hyperpigmentation. People who prefer lotion should try this sunscreen to provide a hydrating effect on the skin. 

5. U-veil Sunblock (SPF 60)

Economical yet quality products for skin are what a person should look for. U-veil SPF 60 is a light texture sunblock that acts like a barrier from solar rays. People with all skin types prevent damage from UVA and UVB rays.

6. Rivaj UK Anti-Sebum Sunblock (SPF 60)

Your skin needs a shield against the sun’s rays, which penetrate deep into the skin and leave your skin damaged. Rivaj sunblock is a good fit for your skin health and reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc.

It keeps your skin moisturized and also provides nourishment. People with the potential risk of aging signs should apply this sunblock to reduce their appearance. Rivaj SPF 60 sunblock is suitable for dry skin.

7. Stiefel Sunblock (SPF 60)

Asian people need sunblock that can match and protect the skin against UV rays. Doctors often prescribe this sunblock because it is medicated. People say that it makes your skin look fresh. 

Women can use this sunblock before makeup as it is a greasy-free look and keep their skin hydrated. The use of this sunblock reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

8. Safrin Mattshield Sebum Control Sunscreen Sunblock

Safrin Mattshield is one of the best sunblocks in Pakistan. Sebum control and non-greasy texture is a gel-based sunblock that keeps your skin protected. Acne-prone skin needs quality skincare products, like Safrin Mattshield. It is the best choice for protection from harsh UV rays.

9. Hemani Sun Block (SPF 50)

Looking for an herbal solution against UV rays? Well, you need a solution like Hemani sunblock that contains herbs and protects your skin from potential sun damage. You can easily afford this product. It also lightens your skin tone.

What Things to Consider Before Buying a Sunblock?

Here are some factors you should keep in mind before buying any sunblock.


Sunblock is nothing but all about SPF, which protects your skin from UV rays. Above SPF 30 is the most recommended solution that skin specialists often prescribe.

Skin Type

Learning about your skin type is crucial before buying any skin product. If you have no idea what your skin type is, ask your dermatologist. An oil-free sunblock is for people with oily skin, but hydrating moisturizer is for people with dry skin.

Broad Spectrum Properties

A product without UVA and UVB is not a solution you should choose. The broad spectrum keeps your skin healthy and prevents skin damage from ultraviolet rays.

Waterproof or Sweatproof

We all know about the high temperature in Pakistan. At high temperatures, sweating can remove the sunblock layer on the skin. Make sure that you choose a sunblock or sunscreen with a waterproof or sweatproof factor.

How to Use Sunblock?
Experts say that always apply sunblock 15 or 20 minutes before going out as it takes time to activate. Wash your skin and pat it dry before using sun block. Every two hours, reapply the sunblock to protect your skin. Make sure that you apply the sunblock all over your face and exposed skin areas.

What Experts Say!

Never skip sunblock, especially in high-temperature areas. In Pakistan, people should apply quality products to protect the skin. It is a part of skincare. Regular use of sunscreen can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, delay premature aging, and prevent cancer, discoloration, dark spots, etc. You should buy sun block or sunscreen above SPF 30.

We hope that the list of the best sunblock in Pakistan can help to keep your skin healthy!

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