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Garlic Benefits: An Alternative Way to Treat Health Problems

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Garlic Benefits
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Being a foodie, I always want different flavors in my food. Well, my favorite herb or spice is garlic. It may surprise you that people have been using garlic as medicine in modern history. 

The beneficial properties of garlic help to fight off many potential health conditions and diseases.

Experts suggest using garlic while cooking food to treat conditions, like poor digestion, respiratory problems, parasites, and fatigue. Garlic use also helps to reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Modern science also confirms garlic’s benefits to strengthen your immune system. It is highly nutritious as it’s one clove contains:

Daily value DV – 2% of Manganese

DV – 1% of Vitamin C

0.06 grams of Fiber

DV – 1% of Selenium  

DV – 2% of Vitamin B6

Garlic is low in calories that contain 0.2 grams of protein and 1 gram of carbs.

Let’s start this journey to explore its health benefits.

Health Benefits of Garlic

Here are some amazing benefits of garlic with significant health properties:

Reduce Sickness 

Your immune system plays an important role in responding to sickness whether it’s a common cold or any other illness. 

Garlic supplements are also used to strengthen your immune system and reduce the cold risk. The symptoms of influenza and cold may take days but intake of aged garlic extract can increase the recovery process. 

May Reduce Lung Cancer Risk

According to a study, intake of garlic at least twice a week during seven years led to a 44% low risk of lung cancer. Allicin compounds in garlic work as an antibiotic agent that lowers respiratory infections. 

Researchers say that garlic reduces inflammation and improves the symptoms of asthma, such as breathing difficulty.

Works for Hip Osteoarthritis 

A diet that is rich in allium lowers the level of osteoarthritis. Garlic is also considered a vegetable. Its anti-inflammatory properties prevent cartilage damage. 

Women should add garlic to their diet to treat hip osteoarthritis and prevent more damage.

Act as Powerful Antibiotic Agent

There is a compound in garlic that is known as Diallyl sulphide. This compound is very effective to fight off Campylobacter bacteria

Intestinal infections occur due to the campylobacter bacteria that can cause other health complications as well. But its beneficial properties also destroy viruses and other microorganisms by strengthening your immune system.

Protects Your Heart 

Now we know that garlic has anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antibacterial properties and how it impacts overall health. Diallyl trisulfide is a component that is found in garlic oil that works well for your heart health. 

Experts believe that this component helps the patients after cardiac surgery and those after having a heart attack.

Despite using the medications, scientists prefer the use of garlic oil components to prove hydrogen sulphide benefits to protect your heart from damage.

The garlic oil component also prevents chronic disease of the myocardium. For diabetes-induced cardiomyopathy, the garlic oil component protects your heart and reduces the risk of life-threatening issues.

Maintains Cholesterol Level and Blood Pressure

According to research, patients with high cholesterol should try garlic extract supplementation. It improves blood lipid profile and enhances blood antioxidant potential. 

Experts also reveal that it lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In short, garlic extract supplements help patients with high cholesterol levels and hypertension issues.

Home remedies are also effective to manage blood pressure, including Gond Katira, etc.

Aids in Alcohol-Induced Liver Injury 

When you consume alcohol for the long term, it may result in alcohol-induced liver injury. 

Raw garlic protects against tissue damage. It happens when it improves the level of antioxidants. You can consider it a potent drug to treat alcohol-caused health issues.

Reduces the Risk of Premature Delivery 

Garlic benefits for women include low-risk of premature delivery. During pregnancy, you need to be very careful as many potential conditions can cause premature delivery. One of its causes is microbial infections. Different researchers show that garlic impacts on antimicrobial infections and reduces preterm delivery PTD.

A Good Option for Prostate Cancer 

Allium vegetables help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer risk. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer properties lower the risk of prostate cancer. Scientists have been using garlic to treat prostate cancer.

May Prevent Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia 

Free radicals are responsible for oxidative damage that contribute to many issues, including aging. 

Garlic benefits for the skin include slowing down the aging process. It enhances the antioxidant protection mechanisms against oxidative damage. Some experts also believe that it lowers oxidative stress and protects from brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

May Increase Lifespan 

There is no direct evidence that supports its effects on longevity in humans. But its properties that improve other health issues lead to a longer life. 

It helps us in various ways, such as improving blood pressure, maintaining cholesterol levels, and preventing heart issues.

Improves your Athletic Performance 

You may drink energy drinks or do other activities to improve your athletic performance but garlic can also play an important role here. Its intake reduces the increased heart rate and boosts the capacity for better exercise. 

Some people did not show any improvement but a few shared how they were impacted by its beneficial properties.

Boosts your Bone Health

Women should consume garlic as it lowers the risk of bone loss by producing estrogen. A daily dose can also help to maintain overall health and fulfil the deficiency of estrogen.

Experts also suggest foods like garlic to treat osteoarthritis.

Garlic Benefits for Men

With high nutrients and medicinal properties, garlic stands for men too. It contains one compound, known as Allicin, that promotes blood flow. 

Experts say that it boosts the sexual drive in men. Not a high dose, but two or three cloves can help to get most of its benefits. It depends on your choice of how you consume it.

Wrapping Up 

Garlic benefits are amazing as it contains medicinal properties that help to treat many health conditions. You can get maximum benefits of eating raw garlic on an empty stomach in the morning.
Doctors suggest consuming raw garlic or its supplements to get its heart health benefits. But you should consult with the best Cardiologist in Karachi.

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