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PicoSure Laser Treatment: An Effective Option for Your Various Skin Problems

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PicoSure Laser Treatment
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Skin rejuvenation can become necessary at some point in life. This rejuvenation improves your skin condition but it also brings some mild problems such as discomfort and irritation. But there is an option to rejuvenate your skin with the lowest risk of causing side effects. Do you know what this option is?

This option is PicoSure laser treatment.

PicoSure laser is one of the most effective and advanced lasers to rejuvenate the skin to this day. In contrast to other lasers, this laser does not use a constant beam of intense heat. Furthermore, the PicoSure laser minimizes the damage risk to the skin by involving short bursts of energy.

This laser treatment can effectively remove a tattoo appearance from any part of the body. Additionally, PicoSure can also treat the following symptoms:

  • Premature aging
  • Skin discoloration
  • Acne scars
  • Brown pigmentation
  • Freckles
  • Wrinkles
  • Birthmarks
  • Stretch marks
  • Sun damage
  • Melasma

Along with treating these conditions, this laser will improve the texture, tone, and youthfulness of the skin without causing major side effects. No doubt, other laser treatments also improve the skin but they use high-heat energy to make the skin produce collagen.

However, the PicoSure laser uses a gentler type of energy and encourages the anti-aging response of the body. And encouragement in the anti-aging process significantly rejuvenates the skin. Let’s discuss in detail how PicoSure laser treatment contributes to the skin in other ways.

Benefits of PicoSure Laser Treatment

The benefits of PicoSure Laser are more than other common laser treatments. PicoSure laser treatment involves the latest technology that makes it a perfect choice for many skin problems. The benefits of PicoSure Laser treatment are the following:

Underarm Whitening Becomes Easy

Dark underarms become a major problem for men and women. Lightening or whitening the underarms can be difficult if you don’t know the exact cause. Some common causes of dark underarms are chemical irritants, melasma, dead skin cells, or hyperpigmentation.

After diagnosing the cause of dark underarms, you can find effective techniques to get rid of them. PicoSure laser treatment is one the most effective techniques to reduce deeper pigmentation under the arms.

A renowned dermatologist, Dr. Shaiqa Ali, says that this treatment will perfectly work if other options didn’t show effectiveness for your problem. Sometimes, creams and home remedies don’t work for dark underarms due to complications.

PicoSure laser treatment will break pigmentation in that area and the immune system will absorb this pigmentation eventually. When pigmentation reduces, it helps in getting rid of dark underarms.

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Its More Gentle and is Non-Invasive

Some procedures, to make the skin gentle and smooth, are invasive. These procedures are not gentle for the skin and cause some problems. But the PicoSure laser is more gentle and non-invasive because it uses a gentler type of energy.

As PicoSure is gentler for the skin; therefore, it does not cause side effects like other laser treatments. According to the best dermatologists from Bahria International Hospital, the non-invasive nature of this procedure helps in decreasing side effects on the skin.

More Effective against Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines always make your skin look aged and reduce the skin’s beauty. Some people experience these skin problems without getting aged and remain concerned.

PicoSure laser treatment soothes the skin and reduces the severity of wrinkles and fine lines. The skin becomes more natural as it was before wrinkles. The perfect effectiveness of PicoSure against pigmentation in the body also helps against the above-mentioned skin problems.

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Fewer Risks of Thermal Skin Damage

There are significant risks of thermal skin damage after a tattoo removal procedure.  A study reveals that the procedure of tattoo removal can cause side effects on the skin. These side effects include swelling, blistering, crusting, etc.

However, if an individual removes his tattoo through the PicoSure laser then these risks will decrease. PicoSure laser treatment uses picosecond technology to break the tattoo ink. Picosecond technology enables the PicoSure laser to use a high amount of energy within a short time. Therefore, there are only a few risks of skin thermal damage when you use this laser treatment to remove a tattoo.

Does PicoSure laser treatment only involve benefits? This question may be running through your mind. Though this procedure can also cause some side effects. But these side effects are not as severe as effects caused by other laser treatments.

Side Effects of PicoSure Laser Treatment

PicoSure laser treatment can cause the following side effects:

  • Infections of the skin
  • Allergic reaction
  • Scarring
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Pustules

Additionally, there is also a possibility that PicoSure laser treatment can also cause some adverse or severe side effects. These severe side effects can be:

After discussing PicoSure laser treatment benefits and side effects, let’s explore some common questions about this laser treatment and their answers too.


These are questions about PicoSure laser treatment that usually people ask:

What is PicoSure laser treatment?

PicoSure laser treatment is the most effective way to treat skin conditions such as melasma, wrinkles, etc. It also improves the skin texture and makes your skin smooth.

How many sessions of PicoSure laser treatment do I need to get?

Usually, the number of required sessions will depend on your skin condition. For instance, you will need only one session to remove a tattoo. But for wrinkles, you may need more than one session.

Can PicoSure Damage the skin?

No, PicoSure laser treatment will not damage your skin at all. However, the possibility of some mild side effects caused by this laser procedure will remain.

Does PicoSure whiten the skin?

Yes, PicoSure treatment can effectively lighten your skin like dark underarms. Because it helps in breaking pigmentation.

How painful is PicoSure laser treatment?

PicoSure laser treatment does not cause severe pain. However, a patient can experience mild irritation along with pain during the procedure.

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