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The Secret to Beauty Sleep: How to Sleep for 8 Hrs in 4 Hrs?

how to sleep 8hrs in 4hrs

How to sleep 8 hrs in 4 hrs

How to sleep 8 hrs in 3 hrs

Is 4 hrs of sleep enough…?

Every single day you need a sleep cheat and calculate around the number of hrs that are going to suffice for the perfect sleep.

Given how almost all of us are overworked, running behind our deadlines, and secretly wishing if hopping in a loop at a circus is better than juggling between all of our work. And while trying to get through the strict routines may be less overbearing, but cheating through the sleeping beauty is definitely not working in our favor.

So how can you make the most out of your tight routine? Is getting an 8-hour rest is realistically possible through the 4-hour gap? Well, this might be true, and we’ll help you understand how.

Before we get there it is important to understand why sleep is so essential and how you can get quality sleep in fewer hrs.

Why Sleep is Essential?

Everyone has two important stages of sleep circle; REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and non-REM sleep.

Non-REM sleep has three different stages that play a vital role in repairing the body’s muscle tissues helping in building muscle that in return strengthens the immune system.

REM sleep helps in replenishing important brain functions that focus on memory retention, mood regulation, learning, and development of the brain in younger individuals.

These two sleep cycles are important for your bodily functions. Missing out on essential hrs. of sleep can hinder your fundamental bodily processes that support your general health.

How to Sleep Less and Have More Energy

To ensure a goodnight’s sleep, here are few practices to follow previously.

Tip#1 – Start with Relaxing Activities

As night comes, we all start unwinding to help with our anxiety, stress, and ‘thakawat’. Any little breach of comfort can hunker down your need to have a good quality sleep. To help ensure you are able to slip into a deep slumber here are some simple activities you can opt for.

  •  Read a book- if you are not a reader we suggest you pick up a book that does not interest you at all and push yourself to study for 6 minutes. According to research (that is for people who enjoy reading), a simple 6 minutes of routine writing can reduce stress levels by a whopping 68%. As soon as you feel the first surface of drowsiness, you can put the book aside and close your eyes to fall asleep.
  • Stretch before sleeping – yoga stretches are an amazing way of calming both body and mind. Light stretching before bed can be very stress-free and relaxing for your whole body. One of my favorite two poses are:

The downward dog

The butterfly pose

These two yoga poses gear your body to loosen all the tight muscles helps with your breathing and tranquilizes your mind with body movement.

  •  Take a quick shower– it’s summers already these days. Going to bed with a fresh feeling is so much more rewarding than simply climbing into sheets with ‘chip chip mausami garmi’ these days.
  •  Have some herbal tea – this is a great way of soothing any jittery or tension in your muscles. Most of the time our mind is tired and ready to sleep, whereas our body aches and sore muscles will not help us sleep.

Tip#2 – Blue Light (Your Screens) is Killing your Quality Sleep!

Whether it’s less sleep or more sleep, if you use your phone before sleeping – which we all do – your chances of quality sleep go straight out of the window. A fast-paced life does not ever guarantee a fast-paced sleep, therefore focusing on the quality of your life becomes even more important when you are in rush.  

One of the main reasons why sleeping with blue light is not recommended at all is because the blue light emits rays that are strong enough to disrupt the circadian rhythm completely. Circadian is our body’s natural alarm clock that unwinds our body and alerts it when it is ready to wake up or to go to bed.

Tip#3 – Get as Comfortable and Quiet as you can

Continuing with the circadian cycle of your body, light plays an important role in your sleep cycle. When your room is dark and quiet, this is your body’s cue to fall asleep. This is because the amount of melatonin produced in your body increases in dark and decreases in light. Therefore when you wonder how to sleep for 8 hrs in 4 hrs, you have to consider going pitch black in your room for the best quality sleep.

So now coming to the Golden Question

How to Sleep for 8 Hrs in 4 Hrs?!

Well there is no foolproof way of getting an optimum sleep in limited hrs however you can achieve this by practicing two of the best methods

Going to Bed Early

One of the most trusted tip that works like a charm for good sleep is going to bed early. If you take your time to sleep or fall sleep instantly, both ways going to sleep early will work in your favor.

Imagine falling asleep at 9pm and waking up at 1 or 2 am, to get back to your work will actually boost your energy levels by three folds!

Sleeping on a Suitable Mattress

A mattress that caters to the cradles of your body will help you A LOT with good quality sleep. There are many kinds of mattress and pillows especially designed for people who are light sleepers or always short on their sleep time. To mention a few, orthopedic pillows, back and stomach sleepers and side pillows can be some great additions for your quality sleep routine.

Sleep is Important

No matter what your excuse is, ensuring 7 hrs of sleep is important! You can juggle between different sleeping routines but getting a full night’s rest is crucial for your overall health. As mentioned above, your brain goes through different vital functions that are crucial for your well-being.

So get the right sleep help, before it turns into a welp!

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