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Best Food to Increase Platelet in Dengue


If you are here today, I am sure that you already have an idea about increased cases of Dengue. First, it was COVID-19 and now amidst that, you are definitely thinking what other health threats we have to face with each passing day. Right?!

But, hey, no need to panic! 

You already know that nature never sends any disease without its cure. All we need to do is to find the cure. For this very reason, I thought of writing this blog. 

Before, I share the miracle of food to increase platelet in dengue. Let’s have a quick brief look at what dengue is and how it affects our bodies. 

What is Dengue?

Dengue fever is a viral disease. It is caused by the bite of the infected female mosquito Aedes aegypti. This mosquito becomes infected when it takes the blood of a person infected with this virus. After approximately 1 week, it can transmit the virus to a healthy person via biting. 

This fever is commonly known as “break-bone fever” as it causes severe pain in the joints. Headache, fever, joint and muscle pain are the common symptoms of dengue. However, the alarming symptom is the drop in the palate count. A person can die if dengue fever is not treated on time.

Why Dengue Causes Decrease in Platelet Count?

Platelets are the blood cells that help in blood clotting when needed. When the normal level of platelets is decreased, our body starts to show symptoms of easy bruising, bleeding gums, fatigue etc. 

In dengue fever, the level of platelets decreases in our body. The formation of the blood clot is decreased during dengue. Due to this, our blood becomes colourless. This condition is called thrombocytopenia. 

This condition can be life-threatening. But, as I said, no need to worry. NATURE HAS GOT OUR BACK!

Now you must be wondering how? If yes, then Read on…

What happens when platelets are low in dengue?

Bone marrow is good for the production of platelets. Dengue fever suppresses the function of bone marrow.  The level of the platelets is reduced when the bone marrow is suppressed. This can lead to various health complications such as bleeding gums, nose bleeding, heavy menstrual bleeding, bleeding in stool and urine, rashes on skin etc. 

Healthy food is your first and ultimate key in improving and increasing your platelet count naturally. If you feel overwhelmed by all this conflicting diet advice, then you’re not alone. So, to help you out, we have prepared a list of foods to increase platelet count in dengue.

How to Increase Platelet Count in Dengue with Food?

Foods that are high in minerals and nutrients such as iron, folate, Vitamin C and Vitamin B-12 can help your body to improve and increase platelet count in your body. Nowadays, all such nutrients are available in the form of supplements, but it’s good to get them naturally through food. Eating healthy and well is essential for regaining health.

  1. Papaya and Papaya Leaves Extract: Best Food To Increase Platelet Count

The top food in our list of remedies to increase platelets is without doubt papaya. This whole fruit itself is a healer. In fact, consuming papaya or its leaves extract will help you naturally increase platelet count fast within only a few days. Researchers claim that papaya leaves juice is extremely beneficial for the treatment of low platelet count

You can simply crush the papaya leaves and squeeze them to extract the juice. If not, you can add the papaya leaves to water and drink that solution. Papaya is possibly the best fruit to increase platelet count fast. You can also add the papaya leaves to the tea. This fruit is basically your answer to how to increase platelet count fast. 

How do Papaya Leaves Help Increase Platelet Count Fast in dengue?

All you need to do is simply take papaya, add its leaves to the blender. Blend it properly and thoroughly. You’ll get a dark green colour juice. Drink it to replenish your platelet count. The taste of papaya juice is very bitter. You can have sugar or anything sweet after drinking it to improve the taste of your mouth. This food is best to increase platelet.

  1. Pomegranate as best Food for Platelet Rich Diet

If you are looking for fresh fruits to increase platelets, pomegranate is one such fruit. The brilliant red colour pomegranate is more than just a winter treat. Aside from being an excellent delicious winter fruit. It is good for your blood. 

Not only is this fruit energy-boosting, but it also helps to maintain the normal level of blood platelet count. Anyone suffering from dengue should add pomegranate to their diet to replenish their energy. 

  1. Green Leafy Vegetable: Low Platelet Count Treatment

Another food to increase platelet is vegetables. Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach are rich sources of Vitamin K, Iron, and omega- 3 fatty acids food. 

Broccoli and spinach should be added to the diet of a person suffering from dengue. They are also rich in minerals and antioxidants good for our body. Both of these veggies help boost our immune system as well. 

How to increase platelets in dengue in 2 days?

Eating foods that are rich in vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, iron, and folate are good for increasing platelet count naturally.

  1. Fresh Milk ; A Complete Food to Increase Platelet

There is no hidden secret about the benefit of milk and how it helps in our bones development and strengthening. 

But, how many of you know that fresh milk is equally good for our blood regeneration? Yes, it’s true. Milk has vitamin K in it. Vitamin K is a basic essential element needed for proper blood clotting

  1. Raisins; Sweetly Increase your Platelets

Here is the good news for raisin lovers. Raisins are delicious either way you eat them. Whether just munching it simply, adding in rice, or sprinkling over the yoghurt. 

Raisins are iron-rich which helps in strengthening our body and is a good food to increase platelet count naturally. 

  1. Lean Meats for Natural Platelet Increase

While some foods may not help you in achieving a good platelet count, but, eating nutritious healthy food can improve your overall health. 

Eating lean meat such as chicken, fish and turkey is good while suffering from thrombocytopenia. They are rich in Vitamin B12, zinc and protein which is helpful when you are looking for options on how to increase platelet count in dengue.

  1. Coconut Water – A Healthy Platelet Boost

Another potential way to treat low blood platelet count in dengue is to consume coconut water. Twice a day intake of coconut is good for having a healthy body. 

Coconut water is rich in healthy nutrients and electrolytes which is really good and helpful in increasing the platelet count fast. 

Takeaway Note

Eating the aforementioned food to increase platelet is overall good for your health. These foods have an impressive nutritional profile. When there is a sharp decline in platelet count either in malaria or dengue fever, you should add these foods to the diet. 

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