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White Hair Causes: How to Stop White Hair Growth?

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My hair turned gray in my younger years. It was concerning as I did not expect white hair at early years of my life. Through research, I came to know that it is common for your hair to change color as you age. But it is concerning when you experience premature white hair. 

Here are some questions that people often ask:

What is the average age number when hair turns white?

According to a recent report, the average age of getting gray hair is in the mid-30s. In Asian countries, it is common that your hair turns white in the late 30s.

Why Does Hair Turn White at a Young Age?

2 in 5 Teens develop white hair due to different reasons. When there is no longer melanin in the hair follicle, it makes your hair become transparent in color, including silver, white, or gray.

Does Stress Affect Turning Gray Hair At Early Age?

A study has confirmed the fact that stress does affect your hair color. During the fight-or-flight response of your body, your hair turns gray. Fortunately, researchers also concluded that stress-caused gray hair is reversible.

It is time to reveal some interesting facts about white hair.

5 Interesting Facts about Gray Hair 

Hair color affects your overall personality. What interesting things you should learn about your hair today?

Plucking one gray hair does not lead to growing three more.

Bone marrow is the first fast-growing tissue, and the hair is the second one.

You can stretch a healthy hair strand 30% when it is wet.

Stress can be a direct white hair cause.

No major shock can affect your hair color overnight.

Learning about your gray hair causes can help you to prevent the premature transparent hair growth. Let’s explore what are the reasons behind gray hair.

7 Causes of White Hair at a Young Age 

It is concerning when you have developed gray hair at an early age. People often search for ways to restore pigmentation, but I always suggest finding the cause because restoring the solution depends on the white hair cause.

1. Stress

Stress is common as you or I will experience or maybe suffering once or more in a lifetime. Temporary stress is not that harmful, but chronic stress is. Studies have confirmed several health issues that directly or indirectly get affected by chronic stress. Researchers further explain that chronic stress leads to anxiety, sleep problems, high blood pressure, and make changes in appetite.

When we talk about white hair, stress is one of its major causes. A study found some evidence in the research on the mice hair follicle. But temporary stress does not cause white hair. It’s been proven that only chronic stress is the reason to make your hair turn gray at a young age.

2. Genetics 

Do you ever ask your parents when they developed white hair? Well, you should ask them or your grandparents to confirm the reason if you are also at risk of developing premature white hair in your teens. If the genes are the reason for your white hair, then you cannot do anything because no one can change genetics. The only way to stop white hair is to color your hair as you want.

3. Hormonal Changes by Thyroid Problem 

Some thyroid problems can lead to turning your hair into white color. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are the factors that contribute to premature white hair.

At the base of your neck, there is a butterfly-shaped gland that is known as the thyroid. It performs a different function in your body, including metabolism. When the thyroid is weak, then it leads to less production of melanin. So, it shows that thyroid health affects your hair color.

4. Deficiency of Vitamins 

Studies say that deficiencies of vitamins lead to premature hair graying. Vitamin B-6, B-12, biotin, and vitamin E are involved in the white hair causes. Poor nutrition affects the pigmentation that leads to premature white hair. A low level of serum ferritin can be the reason for the white hair because it stores vitamin B-12 and iron in your body.

5. Medical Conditions 

Graying hair is often the result of certain medical conditions, such as autoimmune diseases. Experiencing one such disease puts you at high risk of turning white hair. As we have discussed in the previous section the thyroid can cause white hair. But a recent study confirms that there is a direct link between hair abnormalities and thyroid problems.

6. Smoking 

Research reveals that non-smokers are less likely to develop white hair at a young age than smokers as cigarette smoking can increase the chance of prematurely white hair in the 20s. Smoking is one of the leading causes of hair loss in both men and women. Before losing hair, it might be possible that you develop white hair. Researchers suggest avoiding smoking as it can lead to hair loss plus white hair.

7. Use of Harsh Hair Products 

Premature white hair is often the result of harsh hair products. So, you should do a little research on what products you are using, such as shampoo, conditioner, serum, etc. A report says a lot about hair products that contain some harsh chemicals that cause damage to your hair.

Constant use of bleach can also lead to damaging effects of oxidative stress on the hair.

Effective Prevention and Reversing Tips for Premature White Hair 

People want natural ways to reverse premature gray hair, as I also was one of them. But age and genetics white hair causes do not allow to reverse the process as they are permanent. If a medical condition is a reason, you can go for some ways to reverse the process.

Balanced Diet: You need to add foods to your plate as they are rich in antioxidants and minimize oxidative stress. Antioxidant-rich foods are olive oil, fish, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Quit Smoking: Smoking is the habit that kills all the beneficial elements in your body. Research says that cigarette smoking is the direct cause of hair loss pigmentation.

Fulfill the Vitamin Deficiencies: Vitamin deficiency is also the reason for white hair. Increase the intake of foods that are rich in vitamins, such as eggs, salmon, milk, seafood, etc.

Final Thought 

Find out the white hair causes because it will help to stop the progression of gray hair. A healthy diet that is rich in antioxidants and vitamins can help to slow down the process of hair pigmentation loss. If you are looking for the answer to how to stop white hair, you should consult the best dermatologists to diagnose the reason if it is not due to genetics or age.

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