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5 Health Benefits of Yoga

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5 Health Benefits of Yoga
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There are amazing benefits of yoga! Here is how I found out!

Severely tired from my hectic around the clock routine, I started looking for different ways of exercises that required the bare minimum. 

I scrolled through Google play, read blogs on low-impact workouts and even tried the 7 minute ‘robust’ exercise, but nothing seemed sustainable in the long run. 

After weeks of just researching, I set out to market to try my luck with workout magazines. While looking through the book shelves I saw a soft yoga mat and the sudden realization poured in.


Yoga is one of the simplest ancient forms of exercises that improves physical, mental and emotional well-being.  

Research shows that adding a few simple moves of yoga can reap you some great health benefits.

You require the bare minimum! 

That is a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and a small corner of your room and that’s it. 

I did not have to sweat and hardly had to move. What else could I possibly ask for?

So I took my chance with yoga, and here is what I realized over time. There is NOT a thing yoga cannot help you with. The advantages of yoga are endless.

Regular practice of yoga promotes strength, endurance, flexibility. It facilitates characteristics of friendliness, compassion, and greater self-control. It cultivates a sense of calmness and well-being.

That’s just wow! Right? 

Let’s discuss in detail the health benefits of yoga that you need for a stress-free life. 

Health Benefits of Yoga

Here are my 5 reasons to motivate you to try yoga. 

1. It Improves your Flexibility

Ever experienced watching a yoga class online? Noticed the ridiculous flexibility in their yoga poses?

No, it does not come naturally, rather it’s one the many advantages of doing consistent yoga. 

Even with the stiffest bodies, yoga helps create flexibility. 

Performing poses such as downward facing dog, seated forward bend and standing forward fold can help you with your flexibility. 

With consistent and regular practice, you will be able to master difficult yoga poses in no time.

Apart from your flexibility, you will also notice the stiffness of your body easing away, for example if you have particular aches and pains in your spinal, hip or lower back region you will be able to notice a considerable difference in your posture and pain.

Your overall alignment of your body will also significantly improve with your flexibility.

2. Improves your Strength

One thing that I constantly felt through my yoga journey was how strong and energized I felt throughout my practice. It was more enhanced when I read this interesting study where participants were able to have improved physical strength and were able to do more push-ups and sit-ups after the study was completed.

3. Reduces your Stress Level

Yoga helps with creating more head space and mindfulness

If you practice it with more intention, it can help your mind and body relax. Numerous stretching poses, controlled breathing, pressure point poses aids in lower blood pressure and reduced stress levels. It can also improve overall heart function.

4. Helps with Managing Weight

Surprisingly, yoga can be an effective relaxing tool for reducing weight

According to a Harvard health study, around 150 calories are burnt during hatha yoga. While most of us may or may not be able to reduce a significant amount of weight as compared to strength training or cardio, yoga can definitely help you maintain your weight. 

Successfully convinced of the importance of yoga, yet? Here are 4 different types of yoga and their amazing benefits:


Different Types of Yoga and Their Benefits

1. Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga has 26 different poses.

It is often encouraged to be practiced in hot and humid climates. It is an extensive practice of yoga that helps in reducing weight. 

Just one class alone can reduce 600 calories. 

It is more suitable for people who would like to lose weight through yoga.

For most people, Bikram yoga is equivalent to a cardiovascular workout.

2. Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is one of the oldest yoga practices that dates back to the 15th century. 

This is more of a slow practice. It is one of the most popular demands amongst yogis as it comes with a lot of health benefits of yoga for women

It is also identified as one of the beginner’s levels. People who are involved in Hatha yoga are a part of ancient asana with a modern touch of yoga practices.

3. Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is also practiced in hot and humid environments. 

It helps to build lean muscle and strengthen muscle mass throughout the body. 

It is often encouraged to practice at the break of dawn. 

Moreover, It is one of the best yoga practices for building muscle mass while activating all major muscle groups of your body.

4. Kundalini Yoga

This is famously known as yoga of awareness.

It helps with strength, flexibility, endurance and improving overall body relaxation. 

Kundalini Yoga apparently comes with a more focused approach in purifying the blood. It does so by maintaining a balance in the body and working deeply through the subconscious. 

Through regular practice you can train your body and mind for less emotional reaction and more conscious choices.

Adding Yoga to Your Lifestyle

Benefits of yoga are major. 

If you add yoga to your daily routine,  you can actually experience a lot of improvements in your life. It will help your mood, improve your posture, make you sleep better at night, and make you more alert throughout your day. 

Do you have any yoga stories to share with us! I would love to know how yoga helped you. Leave a comment below and let me know. 
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