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6 Impressive Tips on How To Increase Height Naturally


How to increase height naturally? A well sought after question of the century!

You have probably spent a lot of time in front of mirrors, trying out different postures on how to appear taller.

Well, let us just address the elephant in the room, that we have all wished the same. 

Having amazing height is a fan favorite feature that is loved and wished by all. Parents wish for their children to have a good height because it is a remarkable physical attribute.

Short people tend to blame their genetics but it is not a sole factor. There are various other factors such as your posture, sleeping routines, and dietary choices that share the same burden of responsibility. Thus, it is justified for you to search for ways to increase height naturally. 

Today we will be sharing with you some of the ways that work if you are wondering about the decade-old question of how to grow in height. 

How to Increase Height In Later Stages of Life?

Well, you need to understand some basic human body symptoms here. Growth plates are those areas around cartilage that allow the bones to grow. They are highly active during childhood. These plates start to harden as the years of age pass by. After you have hit puberty, the hardening of growth plates starts to commence. This is why a person is unable to grow taller after teen years. 

But we do not recommend giving up!

Does Hanging Increase Height?

This is something that we all have heard from our ancestors and is now proven by medical science. Hanging helps to elongate the spine. The spine plays a vital role in becoming taller. According to researchers, hanging is a beneficial exercise for the spine. It also improves the body’s posture which is a key factor for good height. 

Impeccable Tips on How To Grow In Height

There is not a shadow of a doubt that height is an impressive physical feature. That is why people are always searching for how to increase height. So to save up your precious time, we have compiled some basic ways to increase height. 

Happy reading!

Sleep Is Highly Effective 

Sleep is essential for overall growth. It is something that is believed on a global scale. This is due to the fact that during sleep the growth hormones are produced in abundance. These growth hormones stimulate effective development which also includes impressive height growth. So if you are wondering how to gain height, then you simply have to start with a sound sleep. 

Furthermore, it is good to start with a power nap at an early stage of your life. Because this will eventually help you in the long run. 

Some sleep recommendations for good height are:

  • Toddlers should get sleep of 11-14 hours 
  • Children should doze for 11 hours
  • Teenagers need a power nap of 8-10 hours
  • Adults need to sleep for 7-9 hours 

Yoga Is Not Just A Fancy Name!

 Well, do not restrict your thinking that yoga is only for the A-listers. Yoga is a whole-body practice. From aligning your body to strengthening your muscles, yoga is an implicit activity that does it all

Start this healthy exercise in the comforts of your home with the help of a trustworthy youtube channel, or you can join a gym for this purpose. There are several hit poses of yoga that are the best ways to increase height. These are 

  • Cobra pose
  • Mountain pose 
  • Warrior pose 
  • Child’s pose 

Importance of A Healthy Meal 

No one can dare to deny the importance of a proper healthy meal for the overall maintenance of the body. But a good meal also aids in terms of growth. Calcium and vitamin D are necessary for bone health and density. Strengthening your bones is the main duty of calcium while vitamin D is inevitable for bone density. 

Be mindful regarding the addition of fruits and vegetables to your meal plans. Banana is hands down the fruit that is often advertised with good height. Apart from fruits, you should also keep an eye on leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and cabbage. These are nutrient-dense foods that stimulate the production of HGH in the body. Good levels of HGH promise a taller stature. 

A Good Posture Is Essential 

One of the easiest ways to increase height is to have a good posture. Poor postures can make a person appear smaller than reality. Poor work arrangements and disturbed gaits can be the prime reasons for poor posture. Thus you need to track how you stand, sit or even watch television. 

Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider on the importance of proper everyday ergonomics. If the damage is not that much, you might even just need a foam pillow to correct the posture and vice versa.

Engage More In Physical Exercise

It is not that exercise somehow magically elongates your spine. The stretch on the importance of exercise is mainly due to the reason that it provides you with good body posture as well as promotes the production of HGH. 

Below are some of the best exercise tips to increase height naturally.


This is one of the simple and best ways to increase height. You do not have to sprint or jog. Just lean against a wall and then stretch your hands above your head as much as you can. 

Then try to bow and reach for your toes. Remember to repeat these exercises five times. This not only strengthens your bones but also aligns your body perfectly. 


This one is a fun physical activity. You can practice it alone or with your friends. Knees are subjected to continuous bending back and forth. This not only helps with the posture but is effective for spine elongation. 

Toe Touching Exercise 

This is the best possible practice for those who are always wondering about how to increase height naturally at home. The benefits of this exercise are various and diverse. It is not only important for muscle flexibility but also boosts HGH production. 

For this practice, you should sit on the floor. Then touch your toes but make sure that your back does not bend. You can also stand with your feet apart. Then repeat this exercise. 

Good exercise and height go hand in hand. That is why people should search how to increase height naturally without exercise. 

Fashion Tips To Save The Day 

Fashion is not just a means to make a statement. You can also use this to appear taller. By choosing the right colors and pairing the right shirt with jeans you can create a successful illusion. 

The best fashion choices in this regard are

  • Try high waisted pants 
  • Wear monotone
  • Avoid block prints 
  • Ankle boots 
  • Properly tailored clothes 

Final Takeaway 

Having a good height is something that we all secretly wish for. Apart from risky and surgical treatments, there are certain ways to increase your height naturally at home. Make sure to try these healthy practices. For further queries remember to seek your primary healthcare physician

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