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Lifestyle Changes to Make After a Heart Attack

Lifestyle Changes to Make After a Heart Attack

Heart attack reflects a serious shock to your body system, as an indicator that there has been a controlled stimulus which caused the blood flow to stop. Much of these heart attacks are stimulated because of known risk factors, which means that the risk factors can be reduced, controlled or eliminated. This becomes even more important when it comes down to negligence or a healthy lifestyle you have gone through a heart attack.

So if you are clueless about how you should improve health after heart and attack, you need to keep in mind that adopting a healthier lifestyle that is SMART will help in your speedy recovery.

The SMART Goals for you are;

  • Specific Diet and Health Goals
  • Measurable Quantity of Diet
  • Attainable and realistic Goals
  • Time-Oriented Measures

To keep up with a healthy heart here are few changes you can make in your daily life.

Tips for Healthy Heart

1. Level Up your Food Game

We are what we eat

We are what we eat


Nothing defines our body systems, diseases, our lifestyle habits and choices more than what we choose to place on our plate. A single meal high in fat content can dramatically increase the texture and health of your vessels. Don’t believe us? Know it from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to their latest research high fat content can make arteries lose their elasticity over time. It may sound like a minor transition, but it comes with major consequences. We aren’t asking you to cut down on fats. But yes cut down on Trans Fats, Saturated fats and fatty cholesterol. There are plenty of natural fats available. To begin with you can switch from sunflower oil, canola oil to olive oil and coconut oil. Avocados, flax seeds, sweet potatoes and red kidney beans can be amazing for your heart health. You do not have to give up on all of your favorite foods. You can simply look for healthier alternatives!

2. Opt a New Movement Hobby

Haven’t ridden that bicycle for years? That hiking kit is getting rusty? Miss skipping rope like old times? Well this may be your ‘brand new’ chance to level up your movement game. You do not have to run a marathon, but rather indulge in occasional fun activities which pumps good riddance to a healthy heart. If you haven’t ever enlightened yourself with any kind of physical movement. Getting started with a light brisk walk can be a healthy option. Similarly taking stairs instead of elevators or engaging in household work can also benefit your health greatly.

3. Have a Calm Mind

Maintaining gratitude and inclining yourself towards a positive attitude can actually work wonders for your overall health. Usually after a heart attack you will feel a lot of emotions, including depression and anxiety. This will cause more problems with your overall health. That is why it is important to have an important mindset towards your personal and health development. If you find it hard to be in control of your mind, please know stretching out a hand for help is perfectly alright. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You can also discuss your mental health issues with your doctor alongside your physical health issues.

4. Give that Smoke a Break

Are you SMOKING again!!

If you are then please know my friend that you are simply on the way to a death wish and self-suicide. You are adversely affecting your cardiovascular system if you are smoking. We are blessed to be present in an era which has various alternatives for tobacco today. Fighting through nicotine addiction is certainly a major struggle however, nicotine gums and less harmful cigarettes, can help you through your fight against addiction. You can also talk to your doctor for finding a suitable plan to help you quit smoking completely. If you are not a smoker yourself, you should by all means avoid passive smoking. Studies shoes that secondhand smoke is as risky as first hand smoking.

At Healthwire we have a well-experienced panel of specialists and doctors ready to help you from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is book an appointment for free!

5. Keep an Eye on your Blood pressure and Cholesterol

Hypertension and blood pressure is not a good thing for your heart health. Remember these are some of the reasons you had to go through a painful process. One of the top healthy heart tips for you is certainly being good friends with your blood pressure. There are many reasons as to why you may experience a high blood pressure. Here are few healthy heart tips you need to change ASAP:

  • Cut out on a high-sodium diet, for example toasted salted nuts, high caramel content, dark soya sauce, salty foods. Rather opt for low-sodium diets and foods
  • Less alcohol and sugary substances. Always remember what brought you here in the first place.

Post heart attack journey can be challenging for your friends and family. If you are struggling very hard with this you can simply opt for our video consultation or book an appointment for free through Healthwire.

Remember there is no time like now to get started in your heart health makeover. Indulge in as many healthy heart foods and healthy heart activities as you can.

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