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5 Reasons Why Telehealth is Important

5 Reasons Why Telehealth is Important

Amidst the outcry of the pandemic, healthcare workers are trying their level best to spread their wings to people from all corners of the world. The best and most convenient way to do that has been by using the means of ‘telehealth’. According to Medical Group Management Association, 97% of healthcare experts have accessed telehealth due to the current situation.

While this may have started out of global need, this shows how important telehealth is and can bridge a lot of differences between people and healthcare services. This temporary situation has definitely paved a way for us to look at the world in a different light.

Here are some of the ways in which we can reap the benefits of telehealth  

1. Patient Protection

One of the main reasons why people who may have weak immune systems are asked to stay back home is due to the infections that are present in hospitals. More so, it’s even harder to protect your health if you have to frequently visit your doctor at the hospital or clinic. With telehealth technology, primary doctors and specialists can visit their clinic practices as frequently as they can using telehealth technology. According to a survey, many patients have willingly transferred to telehealth services for booking their appointments and doctor schedules. Videoconferencing is the most effective tool for monitoring patients’ vital signs from sitting at a distance and enhancing patient engagement. 

2. Radiologists can Reach you from Anywhere

Radiology may completely change for quite many radiologists post pandemic. The advancing digital technology during these times are becoming more common amongst patients. People are now able to access their diagnostic digital reports from anywhere in the world. Most urban hospitals and practices have been hesitant to let radiologists pursue their work remotely. This new time can be a wakeup call for most hospitals. It also opens a new possibility for radiologists to set up their own personal clinics.

3. Health Access for Senior Communities have increased

Telemedicine can boost convenience, introduce easy telemedicine, and reduce hospitalization risks in senior communities. Healthcare Settings outside of rural areas can now utilize telehealth services for reducing healthcare screenings and other mental health services for patients. An expansion in health information technology can be a useful senior house living for the elderly. It’s more helpful during the pandemic as it requires them to stay home and take their medication from the comfort of their residence. Telemedicine is most certainly going to stay for long.

4. It’s Easy to Conserve Supplies and Bed Space

Hospital beds and supplies have considerably dropped down ever since telehealth was introduced. Telehealth has helped many low-risk patients to treat themselves calmly by staying at their homes. This is also one of the best strategies for patients who do not prefer going to hospitals and mentally feel pressured to be in the hospital. In terms of supplies and service care delivery settings can also take their stance forward through care delivery services.

5. Easy Access of Critical Need

This pandemic has certainly pushed many specialists to look for alternate ways for providing critical treatment for cardiovascular care. Due to the current situation, there has been an obvious increase in stress and anxiety. This is the reason why people have suffered through an increase in heart problems and mental health problems.

6. Bring Care to People in Need

The pandemic has highlighted any pandemic racial, economical, or geographical disparities. This is important when it comes down to telehealth and medical treatments. A rapid child to telehealth and telemedicine will improve limited resources and poor connectivity. Patients now worldwide will be able to achieve connected support from the comfort of their homes. Societies, where there are healthcare barriers, can also actually be empowered through telehealth services.

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