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Is Your Baby Growing Normally? Know 9 Signs of A Healthy Baby 

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Babies are unable to communicate their needs and put their parents in a tough position. However, if you pay attention, you may discover a variety of signals that your kid is healthy and doing well.

But it only takes a small paranoid notion and it’s easy to become caught up in a cycle of worry. Like you may be anxiously thinking… 

What are the signs of a healthy baby? How do I know if my baby is growing well? How do I know if my baby is not normal?

So, you approach your family and friends, OR Google million things to get an answer. 

No worries, RELAX!!! 

Here I am going to go over certain symptoms that every parent should be aware of in order to determine that their baby is doing well. 

Signs That Your Baby is Growing and Healthy 

As a mother, you are always concerned about your child’s health, but how can you know if your child is healthy? 

Here are some signs of a healthy baby to look for in your child. 

Keep reading.

1- Your Baby Demands Frequent Breastfeeding

Babies have an intrinsic sucking reflex. This means that as soon as you put something near their mouth, they will start sucking it. If your baby has a strong sucking need and requests frequent feedings, this indicates that he or she has a healthy appetite and digestive system

Furthermore, when your baby drinks milk, he makes a gulping sound, which indicates that he is eating well. After feeding, a baby that is satisfied may go to sleep.

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2- You are Changing 4-6 Diapers in A Day

YES, your baby’s pee and poop are indicators of his overall health. Whether your baby is breastfed or on formula milk, he should be wetting 4 to 6 diapers per day on average. This is a sure sign that your kid is not only eating well, but also staying hydrated

In the first few weeks following delivery, your baby will also gain a significant amount of weight. However, according to the experts in the best paediatric hospitals in Lahore, if your kid is wetting fewer diapers per day or not gaining weight, he isn’t getting enough nutrition. In addition, darker urine in newborns implies dehydration.


3- Your Baby Makes Eye Contact and Smiles

By the time your baby is one month old, he can look at you and make eye contact, grin at you by the time he is two months old, and chuckle out loud by the time he is four months old. Your kid might smile back at you after five months. 

All of these behaviours indicate that your baby is becoming more aware of his surroundings and bonding with you. On some level, he realises that when he acts socially engaging, others are more likely to interact with him. So, if your baby is making eye contact and smiles back, these are signs that your baby is growing. 

4- Your Baby Responds to New Sounds

The baby can hear before he is born, which implies he was aware of different sounds and noises while in your womb. Although babies are unable to comprehend noises, as they grow older, they may have a deeper grasp of the sounds that surround them. 

You may see him reacting to sounds such as music, television, and even toys. You may notice your kid reacting whenever he hears a new sound, which is one of the signs of a healthy baby development

5- Your Baby Calms at the Sound of Your Voice and Your Touch

Newborn babies cry. Quite a lot. Simply chatting to your kid is likely to stop the sobs. 

Because your voice was the soundtrack to his time in the womb, it should be something that he is drawn to. When your child is calmed by your presence, he has taken the first step toward bonding with you and is showing signs of emotional development.

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6- Your Baby is Gaining Weight and Height

Signs that your baby is growing include adequate weight and height gain. When you take your infant to the doctor, the doctor will weigh and measure him or her. 

Your baby grows quickly in the first six months, gaining 5 to 7 ounces of weight and 12 to 1 inch in height on average per week. In fact, if your baby is twice his birth weight at 5 months and thrice his birth weight at one year, he is growing healthily

You can inquire about your baby’s ideal weight and height with your doctor. To consult with the best paediatricians near you, you can make an appointment via Healthwire.pk

7- Your Baby Looks at Patterns, Colours, and Movement

Babies have 20/100 vision and can see between 8 and 12 inches away, which is roughly the distance between your baby’s face and yours when you’re feeding her.

He can see up to 18 inches away in one month. By two months, most babies are tracking patterns, bright colours, and spinning objects like a mobile or a fan. Because they don’t have great colour vision or depth perception, contrasting colours attract their attention.

What does it show? Your baby’s eyesight is improving and her brain is growing.

8- Your Baby Sleeps Good

Sleep is critical for a baby’s general growth. If your kid sleeps well, he will grow well as well. As your kid grows, his better neurological system will assist him in establishing numerous schedules, including sleep. 

If your baby sleeps well, it indicates that he is satisfied and happy, which is a sign that your baby is growing normally. 

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9- Baby can Support His or Her Own Body Weight 

By one month, many babies are holding their heads up briefly.  They’re usually performing it more frequently and with higher proficiency by the time they’re three months old. Your baby is flexing his growing muscles if he can hold her head up or move around in your arms.

What does it prove? Those tiny muscles are becoming more powerful.


Listed above are some of the signs of a healthy baby. If you are experiencing developmental delays, it is recommended that you seek medical advice to determine the cause and take the required steps to remedy the situation.

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