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A Healthy Gut; How to Get Rid of Constipation?


Hey there! If you are looking for ways on how to get rid of constipation, this article is for you. 

I know lately, your gut is not acting right and you are facing issues with the most important part of the digestion process which is excretion.

I know you feel difficulty in “having it” (putting it out in delicate words) but trust me,  it’s no big deal. There is a substantial list of constipation remedies that can get you through this. In our daily lives factors like exercise, eating habits and overall health status plays a huge role in gut health.

Well, there is no definite number to tell what counts as a normal number of bowel movements. But, if you are going 3 or fewer times in a week then this is implying an abnormality in the passing of stool. The appearance of stiff stool that takes a lot of sitting time and effort to push out also indicates severe constipation. 

Who Actually is the Culprit?

The causes behind the lack of bowel cooperation are not always the same. You might have taken very little water and gotten dehydrated. There is also a chance of you consuming food with very little fiber in it. In some severe cases, constipation can occur due to stress, cancers, and serious hormonal changes in the body. The question that arises here is how to stay away from all this and if simply put it is asking ‘how to get rid of constipation?’  

Major Symptoms 

The symptoms felt by people with constipation are often intermingled with other diseases. But the major ones are entirely different. These include: 

  • A feeling that there is still poop left inside you
  • Feeling nauseous and full 
  • Having cramps and stomach aches

Constipation Remedies to Make You Poop

The issue of constipation can have a very serious impact on your mental and physical health if not treated timely. There are a number of ways you can opt for immediate constipation relief.

Here are some of the easiest ways you can use to answer the burning question of how to get rid of constipation. 

Get That Extra Fiber (non-fermented)

Fiber is said to be very helpful in relieving mild to severe constipation and has been proven to do wonders in the case of IBS. If you are experiencing symptoms like pain, bloating, and gas constantly it is always best to go for non-fermented fiber with soluble properties.

The reason behind the consumption of non-fermented ones is that the fermented fiber causes the bacteria present in the stomach to produce gases that might disturb your large intestine. 

The best options of fiber that you can avail of are included in the list below;

  • Inulin 
  • Wheat dextrin
  • Fruits
  • Cellulose
  • Psyllium

The increase in fiber intake works in such a way that it adds weight to your stool by adding bulk. This then gets easier for the person to pass stool when it is softer and bulkier.  

Drink Up Those Jugs of Sparkling Water 

 As cliche as it may sound but you need to load up on those extra glasses of water. It is commonly known that if you stay dehydrated for a longer period of time, it dries out the walls of the intestines that results eventually in constipation. To get things moving again you need to stock up on some (sparkling) water that helps a lot in relieving your constipation.  

The use of sparkling water is said to work a lot better to treat constipation than tap water. 

To get rid of constipation, indigestion, and even dyspepsia sparkling water is said to do wonders. But drinking sparkling water doesn’t mean you start to run after carbonated and sugary drinks, as these can worsen your constipation symptoms. 

People who suffer from gas issues and IBS should avoid sparkling water and soft drinks at all costs as it can make the symptoms of constipation worse. 

Spend Some Money on Probiotic Foods And Supplements

Probiotics help greatly in reducing the risks of your constipation getting worse. Probiotics are the bacterias that are already present in the gut. These include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. 

For some people, the main reason behind constipation is the disproportion of the bacteria present in their gut. By consuming these probiotics you can help your gut balance all the probiotics and prevent constipation.  The stool softness and consistency improve drastically after you start to consume probiotics. 

The gut movements are improved with the addition of probiotics to the daily diet as these form short-chain fatty acids which then make it easy for the stool to pass out from the body. You can try out supplements as well, these tend to make a difference after 4 weeks of constant use. Although there are options for you to consume in foods, the probiotic-rich foods include: 

  • Kimchi
  • Tempeh

Smash The Gym More Often

The addition of exercise in your daily life can make a huge difference, this is one of the simplest ways to get rid of constipation.  Desk-bound lifestyles come with an enhanced risk of constipation. So, in order to get your food mobile, you need to keep exercising

For people who are suffering from IBS, to improve the quality of life overall and to improve the symptoms of other digestive issues it is important to keep exercising. It doesn’t always have to be a hardcore one, the simple exercises like walking are more than enough. Cycling, swimming and brisk walking are some mild exercises that you can opt for. 

Exercise always works when you do it regularly, so don’t expect it to work immediately like the constipation remedies that give you instant relief. 

 Squat Better

The introduction of the seat commodes was a very helpful invention and provided us with luxury and comfort.  But with its advent came along other ailments like constipation, hemorrhoids, colon cancer, and appendicitis. So this invention is a ‘no thankyou’ from all those suffering from these illnesses, especially constipation. These illnesses were always attributed to the lack of dietary fiber but new researchers say that the main culprit is the bathroom position that you sit in. 

So, let’s break the taboo of not doing the potty talk and start using the ‘squatty potty’ concept. The human body is made to excrete stuff in a squatting position naturally, so next time you sit on your toilet seats, make sure to use a stool under your feet that helps you sit in a squatting position which leads to ease in passing out of the stool. This way you get immediate constipation relief. 

Wrapping it up!

Constipation is a serious issue and can be very troubling for some people if it stays for a longer period of time. There are a number of home remedies to answer your question of how to get rid of constipation. If you don’t feel better or the issues remain persistent with difficulty in passing out stool, do visit an endocrinologist near you by checking out Healthwire.pk. 

Meta Description: Constipation can occur to anyone and can have a number of rudimentary causes. This can be treated by using natural remedies and by making certain lifestyle changes. 

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