Panadol to Stop Production in Pakistan - DRAP Reports


by Naba Batool

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According to the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, the paracetamol brand has stopped its pharmaceutical business in Pakistan. The makers claim issues with the cost-effective nature of the drug to be the main reason behind its halted production. The company was also urging the local authorities to increase the drug price but their demands were not catered to.

Panadol and the brand paracetamol are one of the most in-demand drugs in Pakistan, especially in the flood-affected regions. The demand for paracetamol products has also spiked in the Urban areas because of a surge in dengue cases.

According to the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association of Pakistan, the DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority) had requested a 1 rupee increase in the tablet price but the summary was rejected by the federal cabinet.

The association raised an objection that the manufacturers can sell the medicine at the same old price. But the recent argument from the production company has stated that the current price does not justify the manufacturing cost.

Panadol shortage is creating waves all across the country due to the recent surge of dengue and COVID-19 cases. This is mainly because medics often prescribe this medicine to relieve pain.

Although there has also been a shortage of some other generic medicines from the market. It is the disappearance of panadol that is creating a crisis in the country. 

“The health department should raise the genuine and serious concerns of the patients with the federal government to bring about a permanent solution by ensuring the supply of the drug in the market according to its demand.” says the health officials.