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5 Signs You Need to See a Nutritionist

5 Signs You Need to See a Nutritionist

Nutrition is a well-beaten word which sadly happens to fall on the wrong side of Pakistani Community. To most of you, this is what nutrition means;

Nutrition = Eating as many fats as possible


Mainly because a good nutrition automatically is assumed with heaps of ‘pure ghee’, 2 pints of full fat milk and of course 1 whole block of pure organic butter.

Another sad reality for nutrition is if you are thin, underweight or a walking skeleton, you are a well-nourished person! Nope i didn’t write malnourished, it is well-nourished indeed

And the best part? Seeing a nutritionist is completely out of question, because who would dare say no to ‘Dadi’s haldi totka’?!

The reality however is very different.

Nutrition is a well-balanced diet which works differently for each of us. What I mean here is if something in your diet is not working for you, regardless of its high nutritional value, your body will take it as unhealthy.

We all have different metabolic rates and capacities. The science behind it is way too complicated to be explained except that you should know when to see a nutritionist.

Nutritionists in Pakistan are unfortunately quite undermined, but I’d say they are the true health saviors. Nutritionists know exactly how to alter and customize your diet plan that suits your body the best. Knowing your body well, is taking in command of how productive you can feel and function. Nutritionists will not only help you in taking full control of your body but with their right guidance you can actually prevent long term diseases.

When to See Your Nutritionist?

Even if you are super confident about your body, you still need a checkup. Here are a few reasons to!

1- Certain foods trigger allergies or intolerance

You would not know about how lactose intolerant you are until you finally see a professional from it. Most people unfortunately have to go through horrible experiences after trying something new in their diet, only to find out in the end that they were allergic to it. One most common allergy is sea-food allergy. You would not be able to know about it until you consult a good nutritionist.

2- Anything Diary is a Problem

If you feel a little tight around your abdomen after a glass of chocolate milk or cheesy pizza, you might be lactose intolerant. People who are lactose intolerant need to be very careful with what they eat. While dairy is a good source of some essential dietary needs, it can also cause you some major digestion problems if you are not careful around your diary diet. You can look up for alternate ways of consuming cheese and milk. However, your nutritionist will be your best shot at knowing how you should tip toe around dairy products.

3- Repetitive Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is something normal if you have been eating fried foods for some time, however persistent patterns of acid reflux is definitely worrisome. Your nutritionist might be the best person to consult immediately. Your nutritionist will help you know about the causes of acid reflexes and what you should do about it in the long run.

4- Weight Loss

The best way to lose weight is definitely consulting a good nutritionist to lose healthy fat. The toughest part in a weight loss journey is maintaining the weight. If you know well what to eat, you will be easily able to maintain your waistline. Therefore, do not rely on what worked for your cousin or aunt or even your twin sister. Everyone has different genetic and hence dietary needs. A nutritionist will know well how to help you out.

5- Changes in Appetite

If you are always hungry and do not know when to stop. You need to visit your nutritionist ASAP! Often people eat more out of their emotions or changing hormones, but sometimes something else may be underlying as the real cause. Make sure you visit your nutritionist for your hunger issues.

If you are clueless about which nutritionist to look for, worry not!

Here at Healthwire.pk we have some amazing experienced nutritionists. All you have to do is book an appointment online for free, to get started on a healthy diet journey. You can also opt for an online video consultation.

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