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7 Potential Health Benefits of Rice Flour to Know About

Health Benefits of Rice Flour
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Mix rice flour with cold milk and apply it to your face if you want to achieve healthy and glowing skin. 

This was the first time I got introduced to this ingredient in my life.

Years later, I am still using it in my daily skincare. Yes, there hasn’t been a single day when you won’t find it in my pantry. 

Why? The countless health benefits of rice flour give you enough reason.

Rice Flour – What is the Hype About?

Rice flour or چاول کا آٹا is simply obtained by grinding the rice. The fine powder obtained from the grinding process is used in our everyday routine for many reasons. 

Depending upon the grain used to prepare the flour, you can get white or brown rice flour. The difference between white and brown rice is the husk. When this husk is removed from the rice grain, brown rice is obtained.

Brown or white, here are some of the nutrition facts about rice flour.

Nutrition in Rice Flour (100 grams)

White Rice FlourBrown Rice Flour
Calories366 kcal363 kcal
Carbohydrates80 g76.5 g
Fiber2.4 g4.6 g
Protein6 g7 g
Calcium10 mg11 mg
Phosphorus98 mg337 mg
Potassium76 mg289 mg
Magnesium35 mg112 mg
Iron0.4 mg2.0 mg

Other than this, rice flour also contains good amounts of folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, copper, selenium etc. which makes it a healthy addition to your diet.

Looking for more reasons to add it to your everyday routine? Here is what you need to know about the rice flour benefits!

What is Rice Flour Good For?

If you are looking to ditch wheat flour for any of the reasons or are simply gluten-free, then rice flour can be a perfect answer. Other than this here are the potential health benefits of rice flour to know about:

1- Gluten Free 

Rice flour is free from gluten. Gluten sensitivity is a big problem and is associated with medical conditions such as Celiac disease. Gluten that enters your body from any dietary source generates an immune response as a result of gluten intolerance. 

So, if you are suffering from a medical condition like this, rice flour can be a good option to go for.

2- Good for Liver

Using rice flour is good for your liver health!

The reason for this is the presence of choline. Choline is a compound essentially needed in your body. This key nutrient plays a role in the synthesis and transportation of lipids in the body thus, supports good liver health. So, the rice floor can support your liver health. 

3- Rich in Fiber

Are you tired of constipation? Looking for more regulated bowel movements?

A high-fibre diet can be your answer. Rice flour can be one favourable option, to begin with. Fibre is good for your health for many reasons. 

Further, according to research, dietary fibre is known to reduce the risk of cardiac diseases. Not only does it improve your digestive health but also helps to improve your cardiac health.

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4- Excellent Exfoliant

Exfoliation is an essential part of any skincare routine.

A good exfoliating agent is needed to remove all the dead skin cells that might be stealing your natural glow. All thanks to many rice flour benefits for skin.

So, if you want brighter and clear skin in no time, start using rice flour in your routine. A rice flour mask can be a good idea, to begin with. 

Take one spoon of rice flour and mix it with sugar powder and convert it into a facial mask. Apply it to your face, leave for another 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

5- No More Dark Circles

When used properly, rice flour is considered to be quite helpful in reducing the appearance of dark circles. The reason is its antioxidant properties coming from phytic acid that makes it lighten the darker skin around your eyes.

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6- Good for Bones

Due to being rich in calcium, rice flour is considered healthy for your bones. Rice flour when combined with other dietary sources can help you to fulfil your daily calcium requirements.

7- Other Benefits of Rice Flour

There are other important health benefits of rice flour as well that are equally important to know. These include:

  • Being rich in zinc, rice flour helps to strengthen your immune system
  • It contains good amounts of fibre that helps to reduce appetite ultimately aiding the weight loss
  • It can help to straighten your hair naturally when used in combination with Multani mitti. 

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It’s Time to Boost Your Health with the Benefits of Rice Flour!

No matter if it’s about your skin or other health problems, rice flour is here for you. 

It is completely safe for consumption and there are many potential health benefits of rice flour. However, one should be careful when consuming it in large quantities. Further one should consult the dietician if they are looking to add rice flour to their skincare or dietary routine.

For the right advice regarding your dietary choices, you can consult the best nutritionists in Karachi via Healthwire.pk to make informed decisions about your health.

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