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How to Increase IQ Levels – Ways to Make Your Brain Smarter and Faster

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How to increase IQ levels?

Many of us wonder about the power of our brain. 

It’s a frequent misconception that intellect is something you’re born with. After all, some people make it seem as if being smart is second nature to them.

However, intelligence isn’t a fixed characteristic. It’s a malleable, adaptable ability to learn and excite your brain that can get better over time. The aim is to develop brain-supporting and brain-protecting lifestyle behaviors.

Let’s dig deeper into how to increase IQ levels and make your brain faster and smarter.

What Exactly is IQ?

The overall score produced from standardized tests that measure a person’s intelligence is known as the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). 

To put it another way, your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a measurement of your mental agility or speed of comprehension. It takes your age into consideration. 

In an IQ test, the majority of people score between 85 and 115.

Why Is IQ Test Needed?

Even though IQ isn’t the only way to assess intellect, there are a variety of reasons why you might desire to boost your score.

An IQ test may be required as part of a job application.

You might appreciate the personal challenge or be interested in joining Mensa, an international society for intelligent individuals.

Your IQ score can help you assess if your attempts to improve your intellect are paying off if you are actively attempting to improve your intelligence.

What Improves Intelligence: Genetics or Environment?

You may have overheard parents complaining about their child’s poor academic performance. 

While the mother may lay the blame for the poor performance firmly on the husband’s inferior genes, the husband may make a similar attack on the quality of her contribution! 

Grandparents, not wanting to be left out of the fun, may add to the confusion by suggesting that it is a reflection on the quality of the upbringing!

So, does it come down to heredity or conditioning? 

What exactly qualifies someone as intelligent? It’s the nature vs nurture debate.

Is it nature, the genes you are born with? Or is it nurture, your upbringing by parents and social training?

It’s neither black nor white, like most answers, but somewhere in the between – in the gray. This is significant because you want to know if you can help your child do better.

Natural Ways: How to Increase IQ Levels?

While IQ is frequently employed to make assessments of a person’s mental abilities, it is not without flaws. Simply because intelligence is such an abstract concept that means different things to different people. The statistics do not reflect all facets of a person’s intelligence. 

Nonetheless, because it is one of the most comprehensive assessments available, we all want to do our best. How are you going to do it?

Here are a few simple techniques to help you improve your IQ and raise your brain capacity.

Play Games and Solve Puzzles

You may already know that corporate trainers use games and puzzles at the start of post-lunch sessions. They do so to counteract the sleep-inducing effects of a large meal.

Games and puzzles sharpen and activate your thinking.

Because IQ exams include fluid intelligence tests, this is critical. Your capacity to reason and think logically with unfamiliar or new material is assessed here. It has something to do with your working memory. 

As a result, games and puzzles aid in improving your ability to respond to this part of IQ exams.

Try solving puzzles in the newspapers for a start. 

Make Exercise a Full-Fledged Habit

Physical activity helps your brain receive more oxygen, glucose, and nutrients. More cardiovascular fitness is connected with improved cognitive scores. It’s also one of the most effective strategies to keep the brain active. 

According to research, light exercise promotes activity in the hippocampus, which works to store your memories. Exercise also enhances the connection between the hippocampus and other brain regions that regulate memory.

The metabolic pathways that underpin brain function are thought to be modulated by exercise. 

So go for a run, jog, walk, skip, swim, or just play. You increase your chances of improving your intelligence!

Certainly exercise is the faster answer to your question ‘how to increaseIQ levels?’

Get a Proper Sleep Every Night

Sleep is also necessary for good cognitive performance. Your brain consolidates memories created throughout the day while you sleep. When you wake up, it also improves your brain’s ability to learn new knowledge.

Getting enough sleep is critical, even modest sleep deprivation has a deleterious impact on working memory.

So, set a time for sleep, at least sleep for 6-7 hours to improve your IQ levels.

Read more about secrets to beauty sleep.  

Do Meditation and Practice Yoga

Meditation improves memory, learning ability, and problem-solving abilities.

Meditation improves your ability to process information, so it’s no surprise that it can improve your IQ.

Yoga is a science that uses the body’s natural ability to improve its strengths and function. It can give you a mental boost right away. It aids in relieving stress, which improves brain function.

Make a habit of doing meditation and practicing yoga every week to improve your IQ levels. 

Read more about the benefits of yoga for your health

Restrict the Use of Electronic Gadgets

It’s hardly surprising that your parents and grandparents can add up the grocery cost faster than you can! It’s because they calculated with their heads rather than machinery.

We now rely on calculators, computers, and cell phones to complete our tasks.

Millions of people are able to quit using their brains and rely on technologies to think for them. It has made life easier in terms of writing letters, conducting banking operations, and paying bills. 

It has, however, set a negative precedent by making your brain slower and lazier.

Keeping your brain engaged can be as simple as practicing your arithmetic skills by doing your calculations from time to time and turning off spell check when writing. 

Eat Good Foods for Better Cognition

Feed your brain the right fuel.

A well-balanced and healthy diet ensures that you don’t have any vitamin, protein, calcium, or iron shortages, which can impair your mental performance.

Eat foods with nutrients that support brain function. This includes foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, and vitamin K.

Drink Coffee and Green Tea

Adenosine is a molecule in the brain that inhibits the production of stimulatory chemicals. Caffeine, on the other hand, blocks adenosine, allowing these chemicals to offer you an energy boost. 

This has the potential to improve learning and mental performance. However, consume coffee in moderation

Sipping on green tea can also support your brain function. Some of these effects are due to the caffeine in green tea, which is present in small amounts.

Play an Instrument

Playing an instrument is a creative and enjoyable approach to improve your IQ levels. 

It entails abilities such as: perceptual perception, coordination of the body, and pattern recognition in memory. 

It tests your sensory and cognitive abilities. As a result, learning to play a musical instrument may assist you in improving your cognitive and neurological functioning.

Books to the Rescue: Read a Lot

Reading stimulates all of your brain’s areas, as well as the neurological connections that connect them.

It necessitates a variety of cognitive activities, including: 

  • attention
  • predicting
  • working memory
  • long-term storage memory
  • abstract reasoning
  • comprehension
  • visual processing of letters

Reading improves the connection of brain areas involved in understanding. This effect can remain for several days after reading, indicating that there are long-term advantages.

Putting it All Together!!!

Remember! Intelligence isn’t defined by knowing more than others. It’s all about challenging your brain, solving challenges, and learning new things.

It’s also normal to question yourself ‘ how to increase IQ levels, how to make your brain smarter and faster? That’s because we need a quick brain in this fast-paced world. 

You may be able to improve your brain health and IQ over time by being curious and following the guidelines given above.
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