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Black Salt (Kala Namak): Fascinating Benefits for Health, Hair, and Skin

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Being Pakistani, we have many staples in our diets; rice, ghee, spices to sprinkle and the list goes on. Have you ever wondered if there was one ingredient that would give all these an extra taste, a wholesome flavor? 

Salt, obviously. Unlike the table salt we commonly use at our homes, black salt or Kala Namak is a pitch-black kind of salt. 

In this article, you will discover why you need to embrace black salt in your life due to its health benefits. 

How is Black Salt Made? 

Black salt is manufactured in kilns by heating it up at high temperatures. It is then mixed with the seeds of hareer or black myrobalan to infuse certain therapeutic properties to it.  

Black Salt is famous and is used in the regions of the sub-continent. Although, now it is being used worldwide. It has three different types: Black Lava salt, Black Ritual salt, Himalayan Rock salt. Himalayan black salt is the one most commonly found in our kitchens. 

Read more about the benefits of hareer or black myrobalan for your health. 

Nutritional Content of Black Salt

Natural Himalayan black salt mainly consists of:

  • Sodium 37.83g
  • Chloride 60.3g
  • Sulpher 450mg
  • Iron 43.1mg
  • Potassium 87mg

The sulfur compounds in black salt are what make it special. Sulfur gives salt a unique smell and flavor, and when used in the right amounts, it has a beneficial effect on health.

Health Benefits of Black Salt

Treats Anemia

Black salt has a good amount of iron in it. This iron helps in the production of hemoglobin in your body. If you are suffering from anemia, you should add more black salt to your diet along with other iron-boosting foods

It will help treat iron deficiency and alleviate anemia symptoms. 

Black Salt for Babies

Black salt is amazing at boosting a child’s immunity. An infant or toddler usually gets intestinal gas, black salt helps with it. It also promotes digestion in babies and removes excess phlegm from their bodies. 

It is usually suitable for babies older than one year. 

Excellent for Your Digestive Health

If you are suffering from any digestive issues, kala namak will do wonders for you. 

Black salt stimulates the production of a healthy flow of bile in the liver. This bile helps the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins in the small intestine. This bile juice aids in digestion and gets rid of flatulence. 

Black salt is useful if you are complaining of constipation. It has laxative properties, which relieve constipation. It promotes a healthy bowel movement by softening the hard stools.

Black salt helps in reducing bloating. All you need to do is take a pinch of black salt and bloating comes down immediately.. 

Regulates Blood Pressure

If you are suffering from hypertension, add more black salt to your diet.

It is often recommended by doctors to replace white salt with kala namak, when you have high blood pressure. Study shows that black salt serves as a natural blood thinner, and it regulates blood pressure. Caution is necessary, though. You shouldn’t take too much black salt as it can interfere with blood pressure. 

The general recommended quantity is 6 grams per day for a healthy person and 3.75 grams for patients suffering from high BP.

Reduces Blood Sugar

Black salt is a heaven for those suffering from diabetes.

As you know, insulin is the hormone your pancreas secretes, and it is in charge of controlling your blood sugar levels. When this insulin isn’t produced enough, or the pancreas becomes infected, diabetes happens. It is also linked with low sodium levels. 

Black salt is high in sodium. It aids in producing a smooth secretion of insulin and controls blood sugar levels.

Muscle Cramps

Sometimes, when you are dehydrated, you may suddenly wake up from your sleep with a muscle cramp in your calf muscles, or an extra strain on your leg muscles.

Potassium, a mineral available abundantly in the black salt aids in the proper functioning of muscles and prevents sudden painful cramps.

Black Salt for Your Skin

All your skin issues, and only one salt, black salt!

Black salt has anti-inflammatory effects. Its abrasive texture helps in the healing of cracked heels and swollen feet.

Soaking feet in warm water containing black salt helps relieve the pain and swelling.

If you have large, open pores, black salt will help you in the opening of these congested pores. It acts as a cleanser and provides a clear complexion. 

Your skin may benefit a lot from the high mineral content in kala namak. If you want natural healing of your skin, wash the affected area with lukewarm water with black salt. 

Black Salt for Hair

Using black salt on a regular basis will help achieve lustrous, and damage-free hair. 

It contains important minerals that aid in the repair of split ends, the reduction of dandruff, and the control of excessive hair fall. 

Healthy Heart

If you have high cholesterol, black salt will help you reduce it. It thins the blood and improves the blood circulation in your vessels. In this way, black salt promotes the healthy functioning of the heart. 

Strengthens Bones

Do you know that salt is as important as calcium for stronger bones? This is because one-fourth of the total salt content in the human body gets stored in the bones. 

If you are above 40 with a family history of osteoporosis, it’s time to include black salt in your daily diet. Osteoporosis depletes the levels of salt in the bones and makes them weaker. But NO WORRIES! Black salt has got you covered in preventing osteoporosis. 

Promotes Sound Sleep

If you are suffering from insomnia, consume more black salt. 

Sleeplessness or insomnia occurs due to the imbalance of the hormone, melatonin. Eating food sprinkled with black salt for dinner balances the levels of melatonin and aids in getting a good night’s sleep.

Side Effects of Black Salt

In small quantities used in the regular diet, black salt is probably harmless. But as they say, excess of everything is bad, it should not be consumed in excess of 6 grams per day, as side effects can occur, e.g.

  • Taking too much black salt in your diet leads to excessive sodium in the body, which causes high blood pressure
  • If you add too much black salt to your bathwater, it will absorb the skin moisture and make it dry
  • Excess secretion of calcium in the urine, resulting in the formation of kidney stones

Bottom Line!

Black salt benefits you in many ways. It is an amazing laxative and helps in combating various digestive issues. A hot massage with black salt serves as a muscle relaxant and reduces bone inflammation. It is used extensively in spicy chat items for its unique taste and flavor.
It is safe to diet black salt in your diet. However, you can get the opinion of a well-known nutritionist, if you have more questions about black salt or other spices from Pakistani cuisine. Book an appointment via Healthwire.pk or call at (042) 32500989.

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