Healthy Drinks and Foods to take during Ramadan

Healthy Drinks and Foods to take during Ramadan


 The most awaited and exciting time for Muslims around the world. 

One of the holiest and most significant months for Muslims, Ramadan is all about being patient, maintaining perseverance and being grateful for the bounties of Almighty. The second best part to it? You get to keep a watch on your diet and achieve your weight goals which have somehow sadly remained untouched since New Year’s Eve.

‘Eating Right’ is even more important this year since most of us are working from home and often does the either of the two;

  • Slouch a lot on those fried pakoras.
  • Surviving on nothing but pints of Lemonades from iftar till suhoor.

As mouth-watering as they may sound, fried items serve your body as nothing but dehydration foods, ucking all the moisturse to metabolize those fats. 

The regulation of food intake is already set for those of us who observe fast, but what to eat after breaking our fast is the real challenge here.

Ways to Stay Hydrated in Ramadan

Here are some of the hydrating foods, drinks and healthy suhoor recipes to help you stay hydrated in Ramadan.

1. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are the best source of hydration as it has 95% water. If you are finding it hard to drink 10 glasses of water after your fast, you can simply opt for a salad of cucumbers. They are not only refreshing but also light on calories with more than water concentration in them.

2. Watermelons

Pakistani Summer is all about deliciously crisp watermelons. One whole watermelon has 18 cups of water! There is strong research which backs up the numerous reasons for why watermelons should be added in your diet. It also comes with an adequate amount of natural sugars that are much better than the refined white sugars we consume in Ramadan through colorful drinks. Simply scoop watermelon in small balls out of its skin and put it in the fridge before going to sleep. When you wake up for suhoor, you can enjoy cool and refreshing watermelons in place of oily parathas. If you are not fond of the idea of watermelons that early, you can do this for your iftar. Either way it’s a win win as the best food for sehri in summers. 

3. Almond Drink ( Badaam Sharbat)

I remember making faces to this drink as a kid, completely unaware of how I’d be writing about the nutrition it brings with it, years later. The reason I went from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ is solely because of its energy boosting benefits. It’s amazing for the energy you need to get through your fast on hot summer days. Simply soak a few almonds overnight and make a thin paste in the morning. Next mix this paste with sugar syrup and cook it for a few minutes until the consistency is thick. Bottle it up and have it in suhoor for maximum energy boost throughout your day. 

4. Brown Mint Lemonade

Definitely the most popular refreshing drink. Mint lemonades are a personal favorite because of its tangy sweetness and freshness. Even though lemons are acidic in nature, they tend to turn alkaline once they intervene with your gastric juices. This helps make digestion easier keeping a healthy fluctuation of your metabolism process. Mint has numerous health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal helping in smooth digestion. To make the best out this drink, substitute white sugar with ‘Brown’ sugar. Not only will it taste better, but it will also make the drink healthier and more fulfilling for your dehydrated system.

5. Yogurt / Lassi

Everyone categorizes yogurt as the main staple of ramadan food. Yogurt is another rich source of quenching your thirst throughout the day. 1 scoop of yogurt blended with one glass of water is actually much healthier than sweet drinks. Yoghurt contains gut friendly bacteria that ensures good digestion and helps fight any intestinal tract infections and constipation. Simply eat a bowl of all natural unflavored yogurt in suhoor. You can also add in fruits and nuts to make it taste like a dessert. For your Lassi, add mangoes to give it a natural sweetener and improve the overall taste.

Tips for Healthy Ramadan

  • Make sure you are chugging down enough water. If you are not sure about how much water intake you should have, keep a track of 9 glasses from sunset to sunrise.
  • Do NOT drink soft drinks to break your fast. Soft drinks are carbonated and can affect your liver very badly. In some extreme cases it can even damage your liver severely.
  • Cut down on anything that is super oily. With this summer heat, there are solid chances of having strong acid refluxes. Go for milder foods.
  • Say a big No to anything that is processed sugar. White sugar is nothing but artificial crystals. At a time when your body is seriously dehydrated, I am sure having to entertain something artificially processed will be the last thing your body would want.

Try to stay active. Get into a routine of walking around more than ever. Be kind and help your house help or wife or mother or sister or anyone handling the iftar at your home. Who knows you might end up learning a new skill.

Make sure you are making the most out of Ramadan this year. Remind yourself to be thankful for your health every day. To enjoy the true essence of this amazing holy month, you should be prepared for Ramadan 

A healthy body is a healthy you!

A Very Happy Healthy Ramadan from Healthwire.

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