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The Importance of Cardio Exercise

The importance of cardio exercise

We all know what cardio is, yes the one which gets your heart pumping and makes you look like a sweaty tomato. The heart-pumping aerobic exercise is a good ticker for your heart muscle. However, we all are here for more, and cardio seems to be our answer to all our physical health queries as well. 

What is Cardio Exercise exactly?

Cardiovascular exercise, ‘cardio’ is a combination of different fun physical activities which helps pump healthy blood to our heart, keeping its muscle strong and healthy. The concept behind creating cardio is to increase heart rate and breathing rate to endure more cardiorespiratory endurance and stringer stamina. It also helps with maintaining stress hormones levels and helps secrete the ‘happy hormone’ endorphins which in return relaxes our mind and uplifts the overall mood. 

You can combine several fun cardio workouts. Some of the combinations can be:

  • A hearty Aerobic
  • Brisk walking
  • Early morning jog
  • HIIT Workouts, such as swimming, rowing, cycling, and other heavy sports.

Benefits of Cardio Exercises 

In-cooperating regular cardio exercises can help you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Another reason why cardio is widely acknowledged is due to its weight loss benefits. Here are 10 benefits of cardio not to the health of your heart but your overall physical health.

  • It Lowers Your Blood Sugar Level. Contrary to the popular belief, diabetic people need more cardio than normal people. This is mostly to control insulin levels and develop insulin resistance for an even regulation of insulin. Some of the recommended cardio exercises for diabetic patients are resistance training, weightlifting, and brisk walking. However, before venturing on your fitness routine, you must consult with your diabetologist or your primary care doctor.
  • Helps you with a Better Night’s Sleep. Usually, exercise makes people more physically alert and awake for the rest of their day. However cardio helps you with your shut-eye. According to the latest research brain effects are relatively come off as ‘slow-wave’ for the sleeping pattern which in return helps renew the brain and body. Make sure you do not exercise too close to your bedtime, as it may disrupt your sleep pattern for some people. 
  • It helps you Think Better. People who are more into aerobic exercises have a better ability to interpret, focus, and act with a clear mind throughout their day. Healthy cardio helps increase blood flow towards the prefrontal cortex which helps control the executive functioning of your brain. Regular exercise will help brain cells of your prefrontal cortex as it allows it to connect more easily 
  • Boosts your Memory. Regular cardio decreases the chances of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia significantly. Regular exercise is likely to help prevent other causes of dementia which are diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and depression.
  • Strengthen Immunity. Regular exercise helps enhance a better blood flow, allowing the vessels to expand and allowing the white blood cells for better exchange for fighting against viruses and infections.
  • Helps in Shedding Body Fat Faster. Cardio Exercises help improve our BMI as it reduces the overall body fat content of our body. This is why when you first set on your weight loss journey, fitness coaches often ask you to start with low impact cardio first. Apart from heart health, cardio also helps with lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.
  • Regulate Healthy Blood Pressure. Since cardio is mostly about pumping healthy blood for a healthy heart, cardio helps better with maintaining a good Blood Pressure.

Please Be Mindful that if you are a blood pressure patient, cardio may not be the best choice for a workout. You must consult with your primary care doctor first. 

  • Helps Ease Arthritis Pain. Osteoarthritis is becoming one of the most prevailing diseases in the elderly. Constant regular movement can help with delaying and healing of the development of osteoarthritis. Brisk walking and Jogging is one of the most effective ways of easing inflammation and joint pain.

What are the Best Cardio Exercises? 

There are no set examples when it comes to cardio workouts. You can mix and tweak them according to your stamina and will power. If you are new to cardio, opt for low impact cardio workouts which do not span more than 30 mins a day. As you build your resistance cardio you can add more cardio resistance intensity which will add more benefits with each session. Once you have adapted to your exercising routine you can easily enhance your productivity by increasing more minutes of exercising.If you are looking for the right guidance for your weight loss and overall health, feel free to book an appointment with one of our top specialists at Healthwire.pk from our panel for your health concerns.

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