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The Life Expectancy of Kidney Transplant: Debunking Myths and Living the Best Life

The Life Expectancy of Kidney Transplant: Debunking Myths and Living the Best Life

A decade ago, kidney transplant used to be an alarming situation. Today kidney transplant has become more readily available as an option as compared to how it used to be a complicated health issue a few years ago. Despite the advancements and new techniques, certain myths still go around when it comes to kidney transplants. 

Myths About Kidney Transplant

In this exclusive article, we are going to address all those myths that must have crossed your mind if you are scheduled for a kidney transplant. Brace yourself, as some of these are quite an unexpected form of myths.

Myth#1 Kidney Transplant is your Last Resort

Fact. It should be your first option and priority

When it comes to the health of the kidney it is important to think about transplant as soon as possible. As the entire process has to take days before the final procedure is seen through, the transplant should be your first ever priority. 

As soon as there is some advanced condition diagnosed. The very first question you should ask yourself is whether you want to go to dialysis when you can have a transplant. You can completely avoid dialysis by even considering a preemptive transplant. So in that sense, no transplant does not have to be your last resort, rather it can save you a lot of pain and hassle by being a primary priority. 

Myth#2 Once you get on Dialysis for a long time, a Kidney Transplant is your last option 

Fact: Regardless of your kidney dialysis longevity, you can still get a transplant and recover 

It’s true that the earlier the intervention of a transplant the better it is for the overall kidney longevity. However, it does not equalize to the overall quality of health by staying for long on the dialysis machine. It is recommended to still look for a transplant no matter how long it has been on the machine. Being on transplant does not make you a disqualifier, so even while you are on your dialysis sessions, you can still hand in your name on the waitlist. 

Myth#3 You have to wait for a long time to finally get a Transplant Donor 

Fact: There are many organizations and people who are willing to be quick donors for your transplant 

I have lived through this myth myself as my maternal uncle has gone through a kidney transplant. He was on kidney transplant for a few weeks, until a donor came forth and he went through a successful kidney transplantation process. Many living donors are willing to help someone go through a kidney transplant. Many organizations are helping people match with their donors. 

The connectivity is huge which is why finding a living donor is not that hard in this age of time. If you feel uncomfortable with having such a conversation you can even seek help from counselors who can help you connect in a better way with such people. Some people even consider living with kidneys that have been previously exposed to any HIV. 

Note: always seek a specialist’s help whenever going for a donor 

Myth #4 Kidney Transplant is very Expensive and is Hard to Afford 

Fact: Some many financial platforms and counselors can help you arrange resources to make your kidney transplant more affordable 

Social workers, coordinators, doctors, health specialists, you name it and many professionals are willing to help you with financial means. There are many financial options available that will help you in covering the costs of tests, surgeries, and lifelong medications. Make sure you get in touch with one of such institutes in time. 

Myth#5 I am Afraid of a Kidney Transplant. I will continue with my Dialysis

 Fact: Your longevity and quality of life will become better with transplant 

It’s understandable how major surgeries like a transplant can feel scary. Surgery is certainly not without risk, but you have to weigh the pros and cons of having surgery or whether to stick with dialysis. Based on multiple types of research and case studies, it is evident that a kidney transplant is a safer and much better option that will improve the quality and quantity of your life. 

Myths for Donors that Circulate in our Society in Different Ways 

  1. MYTH: One kidney is not enough to live a healthy life. 
    FACT: one healthy functional kidney is enough for the overall well-being of a person. 
  1. MYTH: living kidney donors are at risk of not having children. 
    FACT: Living donors can have children the same way healthy mothers will have. The kidney will usually work without a problem. 
  1. MYTH: Living kidney donors cannot choose who to donate to. 
    FACT: This is completely wrong as in many cases the transplant process will not proceed without the donor’s willingness and consent.
  1. MYTH: Living kidney donors have a shorter life span.  
    FACT: this is quite a delusional claim, as many people who were donors have lived a very healthy life. 
  1. MYTH: a kidney donor will catch an infection after donation. 
    FACT: This is completely false. Infection is only caught if no proper care is taken which can also happen without a kidney donation. 
  1. MYTH: kidney donors have to take anti-rejection medicines. 
    FACT: this is false for donors. The only anti-rejection injections are given is to the receiver to prevent the body from rejecting the organ. 
  2. MYTH: Only young people have the right to a kidney transplant. 
    FACT: everyone regardless of their age should be able to receive an unbiased shot at a kidney transplant. 
  3. MYTH: Adults over age 50 cannot donate. 
    FACT: Adults who are above age 18 are eligible as living kidney donors.

Now that your doubts are out of the way, you can schedule an appointment with our top kidney transplant doctor via Healthwire.pk and get your procedure started right away!

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