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How to Stop Masturbation – Tips to Pump the Breaks 

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Masturbation is an act of self-pleasure when someone does not rely on their partner for their sexual needs. During this process, sexual satisfaction is achieved through self-stimulating your own genitalia. It is a common practice but a serious moral issue. That is why it is best to know how to stop masturbation. 

Given below are some of the ways in which you can learn how to quit masturbation. But first, let’s discuss why you should stop masturbation. 

Why Should You Stop Masturbating? 

The act of engaging in self-pleasure can impact a person’s mental state. From altered sexual preferences to not paying attention to your real relationship with people can affect your day-to-day communications. 

Furthermore, masturbation can also cause kidney issues, and swollen penis. 

How to Stop Masturbating? 

According to the health experts of Max Health Hospital, given below are some of the best ways to get rid of masturbation addiction. 

Avoid Watching Porn

Watching porn can actually serve as a catalyst for such sexual activities. If you are wondering how to stop masturbation on a daily basis, you should avoid watching. 

Stay away from such websites and videos that urge you to watch stuff like that. Make good use of these tips to get rid of porn addiction

Engage in Physical Exercise

Another great way to get rid of masturbation is exercise. Exercise is a great vessel to reduce the tension that has been piling up in your body. In addition to all this physical activity is also an effective means to put your energies into focus. 

Exercises such as jogging, morning walk, and swimming help the body to feel better and energized which reduces the urge to engage in acts of self-pleasure such as masturbation and helps you to tame your sexual desires

Seek Therapy

Masturbation tends to have an effect on your relationships. This is when you might need to get therapy from a professional. Family physician Dr. Sarah Perveze comments that masturbation can also impact on your mental health. 

Thus, make sure to talk it out with your therapist. They will guide you through your negative problems and will help you to modify your behaviors. 

Spend Time with Your Friends

People might also engage in these types of acts when they are not communicating with the real world. This lack of social connection will urge you to watch porn which in turn will lead to masturbation. 

That is why going out, giving time to your friends, and watching a game with your colleagues is a great ways to limit the time you spend alone. 

Find a Support Group

You can tame your sexual urges if you get help from people who have experienced something like that in the past. When you engage in conversations with these people you get validation that you can also do it. 

This also helps with reducing the sense of shame and guilt that comes with the masturbation. Furthermore, talking to a support group increases the overall sense of belonging. This aids to find the original problem that is compelling you to engage in masturbation in the first place. 

What are the Side Effects of Masturbation? 

Masturbation is a serious ethical issue that is quite normal in the current times. Although a personal choice, masturbation, especially over-masturbation can be a cause of serious health complications. Some of the common side effects of releasing your sperm daily are as follows: 

Swollen Genitals

Swollen genitals or sore genitalia are one of the most common side effects of masturbation. It is mainly because of the fact that during masturbation a person exerts extra pressure on the genitals in an attempt to please themselves. 

It can also cause serious injury or trauma to the genitals as well. 

Nocturnal Emission / Wet Dreams

Wet dreams is a situation when a person suffers from ejaculation while they are sleeping. Too much dependence on masturbation can cause a person to release their sperm subconsciously, even while they are sleeping. 

Can Become a Habit

Just like porn addiction, masturbation is highly addictive as well. Masturbation invokes the feeling of self-satisfaction which might give a boost to your happy hormones. This feeling of self-satisfaction is what causes people to do this activity more often. 

But no more how much this ethically corrupt act gives you pleasure, here are some other ways to boost your happy hormones

Skin Irritation

Too vigorous acts of masturbation can cause skin problems such as chafing and irritation. Although this is a mild problem and can go away on its own. 


It is common for people to experience guilt and shame after masturbation. Guilt can also cause a surge of negative emotions in people which is not good for mental health. Masturbation and guilt can be the reason for psychological distress in men

Altered Sexual Behavior

People tend to engage in masturbation when their partners are living away from them. They also resort to such sexual practices when either their partner can’t satisfy them in bed either due to poor sex timing or reduced libido. 

On a side note, there are some ways to increase your sex timing. But masturbation can cause hyper-aggressive sexual behavior in people which might set some unrealistic expectations in the relationships. 


Masturbation demands excessive exertion of force which can make people drained of energy. That is why people who masturbate often complain about fatigue and tiredness. 

How to Stop Masturbation – Healthwire can Help

Although an addictive sexual behavior it is possible to get rid of masturbation. If you need assistance you can get an appointment with the best sexologists via healthwire. They will help you in these matters. 

Till then stay happy, and stay healthy!

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