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Wet Cupping: Sunnah Way of Getting Relief from Pain

Wet Cupping: Sunnah Way of Getting Relief from Pain

Pain, even hearing this word would trigger the feeling of actual pain. On top of that, if you regularly suffer from any type of pain in your body you must already know how frustrating it can be. You might also be trying many home remedies and even taking medication but, still, pain in the neck and back hinders your daily life

But, how many of you can Hijama help you with your back pain? If No. Then, no worries, This is for you!

Hijama or wet cupping- an ancient and sunnah way of treatment may be old holistic treatment in front of current medical technology, but still one of the common questions that you would be hearing from people would be what is Hijama? Many people are still unaware of this sunnah practice that has many countless health benefits. 

If you have further questions in your mind like what actually hijama is? How does it work? Which illness and conditions it can treat? And what are the risks and health benefits of hijama? 

If yes, then read on.

What is Hijama or Cupping Therapy?

Hijama, also known as “cupping therapy” or “wet cupping”, is an ancient alternative mode of medicine for detoxification and rehabilitation of our circulatory system. In this cupping therapy, sterile small heated cups are used. These cups are placed on the skin to create local suction. 

Cupping therapy has remained one of the popular forms of therapy as it is known to be reported back in Islamic history. It is also mentioned in hadith that hijama was practised by Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) as well. 

“Indeed, the best of the remedies you have is hijama (cupping)” – Sahih Al Bukhari

Apart from this, the earliest practice of this cupping therapy has been reported in ancient China, Egypt and the Middle East.

Types of Cupping Therapy

Now, moving on with the types of cupping therapy. 

Following are the four major types of cupping therapy

  1. Dry Cupping Therapy– In this cupping therapy, heated cups are used. These cups are placed on various areas of skin such as the chest, abdomen, buttocks and back.
  1. Fire Cupping Therapy– Cotton balls are used in fire cupping therapy. Pure alcohol is used in which these cotton balls are soaked and then are lit using match sticks or lighter. After this, the hijama cups are then placed on the various locations of the skin. This particular type of cupping therapy has reported to cause a burn on the skin as well.
  1. Wet Cupping Therapy– This type is also known as Hijama as well and one of the popular forms of cupping therapy. On your skin, small cuts are created to draw out the blood by the local suction method. The theory behind this technique is that drawing blood in this form is quite effective and helpful in removing the pathogens and toxins out from the body.
  1. Massage Cupping Therapy– It is also known as dynamic cupping, moving cupping and gliding cupping therapy. In this therapy, first oil is applied over the skin and moderate weak suction is applied while the cups are slightly moved over the skin. Oils that are particularly used in this type of therapy are lavender oil, peppermint oil and olive oil. Both elderly and young people can use this therapy.

The cups used for cupping therapy include bamboo, silicone, metal and ceramic.

Who Can Perform Cupping Therapy?

Specialized training is needed for practising cupping therapy and various professionals can perform it which includes:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Massage Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Hijama Specialists

Who Should Not Go for Hijama?

Even if the hijama is a potential alternative form of medicine. It is not recommended for the following:

  • Children who are below the age of 10 years old
  • Adults who are above 70 years old
  • People who have just undergone surgery or are recovering from any recent surgery
  • People who suffer from anaemia
  • People who are on anti-clotting or blood-thinning medication
  • People who have a history of diseases such as asthma, heart attack, diabetes and cancer

Benefits of Cupping Therapy (Hijama)

Traditionally, Hijama has been used for centuries to treat a wide range of the disease and conditions, for example, high blood pressure, sciatica, neck pain, back pain, migraines, headaches, hormonal issues, mental health issues (depression and anxiety), period cramps and indigestion.

So, if you are wondering what wonders cupping therapy would do? Here is the list of benefits of cupping

1. Pain Relief

It is one of the fastest ways to relieve your pain. Whether you are suffering from neck pain or lower back pain or any other pain, it can be effectively treated with cupping therapy. The treatment even includes relief from dental pain, sciatica, muscle pain and even migraine.

In case of arthritis pain, cupping therapy is done with the concerned joints. Cupping basically increases the mobility of the joints by increasing the circulation of the blood. For this very reason, cupping therapy is effective for the conditions of shoulders, stiff neck, lumbago and rheumatism.

2. Relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The current age is so fast-paced that people don’t even have time to take care of their health. With the distractions of laptops and especially smartphones, even if you are physically taking rest, your mind would be still overloaded by these digital distractions.

Such lifestyle habits lead to chronic fatigue syndrome and can further cause long term painful fatigue. In this case, hijama or wet cupping therapy is surely an effective treatment.

3. Healthy and Glowing Skin

Everyone wants to have clear, glowing and healthy skin but even then we at times are more focused on what we are eating instead of what we are eating. Skin issues are very much related to what is actually happening inside our bodies. 

Hijama benefits for the skin is actually immense. Now, you must be thinking, how cupping helps in this regard, well healthy skin is one of the benefits of hijama for ladies indeed. By cupping, not only toxins from your body are removed, but also, increase the blood flow in your skin. This would further increase the supply of nutrients and oxygen in your skin which is a necessary step for your healthy glowing skin.

Cupping therapy also helps in preventing acne, cellulite, eczema and other skin diseases. The toxic substances from your skin are also removed by hijama.

4. Cupping Therapy Aids in Fast Healing

Cupping can undoubtedly increase the blood flow even in the areas of the body that need healing. When the blood flow is increased along with the energy flow then eventually your healing process would increase.

5. Treatment of Diseases

Cupping therapy is effective in the treatment of various digestive diseases such as malnutrition, chronic stress and even immune system response.

If you are suffering from any lungs disease such as asthma, pleurisy, bronchial congestion and chronic cough even then cupping is good for these diseases.

Not only this, even in case of various urinary diseases such as kidney stones, abscess and even urine retention.

Take Away Note,

Hijama or Cupping therapy has been used for centuries and for many people, it has been a really effective experience. There are wondrous health benefits of cupping therapy and further research is going on it as well. Hijama therapy is even a very good form of relaxation and such a relieving experience.So, if you are suffering from any aforementioned illness and more specifically pain issues then visit a hijama specialist and he/she will provide you with your own customized hijama plan as per sunnah.

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