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Brexin Tablet Uses – What You Should Learn

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Painkillers are the most common tablet which people use in Pakistan. Brexin is also one of the best pain killer tablets for body pain in Pakistan. Let’s learn more about it.

What is Brexin?

Brexin contains anti-inflammatory properties and provides pain relief. Basically, Brexin is a Piroxiam that pauses the chemical mediator’s production that causes inflammation and pain in the body. 

There are many health issues that Brexin deals with. Women also use this pain killer to treat menstrual cramps as it is composed of Piroxicam beta-cyclodextrin.

There are two forms of Brexin that you can use, tablet and powder form. Your doctor can prescribe a dose according to your pain intensity. The average dose for adults is 20 mg a day.

What are the Brexin Tablet Uses?

Brexin tablets can help to get relief from the pain of different types. Your doctor can help you know what to do and when you should take it. The common tab Brexin uses are:

  • For bone pain
  • To deal with arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Provide relief from the pain associated with gout
  • Deals with sprains
  • Lowers the frozen shoulder pain
  • Treat Migraine
  • Treat mild to moderate fever
  • Deals with fracture pain 
  • Treat Bursitis
  • Reduce pain in the neck
  • Help in reducing Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Treat tendonitis

Note: Avoid the intake of Brexin tablets on your own!

What are the Brexin Tablet Side Effects?

Intake of tab Brexin provides pain relief but you should also learn that there are also its adverse effects. The side effects of Brexin tablet uses are:

  • Experiencing acid reflux
  • May cause constipation
  • Lead to black stool
  • Develop abdominal pain
  • Cause blood in stool

May lead to coffee ground vomitus (vomiting looks like the coffee ground)

What Happens When A Person Takes Overdose?

You should take only the prescribed dose of the Brexin tablet as overdose can cause the following conditions:

If you ever take a Brexin overdose, get medical help as soon as possible.

Is There Any Risk Associated with the Brexin Tablet Uses?

There are some risks associated with the Brexin that you should learn about:

1. Heart disease

You should stay cautious with the use of Brexin if you have any heart disease or you are at risk of heart failure. Research says that this pain killer can leave an impact on prostaglandins production. When its intake stops these heart-protective chemicals, such a condition can cause heart issues.

2. Edema

Edema is the swelling in the body. If you want to take tab Brexin, make sure that you consult with the general physician. Because edema is a condition that can get worse by water retention.

3. Anticoagulants disorder

People with bleeding disorders often take blood thinners which can interact with the Brexin tablet. You should make sure that you ask your doctor before its use.

4. Asthma 

If you have asthma, get a prescription first for a painkiller.

5. Pregnancy and breastfeeding

During the third trimester, the use of tab Brexin can cause heartbeat issues in the baby. You also need to ask a doctor if you breastfeed your baby.

Note: Consult with the doctor because Brexin may interact with other drugs!

What is the Price of a Brexin Tablet in Pakistan?

One tablet cost of Brexin is Rs.43/- in Pakistan.

You can also use other alternatives to Brexin tablets, such as feldicam, feldene, and hocam.

The Bottom Line!

Brexin tablet uses can help to treat the moderate pain in the musculoskeletal system. You should also learn about the side effects and risks associated with tab Brexin. It is better to get a prescription from the doctor before using this pain killer. It can reduce pain in many body areas and also contain anti-inflammatory properties.

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