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What are the Best Panadol Alternatives? 

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Panadol is a widely used and doctor’s trusted over-the-counter medication. It is often recommended to treat moderate to severe pain. Pakistan is currently facing a shortage in the manufacture and delivery of panadol. That is why it is important to keep up with the knowledge of the potential alternatives of panadol. 

What is Panadol?

Panadol is a painkiller or analgesic that works to relieve pain quickly. Common everyday issues such as back pain and headaches are effectively catered to with the use of panadol. 

One of the common and active ingredients of panadol is paracetamol. Panadol works by reducing inflammation and reducing the production of chemical messengers in the brain that causes pain in the body. 

Why is Pakistan Facing Shortage of Panadol?

Pakistan is currently facing a serious shortage of panadol. The country is already struggling with serious flood damage and a plethora of water-borne emergencies. The manufacturers have communicated financial issues with the production of panadol in the region. 

It was previously reported that the manufacturers were asking for a rise of 1 Rupee per tablet. But the health authorities rejected this proposal saying that this is an unjustified increase. 

Thus the production company of panadol has refused the manufacturing of this highly in-demand pain killer.

Best Panadol Alternatives to Keep an Eye on!

Given below are some of the effective alternatives to panadol that you need to know about in order to tackle this shortage of panadol in Pakistan. 

  • Pracmol
  • Calpol
  • Doliprane
  • Vamol
  • Paracetamol
  • Disprol 
  • Askprol 
  • Ibuprofen
  • Codeine
  • Neurofen 


Pracmol is used to treat pain from severe inflammation. It reduces the pain sensations by combating the swelling of the tissues. Furthermore, pracmol is also recommended to treat moderate to severe body temperatures. Therefore it can serve as one of the best panadol alternatives. 

Pracmol can treat headaches, fever, arthritis, muscle pain and menstrual cramps. 

Price of Pracmol in Pakistan = Rs 39


Another medication that can serve as the best alternative to panadol is Calpol. It is often recommended to relieve pain from backaches, toothaches, headaches and nerve pain. 

Calpol medicine works by interfering with the brain signals that transmit the sensation of pain. But make sure to consult your doctor before taking any medication for pain relief. 

Price of Calpol in Pakistan = Rs 71 


The active ingredient of doliprane is paracetamol. This medicine also serves as a potential alternative to panadol. Doiprane effectively treats fever and muscle pain. It can also be used to ease the pain of the back during menstruation. 

But if you are still suffering from fever for more than 5 days after taking this medication, then you should talk to your doctor. 

Price of Doliprane in Pakistan = Rs 850


If you are looking for panadol alternatives, then vamol might seal the deal for you. Vamol is a known analgesic. It relieves severe pains during menstruation and also works effectively to reduce instances of inflammation. You can also take vamol as an OTC during nasal congestion and cold/flu. 

Make sure to consult with your primary healthcare doctors regarding the use of vamol. 

Price of Vamol in Pakistan = Rs 140


Paracetamol is a widely recognized pain killer after panadol. It blocks the chemical messengers in the brain thus helping to relieve the pain sensation. 

Paracetamol is an effective panadol alternative that can be used to treat 

Price of Paracetamol in Pakistan =  Rs 4.82 per tablet 


Disprol is another addition to the list of panadol alternatives. This painkiller is used to treat headaches, severe joint inflammation and body aches. Make sure to not crush or chew disprol. The dosage of disprol depends on the condition and severity of the pain. Yet medical consultation is highly requested. 

Disprol Price in Pakistan = Rs 12.21


Another alternative to panadol that you need to know about is askprol. The active ingredient of askprol is paracetamol. It works wonders in period pains and joint pains. Furthermore, askprol can also relieve headaches, backaches and cold/ flu. 

Askprol reduces the instances of fever by increasing the loss of heat from the body. Consult with the best doctors in Bajwa Hospital regarding the careful use of askprol. 

Price of Askprol = Rs 1050


Ibuprofen is a known pain relieving medication. It works by blocking the pathway of the body’s production of certain chemicals that might lead to inflammation. Ibuprofen is one of the best panadol alternatives to get rid of pain with an over-the-counter-medication. 

Ibuprofen price in Pakistan = Rs 411


Codeine is another pain relieving medicine that can serve as an effective panadol alternative. Doctors often recommend codeine in combination with other drugs to increase the efficacy of this medicine. 

Codeine works by disrupting the pain signals that are formed in the body. But you need to consult your doctor before taking any medication. This is mainly because codeine is a habit-forming medication. 

Price of codeine in Pakistan = Rs 90


Nurofen is a known medication that is often prescribed to relieve severe headaches. It is also used to treat dental pain, neuralgia, and period pains. Nurofen is a promising alternative to panadol. 

You should consult with a doctor regarding any risks or warnings related to Nurofen uses.

Price of Nurofen in Pakistan = Rs 1990

A Note from Healthwire

There is no doubt in the fact that panadol is one of the go-to painkillers. But the recent shortage of panadol in Pakistan requires us to update our knowledge on the other healthy and effective panadol alternatives. These medications serve the same purpose of relieving pain due to inflammation. If you have any other queries regarding their side effects, dosage or precautions then you should consult the best general physicians via healthwire.

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