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5 Simple Ways for Luscious Hair Health

5 Simple Ways for Luscious Hair Health

After years of my fair share with curling irons, straightening creams and some embarrassing Boho Inspired Hairstyles, I decided to give my Hagrid hair a little break. While on my hair care journey, here is what I learnt. 

Hair Health is as important as staying hydrated throughout the day. Healthy hair has very little to do with how shiny or long they are. By that I mean the overall health of your hair is directly correlated to a healthy scalp and smooth texture of your natural hair. Believe me, I have learnt this the hard way.  

No amount of shameless paraben filled-chemically processed- ‘Hair Masks’ will get you, your mane back. Rather it’s much more than which shampoo should you be using and how many times should you get your regular trims. 

Even your thick Hair genes would not be of much help if you are overlooking your hair care needs

Solid Tips for Healthy Hair

So if you are here reading this, I believe your hair is in desperate need of some love and care. Don’t sweat! You can still get your healthy locks back. All you have to do is read until the end!

Ditch those Heat Tools and Hairstyles

As tempting as those heat infused hairstyles may look, they are seriously damaging to your overall hair health in the long run. Leaving your hair alone will do wonders for its tresses. It will allow your hair to breathe and nourish itself at its own protective pace. 

Simply ditch that blow dryer for natural air drying. Want some volume or curls? Wash your hair at night, wrap them in a bun and go to sleep. You will wake up with some big voluminous hair curls. If you absolutely must use those hair tools, then it’s advised to always use the hair tools at the lowest temperature possible to avoid hair damage.

Switch to Natural Treatments and DIYs

Remember those days when your Grandma would knead your sticky oily hair into a tight braid? Guess that had a purpose after all.

Home remedies for Healthy Hair have saved me those expensive keratins good for nothing treatments.The best part about DIYs is that it’s all chemical free hassle and budget-friendly with its ingredients coming directly from your pantry.

Natural ways of nourishing your hair is the best thing you can do for them. Anything processed or chemical will simply not sit well with your hair. Try to go as natural as you can for the external nourishment of your hair.  

If you are clueless about where to start from, simply start with most basic hair oils. Oils contain natural fats which will help strengthen and nourish your hair follicles. For starters, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Mustard Oil are some of the best oils for stronger hair. Aloe vera hair mask is also proven to be good for reducing hair fall.

Note: Always do a skin test patch first before applying anything on your hair.

A Good Diet for Healthy Hair

When was the last time you thought of eating right for your hair health?

People these days love to munch on processed Hair Vitamins just because Kardashians do it without knowing what other side effects such hair vitamins carry. On a side note, how do you know it works for them? Celebrities are wearing wigs all the time!  

Your hair is made of pure proteins; however, they receive least of the protein distribution from your daily nutrition as they are non-essential parts of your body. Hence why it is important to include foods rich in proteins, Vitamin B6 and B12 in your diet. You can easily find these in foods like lean meats, eggs, carrots, milk and fresh fish in your diet for healthy hair.

Leave Your Hair Out in Hot Showers

Hot showers are the most soothing experience ever, but are they good for your hair? Absolutely Not.

Rather hot showers will strip away your hair natural oils, leaving your scalp dry, itchy and full of hideous dandruff. More so, for people with already dry skins, hot showers can result in serious scalp eczema. Your hair will not only lose its shine, but end up being brittle, thin and easily breakable.

One way of avoiding this can be washing your hair with lukewarm water after you are done taking a hot shower for your body.

Do Not Over Wash those Tresses

One common myth for clean healthy hair is regular washes. I have often seen people confusing their scalp’s natural oil with untidy hair grease, which is why they wash their hair daily.

In reality, your hair needs those natural nourishing hair oils. The oil is a natural way of cleansing your hair roots.

It’s best to not wash your hair more than thrice a week. Make sure whatever brand you use for your shampoo or conditioner, it should be free of sulfates and paraben as they seriously damage the texture of your hair.

Shampoos are only there to cleanse your scalp from extra oil build-up or any pollutants which may sit in your roots from the environment. Some people have even gone as far as completely ditching shampoo from their hair health regime.

Pro Tip: Always Deep condition your hair on your hair wash day.

So is that All I Have to do for my Hair Health?

Pretty much, yes.

If you are still not satisfied, or your hair issues do not resolve even after following tips, please ensure you are in talks with one of our top dermatologists in Pakistan.

You can get an online consultation through Healthwire, and get to know about your hair ASAP. 

At the same time, as important as these factors are for your hair health, staying happy, positive and active will enhance these tips and tricks even further.

So, smile as brightly as you can even with that tangled Hagrid hair.

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